After the face off of one of the most prominent poet, eloquent speakers and a high spirited campaigner of AAP Kumar Vishwas with the Delhi chief minister and party supremo Arvind Kejrival after the earlier expulsions of main pillars such as senior advocate and think tank Prashant Bhushan, renowned psephologist and transparent leader Dr. Yogendra Yadav, eminent legal luminiary and octogenerian former union law minister Bharat Bhushan, former minister Kapil Mishra , professor of JNU Anand Kumar and several others, it now seems that the party that was born out of the crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare’s nationwide movement is slowly and gradually losing leaders of eminence and reputation on whose efforts, intelligence, strategy and cumulative potential AAP had been able to secure a resounding and historic majority of 67 lawmakers, an outstanding record of sorts in the political history of Delhi.

The party which once had these charismatic founders with the special ability to expose corruption of major parties like Congress and BJP thus giving AAP a positive exposure is today totally devoid of them and it seems that those faithful to Arvind Kejrival and the coterie of sort is ruling the roost not at all in need of vote catchers or charismatic leaders like the one it had earlier for the future elections.

Today AAP is left with only few leaders with little eminence as compared to the above who can really make a mark on the electorates of NCT of Delhi or the country in future elections favouring AAP, except Kejrival himself, deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh and to some extent a journalist turned AAP politician Khaitaan, including health minister Satyendra Jain, though he himself is allegedly involved in one of the CBI case of massive money landering.

There is no doubt that the government of Kejrival through its various financial reliefs and concessions to the middle and lower middle class in health sector, water, electricity and education has proved to be successful in enjoying the support and confidence of the majority of the vote bank of the lower and lowest ebb of the society that matters in elections but losing important leaders gradually and steadily is equally doing tremendous harm to this party, say political news analysts.

It may be recalled that the differences between Arvind Kejrival and Kumar Vishwas have started erupting since the last year when the latter had differences with the Okhla MLA Amanullah Khan who had then accused Vishwas of hobbnobbing with BJP to weaken the AAP. But after today’s finalisation of the three Rajya Sabha tickets and non inclusion of one time most trusted aide of Kejri and now his bete noire Kumar’s name in this RS selection a deeply hurt poet turned AAP’s founder accused Delhi CM for punishing him for his honesty and accepting the martydom.

Vishwas said once Arvind Kejrval had verbally warned him laughingly that he will kill me politically but not make me the martyr and that is what he has done by not sending me to upper house. Thank you Arvind for making me a martyr and I accept this martydom said he while talking to reporters in New Delhi.

The Delhi AAP has 64 MLAs now and as such is eligible for 3 Rajya Sabha seats. Arvind Kejrival nominated two Guptas’ with good financial background one Sushil Gupta an affluent businessman running 14 schools in Haryana and another a renowned chartered accountant. The third nominee is the important party functionery Sanjay Singh who’d been with AAP and Kejrival since the inception.