The Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology aka PCAIT with the support of Federation of All India Associations of Information Technology, (FAIITA) organised a prestigious event titled as CHANNEL VISTAS – 2018 at Hotel Crown Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi on 5th of May, attended by IT business champions, OEMs’ doing sizeable businesses, traders, system integrators and vendors from all over the country including Delhi.

In all about 150 important members of FAIITA and PCAIT participated in this national business conclave convened with the sole aim of IT business networking amongst the state champions, sizeable IT business partners, system integrators and vendors in order to give impetus to business growth and enhance the quality and quantity of IT business all over the country.

The first session of the conclave was devoted to FAIITA which was inaugurated by the welcome speech of its president Mr. Champak Lal Gurjar from Mumbai where as the second session dedicated to PCAIT was inaugurated by the lightening of the lamp and the welcome speech of the PCAIT president Alok Gupta followed by the speech of its general secretary Saket Kapoor.

The morning session was most ably and eloquently compered by Mr. Saket Kapoor who worked as an integrator between the FAIITA and PCAIT members participating actively in the business matchmaking giving and seeking support for the IT products in order to enhance the business volumes and earn handsome profits through mutual support and exchange of services n products in the near future.

The post lunch session with discussion on the subject titled as ” ENHANCEMENT OF BUSINESS PROSPECTS AMONGST THE MEMBERS, ” started at 2.30 PM.

This live session effectively moderated jointly by Saket Kapoor and Vivek Sharma with the active participation of the FAIITA as well as the PCAIT members from Delhi, Haryana, UP, Noida, Chandigarh, Punjab, Siliguri, North East, Tamilnadu, Hydrabad, Bihar, Jallundhar, Bengal and Pondicherry was extremely fruitful and succeful as the participating members were able to positively interact and establish business tie ups including exchanging cards for the generation of IT business amongst themselves.

All the members interestingly participated in discussions and aired their views emphatically to promote their business prospects through mutual trust and linkages in the near future.

The FAIITA president Champak Lal Gurjar, PCAIT president Alok Gupta and general secretary Saket Kapoor emphasised the need for organising such Conclaves and get togethers in various states of the country in every three months so as to ensure time bound revival of their activities and business initiatives thus achieving the aim of enhacing their IT business prospects to 25% more from the current level and also to reslove their problems if any.

The speakers at the event expressed the dire need to broadbase the organisation FAIITA, natiinally, in order to make it more effective, strong and answerable by way of generating funds through various means like : organising exhibitions in collaboration with TAITRA, involving FAIITA in arbitration and dispute settlements of the IT business partners whose large sums of money get stuck due to non payments in the government departments or with other private forums, certification of all the members of various state IT organisations in FAIITA against a consolidated one time fee and publishing of sovenier to generate funds at the national level and highlighting of the activities and achievements of FAIITA and various state IT bodies as well.

A press conference was also addressed jointly by PCAIT president ALOK GUPTA, FAIITA PRESIDENT CHAMPAKLAL GURJAR and GENERAL SECRETARY SAKET KAPOOR who ably responded to the various queries of the IT media pertaining to the problems in the IT sector, challenges being confronted by them and the achievements of FAIITA and PCAIT since their coming into existence.

About 7 tables of various IT traders and companies like Protegent, Atlanta, Armstrack, Chota Internet, Green tech, Parts Baba, Modi infosil, Its Solutions and four stalls prestigious IT products like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Dlink etc were also put installed on this ocassion to showcase their products.

About 15 minutes each were allocated to Lenovo, HP, Dell, D link, and Acer as speaking slots and to give presentation of their company and its products to the audience.

Other than Champak Lal Gurjar, Alok Gupta and Saket Kapoor, those who spoke on the ocassion were PCAIT’s Vice President Sandeep Arya, treasurer PK Sharma, EC member Sewak Nautiyal and representatives and business champions from Bihar, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Jallundhar , Chandigarh and Delhi. The vote of thanks were conveyed by Mr. PK Sharma, MD Comnet Vision, India. The event organised by PCAIT was a grand success, indeed.


Exceptional Buffalo YUVRAJ weighing 15 quintals fetches Rs 50 lakhs annually for its owner through sperms’ sale



Photo by: Sr. journalist Dinesh Kandwal

The Uttarakhand government’s Agricultural and Animal fair ( Krishi avom Pashu Mela) is a star attraction of Dehradun which has been organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandary of government of Uttarakhand at Parade ground Dehradun. It was inaugurated by the state’s Agriculture and Animal Husbandary minister Subodh Uniya.

The one of the grand attractions of this show is a highly glamourised Buffalo owned by Karamveer Singh of Kurukshetra Haryana. Known as Yuvaraj, a strong and extremely well built Yuvraj as he is known can be termed as a Super potent Buffalo. Why is he being counted in the catagory of a Super Buffalo is the fact that it is unique, different and outstanding from other buffaloes of Hayana as well as those living in other states or parts of the country.

Yuvraj’s maalik, proprietor Karamveer takes’ special care of him to maintain its physical credibility and as such is fed with 20 litres of milk, 10 kilograms of fruits especially turnip, apples, five kg worth of green fodder and a similar quantity of straw fodder on daily basis. Special care is taken to ensure that Yuvraj takes a twelve kilometre walk daily to keep the digestion in order and blood circulation active.

One would be surprised and shocked to know that this Super Buffalo ‘Yuvraj’ Is Worth Rs 13 Crore And earns Rs 50 Lakh A Year for his proprietor Selling Semen! According to “Yuvraj” this 10year-old buffalo …weighs 15 quintal and is 11.5 feet long and 5.8 feet tall.

According to senior journalist Dinesh Kandwal Yuvraj was the chief attraction of the Agriculture and Animal Fair hosted by the state government at Parade ground Dehradun.

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95 year old Mahashay Dharampal, the king of spices, is still alive n healthy claims his daughter



Social media sites are significant if used for constructive and healthy purposes but bad if misused. This is what has happened a day before yesterday when rumours spread n went viral on facebook about the death of the owner of globally renowned MDH spices’ owner Mahashay Dharampal living in the posh Vasant Vihar locality of New Delhi saying that the 95 year old proprietor of globally famous Mahashay Di Hatti has left for his heavenly abode creating a furore amongst his family members, close relatives, accquaintances and in the business circles of the country.

Still seen active in good number of television advertisements acting himself for his company’s brands MDH spices this old man in a red pagri with moustache was born in 1923 at Sialkot, Pakistan where his father Chunnilal Gulati had a spices shop. After partition Mahashay Dharampal came to Delhi under extreme challenging circumstance with scarce resources.

He even rode the horsecart ( Taanga) in old Delhi say sources to earn livelyhood but lateron by the dint of hard work and dedication opened a small shop of spices in Karol Bagh Delhi followed by opening a first factory in 1959 in Kirti Nagar, Delhi never to look back again.

A successful symbol of a rags to riches story, Mahashay Dharampal, a highly labourious man with a penchant and ambition for being a rich man one day his business of spices flourished and prospered multiply and demands for spices under the brand name MDH KE MASALE through a vast advertisement campaign and sale network not only increased in India multiply n manifold but also abroad.

His 50 variety of spices under the popular brand of MDH became a household name in India and abroad and the annual turnover of the company increased manifold in hundreds of crores. Today Mahashay Dharampal owns fifteen factories and a prestigious Chanan Devi Hospital in Janakpuri, Delhi.

As per the 2016 figures popularly known as MDH spices ( Mahashay Di Hatti) posted a 15% jump in revenues to Rs 924 crore with a 24% increase in net profit at Rs 213 crore.

He is rated amongst the maximum salary earning CMD of his famous company MDH spices, eighty pecent of which goes in charities. After the rumours of his death going viral in social media, the daughter and son of 95 year old Dharampal Mahashay had to issue a denial by introducing the latest vedio in the media, showing him folding hands n smiling.

According to the family members Mahashay Dharampal still at the age of 95 keeps himself busy in the business activities by participating in the meetings and showing his curiosity about its progress. He also visits the Chanan Devi Hospital named after his mother, situated in Janakpuri occassionally being its chairman.

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It’s not the UPA but the BJP led NDA govt that saved money in Rafale deal says govt. document in possesion with Defence analyst Times Now



picture from Times Now vedio

While the controvertial deal of Rafale Jet fighters have been caught in lot of mud slinging by the Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi and his entire team of vociferous and eloquent spokespersons, not let it die down at any cost, with the government and the ruling BJP doing its best to defend itself and tell the countrymen that its a transparent government to government deal with no middlemen involved as were in earlier deals like the one being the controvertial Bofors kick back scandal which however finally acquitted the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, but after his despicable assasination.

Even the former union ministers in the BJP government viz senior journalist n columnist Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha, today the arch rivals of PM Modi including the crusador against corruption Prashant Bhushan and the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival have been holding press conferences exposing the BJP led NDA government n casting aspersions on the prime minister of wrong doings in terms of increasing the price of the Rafale aircraft three times to what has been fixed by the UPA government at Rs. 737 crores per fighter aircraft which according to them are being purchased at the cost of Rs. 1600 per jet.

What is interesting about this entire deal is that in addition to the three time rise in the cost of the Rafale Jet Fighter thus allegedly causing several thousand crores as loss to the public exchequer, the NDA government has replaced the public sector undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics limited with the inexperienced Reliance Defence of Anil Ambani as charged by the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi n others as above.

Not a day passes when the Congress party and its chief Rahul Gandhi does not forget to mention about the controvertial Rafale deal putting the present government in the dock thus bringing back into retrospection the repeated salvos of the then anti Congress opposition and the media hype against Rajiv Gandhi n his government during eighties n nineties on the Bofors kickback scandal while he was the prime minister.

But one of the most interesting aspects of the whole episode is that in one of the video released by Times Now on 2nd October which is being further shared in the social media these days is an interesting statement/ speech of a senior journalist n defense analyst in Times Now, Maroof Raza, the leading English channel once in controversy for the alleged ruling party tilt when Arnab Goswami held his hectic shows not allowing the debators to speak n literally scolding them on being anti BJP or government .

According to Maroof Raza who sounds more like meticulously standing in the defense of the controvertial Rafale deal on technical grounds, this deal is strictly between government to government as no middlemen is involved in it. The Rafale jet fighters according to him are the most advance combat aircraft third times more advanced than Sukhoi which can function most efficientlyand with tremendus amuntof dexteriy on mountain air bases, deserts and even terrains in extremely challenging n odd situations who are the real asset for the country.

He emphatically reveals that though the deal was signed by the UPA government in 2007 but as said by the Congress about its prices and numbers nothing had been finalised during that tenure not even the costs.

While allegedly standing in support of the deal Maroof Raza unambiguously says that as per the important documents he is in possesion of, from the ministry of Defence the present BJP led NDA government has actually done a favor by clinching the deal as it saved Rs. 67 crores and 400 crores respectively in the price of single aircraft as well as the Rafale jet fighters to be procured after beng fitted with hi tech Weapons, Missiles, the Scalp, the Meteorn the Headmount etc.

Maroof Raza says that the defence document in his possession mentions that the Rafale price fixed or being talked for per jet fighter minus important combat accessories during the UPA tenure was Rs.737 crores per aircraft whereas it was Rs. 670 crores during the BJP tenure thus saving Rs.67 crores in per aircraft.

Similarly, during the UPA tenure the prices for per aircraft fitted with all the necessary hi tech accessories like weapons, missiles, the scalp, the meteor, headmount etc was fixed at Rs. 2000 crores wheras the BJP government says the price fixed or quoted by it was Rs. 1600, thus saving Rs. 400 crores in each aircraft just contrary to the charges of the non BJP opposition .

This startling disclosures by senior journalist and defence analyst of prestigios news channel Times Now Maroof Raza sound to interesting who did’nt speak a single word about the alleged offset contract accorded to the Reliance defense headed by Anil Ambani thus replacing the HAL having tremendous experience of several decades in defence prodction and assembly and which is the bone of contention of the entire deal as being mentioned by Rahul Gandhi, Arun Shourie and AshwantSinha. Anybody interested to wach and hear the vedio can go in the time line of the Times Now or in the facebook.

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Dassault Aviation clarifies its stand vindicating the contract to Reliance !



The Rafale Jet fighters embroglio has reached to such an extent after the startling disclosure of the former French president Francois Hollande about the complicity of the ruling political dispensation in the allotment of the offset contract of Dassault Aviation to Reliance India at the cost of the Indian public sector undertaking having expertise in defence production the HAL has ultimately compelled the French Defence Company Dassault Avitation to issue a press release vindicating its stand in the deal trying to come out clean of the impending controversy.

In a press release issued with a date line of September 21st September, 2018 with a headline ” About the Rafale Contract For India,” the French company in the first paragraph explains that this contract is government to government agreement. It provides for a separate contract in which the Dassault Aviation commits to make compensation investments( offsets) worth 50% of the value of the purchase clearly indicating about half of the value of the total deal of the contract.

The para two of the press release specifically states verbatim: This offset contract is delivered in complaince with the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016 regulations. In this framework and in accordance with the policy of Make in India, Dassault Aviation has decided to make a partnership with INDIA’S RELIANCE GROUP. This is Dassault Aviation’s choice as CEO, Eric Tappier has explained in an interview published in MINT newspaper on April 17, 2018. This partnership has led to the creation Dassault Reliance Aerospace.Ltd ( DRAL) joint venture in February 2017.

Dassault Aviation and Reliance have built a plant in Nagpur for manufacturing parts for Falcon and Rafale Aircraft. The Nagpur site was chosen because of the availabilty of land with direct access to an Airport runway, an essential activities. Para third says : Other partnerships have been signed with other companies such as BTSL, DEFSYS, Kinetic, Mahindra, Maini, SAMTEL…… Other negotiations are ongoing with an hundred odd other potential partners. Para four adds: Dassault Aviation is very proud that the Indian Authorities has selected the Rafale fighters.

There are no signatures in the press release that raises a doubtful question mark? In the end of the press release under the head of ABOUT DASSAULT AVIATION, the French company boasts itself as: With over 10, 000 military and civil aircraft delivered in more than 90 countries over the last century. In 2017, Dasault Aviation reported revenues of € 4.8 billion. The company has 11, 400 employees with built up expettise worldwide.

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The Congress President Rahul Gandhi is quite swift and energetic from the point of view of deriving political advantage out of every minute issue provided it’s helpful for the party’s favourable and BJP and prime minister Narendra Modi’s anti stance.

And why not say a senior Congressman not wanting his name to be mentioned. As a result today the Congress president Rahul Gandhi was instrumental in bringing the SC, ST leader and former Chairman of the Backward Commission P.L.Punia in front of the media as a prima facie proof who catagorically said in Rahul Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot’s presence that on March 1st he clearly saw Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and former MP and banking fugitive Vijay Mallaya first talking at the corner of the Central Hall and there after deliberating while sitting comfortably for quite a good time.

And just a day or two after he fled the country. Congress leader and MP Punia said that both were talking quite comfortably and can be checked through the entry in the parliament registers or the CCTV footage of the day1st of March. Accusing the finance minister of openly and outrightly helping the fugitive Malaya flee the country Punia said that in every ews briefing, interview or parliamentary debates HE had mentioned about this meeting between the FM and Vijay Mallaya but nobody gave any heed to my versions.

Punia accused the FM’s and the BJP government’s complicity in the entire episode and said that he wll quit politics if proved wrong.

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Hoe to choose the choose the best Mobile app development company for your business?



The main objective of a mobile app development company is to build an application that support mobile platforms like android, iOS, windows. Businesses are using the mobile applications to get customer’s attention that helps to increase their brand value. An expert mobile app development company aims to develop an application that not only fulfils the client’s requirements but also liked by the common users. An application is considered to be great when it provides a great user experience. A mobile application helps to increase the productivity and profitability of a business. Most of the application service providers ask the clients to select the features they want in their application. Since the mobile application is available 24/7, it saves your time and money that is not possible with the traditional marketing methods . If you are running a business and want to expand it, with the help of application, you can plan everything like current strategies, future plans, deals and discounts and serve directly to your customers.
Below are some tips to know before choosing the best App development company.
Know your app requirements
Understand your own requirements that you are looking for in a mobile application. The requirements will largely depend on the type of your business and what kind of products you want to sell. You can also check the similar apps on the internet and know better what they provide. For a non profit mobile application too, you have to consider your precise requirements.
Check out reputation
There are lot of companies in the market but it’s not necessary that they are reputed or genuine. To choose the best Mobile app development company , check out the company’s reputation, you can conduct an online search to know its credibility. You can check the ratings and reviews posted by the customers for the company. If possible, collect the details of their clients and different types of services they offer. Also check the company’s experience in the field, if you are satisfied with it, you can go ahead to make the choice for yourself.
Cost effectiveness
Don’t always go with the company that offers cheapest app solutions. But, consider the one that offers quality services at affordable prices. The companies that are old and have long-term existence provide the apps at efficient costs. You can go for such companies. But for finding such a company, you have to do some research online. There are many long established companies in the market that offer affordable and quality apps and give you the value for your investment. Choose the iOS application development company that provides high quality services.

Check out innovation and technology
There are many apps available on the app stores, but you need something unique and innovative to stand out. An app developed by an innovative mobile app development company, will help to gain the momentum online. You can also ask them to show different apps they have developed and the features that can be added to the app. Make sure to reach out the companies that improve your business standards. Also make sure to pick someone who never hesitate themselves to update themselves with future technologies and challenges.

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As the science and technology is advancing so are the frauds, particularly the economic frauds galloping with high speed duping hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the vast country like India which is the second largest country in the world in terms of population with more than 60% people still living in rural India and not so literate.

Therefore the fraudsters find more scope to commit their illegal acts duping investers in the names of doubling their money in a short span of time enticing them in the name of reputation or big brands and finally eloping with huge amounts.

In India such economic frauds have become the order of the day with fraudsters and tricksters fleeing out of the states or country and seeking foreign citizenship or tranmitting/ transacting the entire money collected illegally from investors or their so called valued customers in foreign banks finally physically eloping abroad with families thus leaving hundreds of thousands of investors who’d invested their hard earned money in lurch and utter shock.

There have allegedly been hundreds of suicides by the people who’d lost their lacs of Rupees, even crores or say the entire savings of the life by being tricked, defaulted or betrayed by such fraudsters. I remember a company called City Lumisoune which duped thousands of investers of several thousand crores, myself being one of the victims with bounced checks still in my possession n no hope of getting back the invested hard earned money.

There are builders, big finance companies, chit fund dealers and those who promise to double the income in a year or two years time thus manipulatingly enticing investers out of the greed of getting the money doubled.

But the most worrisome part the whole story is, the successive governments at the centre or states have not shown any evidence of being serious in penalising these fraudsters who are till date active in various parts of the country.

As far as I personally know not a single investor duped by these fraud outlets or companies or in negligible numbers have received back his or her hard earned money invested in these fraud companies.

Slowly n gradually the duped invester is compelled to forget the fraud due to various other problems cropping up in their lives and hence these financial criminals get off conveniently from the shackles of law, to again go for such financial misadventures.

India, unfortunately has allegedly become a safe haven for these fraud companies or individual fraudsters who influence the system, police, financial regulators by allegedly in league with them and finally getting off.

If one seriously goes to check the record of such financial fraudsters and if the government agencies really, earnestly release their records in the open for the general public viewing, I am sure not only will we find several unresolved cases but would also be shocked to find the duped amount by these dubios financial companies or private players in fraud businesses going in hundreds of thousands of crores.

The few instances of Ponji Scheme fraud of 500 crores, City Lumisuone fraud, Mumbai, fraud in the name of tree plantatiin, Sahara, Kingfisher, Neerav Modi and Mehul Chouksi and Lalit Modi etc etc are in front of us( that have been highlighted by the media) and the government of the day is not able to do anything credible to bring them back to India and retrieve the government’s money which ultimately is the miney of publiq exchequer, that amounts to more than 15000 crores.

Just imagine that if the system could not recover its own money from these financial fraudsters, how would the general public duped by these fraudsters ever receive their individual money. Sounds shocking.

These days a new fraud is being committed right under the nose of the banking system. There are hundreds of fraud call centres working in India clandestinely who are making false calls and duping people of their entire bank savings after imposting themselves as bank managers or employees and asking them their pan numbers or Adhar Card details inorder to reopen their regular bank account which these fraudsters claim has been closed.

The account holder usually gets confused, particularly the not so educated, women or senior citizens and part with the pan numbers or other adhar card or bank details finally finding their entire savings having been siphoned off by these fraudsters.

But hardly anything seems to have been done from the government’s side, as such fraud calls and threatening is on, on peoples’ mobiles disturbing their peace of mind and confusing them very often.

Just today in my presence a friend of mine got a fake or prank call from two mobile phone numbers ( secured with him) asking him his adhar details and pan card details under the pretext that his SBI account has been closed and for reopening it , the fake caller, who claimed himself as the SBI branch manager said that he needs them urgently.

When he called back and pressurised the caller to reveal his details : he said that he is calling from the main SBI headquarter Kurla, Mumbai and disconnected the call in a huff. The receiver of the call said that this is the third call he has received today.
What’s your take friends?

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The handloom weavers of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in particular are badly suffering for want of yarn for the last more than eight months as the National Handloom Development Corporation has arbitrarily stopped the supply of yarns to the handloom weavers which was the only source of income for the survival and sustainability of their poor and economically deprived underprivileged families.

Hundreds of handloom weavers, men and women from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand today protested in front of the headquarter of National Handloom Development Corporation in Noida and raised vociferous slogans against the handloom authorities for blocking the supply of uarn for the last five months.

Raising slogans under scorching sun hundreds of slogan shouting demonstraters, men and women were carrying play cards in their hands mentioning slogans: Garibon ka haq maar rahi hai sarkar ( the govt is killing the rights of the poor), hame hamara haq do ( give us our rights) and down with NHDC etc.

The protest demonstration was organised by Uttarar Pradesh Bunkar Sangharsh Union. The union also presented a memorandum addressed to the union textiles minister Smriti Irani demanding immediate release of yarns to the affected weavers of the state whose families are in doldrums and in the state of jeopardy due to their respective handloom business n employment having been stopped for the last five months.

It may be recalled that the National Handloom Development Corporation, Noida have completely stopped the supply of yarns to the weavers of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand for the last five months.

According to the Uttar Pradesh Bunkar Union, the Corporation has arbitrarily stopped the supply of yarns since last first of April despite the very fact that the yarns’ supply of the union government is already
existing which has been unambiguously substantiated by the textile department’s regional manager and the enforcement director( commercial).

The union is also of the view that the Handloom Department had cleared all the bills of the weavers by 31st March but this release of payment has not reached the weaving yarn mills till date. And it’s because of this lapse that the mills are not supplying the requisite quota of yarns to the weavers as a result hundreds of thousands of them have become unemployeed and on the verge of starvation.

Prominent handloom leaders who participated in this massive protest demonstration were Mahammed Farooq Ansari, from Etaava, President of the union, Zuber Ansari from Sitapur, Mohammed Anwar from Baanda, Hazi Abdul Ansari and Mohammed Llaik etc.

According to the president of Uttar Pradesh Harkargha Bunkar Association Mohammed Farouq Ansari the Hathkargha Bunkar Union has demanded immediate release of the last five months quota of the yarn and subsequent release of the balance payments to the handlooms n mills so that they are able to release the yarn at the earliest and hundreds of thousands of weavers of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh are able to survive and start earning their livelihoods againwho are currently on the verge of starvation.

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There are millions of die hard fans of Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka in India and abroad and so am I who worked as his media advisor for over a decade or so but Vipin Oberoi is a unique die hard fan of his who and who’s entire family have been in so close proximity during Kaka’s thick and thin that after the super star of the millenium Kaka’s leaving for the eternal home Vipin acknowledges the same affection and love from Dimple, her daughters and even the super star of today Akshay Khanna, late Kaka’s son in law.

Vipin Oberoi my close trusted friend and Kaka’sdie hard fan, had tremendous obsession and admiration for Kakaji since beginning but actually came in his direct and regular contact when Kaka arrived in Delhi to contest the parliamentary election from New Delhi on Congress ticket on the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s insistence.

I however had joined Kaka from day one as his media advisor and met Vipin thereafter. Vipin was then a businessmen dealing with electronics gadgets like televisions and other items but was so badly involved in Kaka’s election that he has to give away that profitable business unwillingly.

He has a lovely family, with both the daughters having settled abroad after doing their law. Vipin then had no option but to start a chef cart/ van in Cannaught at Janpath that he got with Kaka’s support and blessings. It later on was shifted behind the prestigious Jesus and Merry college in Chanakyapuri, a prestigious Diplomatic Enclave.

Fully studded with Rajesh Khanna’s pictures and his superhit songs going on round the clock makes the environment in and around the vicinity fully glamorous and pleasent.

Kaka used to very often visit this chef cart called The Treat with the intent to help Vipin increase his sale. He loved and blessed Vipin Oberoi always and used to visit the place during night time after 9 till 11 or 12, sometime with Bollywood stars as well.

Kaka’s wife and a popular actress Dimple and children Twinkle and Rinki if in Delhi also casually visit the place and bless Vipin who’d been in Kaka’s close proximity for more than three decades, taking care of his eating requirements and other things whenever the star turned MP used to be in Delhi.

Vipin travelled with Kaka in several political campaignings as well in Delhi and other parts of the country. I myself had also visited the van, the Treat number of times and met Kaka there and had dinner with him who fortunately always held me in high esteem.

The Treat prepares fantastic and delicious non veg items consumed by good number of customers and Kaka’s fan who visit the place every alternate days with family and friends from various nooks and corners of Delhi. Vipin Oberoi alongwith Kaka’s colleagues and fans in Delhi every year celebrate and remember this great legend by organising a Bhandara and prayer meeting at the venue of THE TREAT in Chanakyapuri.

The treat is the best address for individuals and family goers for dinner non vegetarian n vegetarian delicacies where Kaka used to usually dine while he was alive.




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The information technology sector is extremely significant from the point of view of the economic and industrial development of the country, generating good number of jobs n inviting foreign investment as well and thus contributing remarkably to the nation’s over all progress and prosperity. In a nutshell, the IT industry definitely plays a very significant and vital role in strengthening the country’s economy and leading to immense technological progress of the nation within and outside.

As a sequel to fulfil these important objectives, further to demonetisation, GST and the finance budget 2018 of Government of India including (with) an objective to grow the businesses of its members through best channel practices, the PROGRESSIVE CHANNELS ASSOCIATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY aka PCAIT with the support of the Federation of All India All India Information Technology Associations( FAIITA) is organising a prestigious event, A NATIONAL BUSINESS CONCLAVE ,” CHANNEL VISTAS,” at Hotel Crown Plaza on 5th May to be attented by 250 credible IT business owners, honchos and leaders from across the country, ranging from retailers to system integraters to regional distributors. Primarily, its the FAIITA EVENT hosted by PCAIT.

It’s an event of IT business owners and leaders to match make and synerzise at national level for outstansing business growth.

It may be recalled that the Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology (PCAIT) is an association of credible IT channel partners conducting a little over 80% of IT business in the Indian capital of Delhi.

PCAIT is to IT channel business as NASSCOM is a software business and is a founder member of Federation of All India Information Technology Associations aka FAIITA, representing business interests of over 30,000 pan India channel partners.

Feeling a dire need to cystallize the immense human and material resources of the IT industry, particularly a channel of national and global benefit , a group of 15 enthusiastic persons heading various organisations came forth in May 2004 to give birth to PCAIT which got registered in March 2005 as a society.

The Association comprises of a vast pool capable persons possesing outstanding managerial, technical and entrepreneur skills who are also highly qualified, ambitious and successful in each of his or her domain.

The president of PCAIT is Mr. Alok Gupta, MD, Unistal Systems and general Secretary is Mr. Saket Kapoor. The excecutive council of this IT body consists of 16 persons, all from the Information Technology sector.

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