15 year old brutally gangraped and murdered, three other rapes in a...

15 year old brutally gangraped and murdered, three other rapes in a day in Haryana


Utterly shameful, distressing, anguishing and tragic to learn about the most brutal lynching of an fifteen year old delinquent, an innocent dalit girl having been repeatedly raped and subsequently killed brutally after forcibly injecting nails and rods in private parts completely rupturing her liver and finally dumping her body near a petrol pump in Bhundakheda village in Jind,Haryana.

There have been unfortunately three more cases of obnoxious rapes in Haryana within the last two days sending shiverings and shock waves down the spines of every single girl in Haryana and the country. One of the phedophile has been arrested while all the rapists and killers of other three cases including that of the adolocent brutal rape victim and the deceased are still at large, with the Haryana chief minister Mr. Khatter giving assurances of bringing the culprits to expeditious justice and awarding them the strictest of the punishment.

The graph of rape cases and women assaults have been on the tremendous hype in Haryana with the Haryana police registering about 1237 cases during 2017 with abysmal rate of convictions. This most heinous crime of the rape cum brutal murder of the 15 year old delinquent reminds of the most infamous Nirbhaya episode who was repeatedly raped in a running bus in the posh Vasant Vihar locality and finally killed through rod insertions in her private parts raising national and international outrage across the spectrum on 16th December, 2012 finally leading to the modifications in the criminal and rape laws making them more stringent, formation of fast track courts and launch of the Nirbhaya fund of Rs 2217 crores or so by the union government.

Similarly, just a year before, in Nazafgarh, Delhi, another Damini was brutally and mercilessly gangraped and killed dastardly with 21 grievous wounds including rupturing of her private parts leading to uncontrolled outrage at Jantar Mantar and outside Dwarka Court asking for capital punishment for the human beasts who have no terror of law in their minds. The hardened criminals, the rapists cum murderers, three in number were sentenced to death, finally upheld by the higher courts as well.

This shocking incident of rape and the subsequent heinous murder of an 11 year old Dalit girl in Faridabad, Haryana has brought the most sensitive issue of women safety and security to the fore with the police and law enforcing agencies under direct question mark? It may be recalled that Haryana is already behind in terms of women ratio as compared to the population per thousand men and there have been stories floating that women from different parts of the country are allegedly bought clandestinely and brought here for sexual favours or forced marriages.

If we go by the NCRB statistics regarding cases of women assaults and sexual victimisation the picture is too worrisome. The state government and its police should energise its machinery to expeditiously catch hold of the criminals responsible for these shameless and obnoxious heinous crimes and should be accorded no less than capital punishments through the fast track courts at the earliest.

The Nirbhaya Fund should also be utilised to fine tune the system of investigation and adequate monetary assistence to the families of the bereaved and the rape survivors with special attention to expedite the process of punishment which be no less than the capital punishments. Sounds anguishing that despite so much of national outrage and awareness against crime against women and the incests and provisions for stringent and harsh punishments the cases of such brital crimes are still on the rise. Shame!