The pollution in Delhi NCR has assumed gigantically hazardous proportions with capital’s pollution levels always taking upward swings making the lives of 1.5 crorw Delhites utterly miserable. During the Deepawali festival it goes extremely out of bonds crossing the pollution index’s 400 bench mark of the severest critical catagory.

This is definitely an absolutely disturbing trend for the Delhites, particularly when its a capital city of India where right from the first citizen of the country to the prime minister, the entire union cabinet, top bureaucrats and people from cross sections of the society live.

In a way Delhi is called a mini India that houses people from all cultures, languages, religeons, creed, race and sex from a millionare to a man at the lowest edge athnd the pollution never dinguishes between the rich and the poor, the have and have not or the affluent.

The basic and primary reason for the increasing pollution in Delhi is the rapidly increasing migrating population that ultimately leads to increasing construction activities and the urge to acquire more and more vehicles, leading to more and more deisal/ petrol/ Gas pollution. Cirrently the Delhi’s unofficial population is nearing two crores and there are more than 90 lakhs vehicles and thousands of trucks from other states crossing Delhi daily, thus creating incessant level of uncontrollable pollution of emitting gases that go into the skies and hang up there for hours together finally inhaled by the Delhi citizens leading the eruption of various uncurable serious ailments pertaing to lungs’ infection and asthamatic disorders componded with contagious deseases like silicosis, tuberculosis of the worst kind and other cancerous ailments.

The increasing developmental activities and construction business in Delhi and NCR has also added to the woes of Delhites as large number of trees which are considered to be the main source of releasing oxygen and providers of fresh air have been clandestinely cut thus litetally making the lives of the people a hell.

During the development of Metro Rail Corporation network in Delhi, organisation of the common wealth games and consyruction of lakhs of multistoreyed building by branded privaye builders thousands of tree have been destroyed and Delhi’s as well as the NCR’s tree cover have been badly affected. In comparison to the damaged trees a negluble amount of trees or plants have been provided thus making Delhi and the NCR regions like Gurgaon and Noida , cities of concrete jungles with litetally no trees or in very little quantity.

Conclusively we can say that while Delhi is badly engulfed with the increasing pollution of construction dust, vehicullar pollution, stubble burning in theadjoining states and festival pollution through smog during festivals like DEEPAWALI, the capital city crosses all limits to become to worst city releasing poisonous gases for days together leading to miseries to the patients of lungs ailments, cardiact patients and those suffering from asthamatic disorders and allergic problems due to polluted air.

This Deepawali, according to the Delhi Pollution Control Board the Pollution index crossed all limits and crossed the 400 mark reaching 403 and 426 bery little as compared to the last year’s index. This is definitely a very disturbing trend that we the Delhites just for the sake of out few hours’ entertainment spend hundreds of crores in fire crackers and defy the honourable Supreme Court’s orders to make the life of 1.5 crore people literally a HELL. This is higly uncalled for and condemnable in strongest possible terms.