The recent supreme court verdict giving the Delhi government of AAP led by Arvind Kejrival a clear hand to weild free power in Delhi without any interference of the LG execpt in the matters of Police, Law and Order and Land is being termed by them as a victory over the BJP ruled union government who according to them had been creating deliberate bottlenecks in the way of AAP government’s people welfare policies and initiatives through their nominee Anil Baijal, a former veteran civil servant.

However, despite the apex court according independent powers to the Delhi’s AAP government forbidding it to seek any consent on its decisions or proposals from the LG in the near future except in matters pertaining to land, police and law and orders, the Delhi civil servants have on the contrary refused to abide or obey the transfer/ posting orders of the Delhi government thus raising another fresh controversy. However, taking a strong view of the civil servants’ hostility the Delhi’s deputy chief minister has termed the non cooperation and hostility of bureaucrats as the violation of the apex court’s orders.

After the alleged attack on the Delhi’s chief secretary Anshul Prakash at the residence of the chief minister few months ago by two AAP MLAs’ when the former was asked to come for a meeting during midnight, the Delhi’s civil servants were feeling insecure and had gone on a go slow strike for three months giving up attending any meetings and answering the calls of the CM and his ministers thus compelling the latter and his three ministers to stage a nine day Dharna cum hunger strike at LG’s bungalow. This resulted in further chaos in the functioning of the AAP government.

The recent decision of the apex court has however given the Delhi government extra mileage as well as moral boost who was nearly handicapped in taking decisions with regard to the various people welfare schemes. The supreme court has, while giving its verdict, judiciously favoring the Delhi government of AAP to an extent has specifically said that the LG despite being the sole administrator of the National Capital Territory is bound to act on the advice of the council of ministers in all matters except on the subjects pertaining to the land, police and law & order ( if not necessary) as Delhi is not a full fledged state. The court however refused to give Delhi the statehood as its a central subject and solely within the purview of the union government which requires ratification from both the houses of parliament and the president of India’s outright consent.

The apex court has advised both the chief minister and the LG to work in close cordination harmoniously without any ill will or prejudiced feelings against each other.

It may be recalled that in its previous decision the Delhi High Court has termed the LG as the sole powerful administrative head of the Delhi government unambiguously saying that all decisions of the state government would be effected only by the consent and at the mercy of the LG as Delhi is not the fullfledged state. As a result the AAP government had gone to the apex court against the HC’s verdict.

After the formation of the Modi led NDA government at the centre the relations between the centre and Delhi had been at loggerheads with the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and his party AAP levelling charges and accusations against the prime minister Narendra Modi and his government of not letting them work deliberately and creating bottlenecks on the way of the state government’s functioning.

The former Delhi LG and renowned academician Nazeeb Jung and the current LG Anil Baijal were also at confrontation with Arvind Kejrival incessantly.

Let’s see what finally comes out of the latest verdict of the Supreme court unambiguously spelling out individual powers for Delhi’s LG and the CM in the context of Delhi government’s functioning.

While the Delhi elections are due in the initial months of 2020 both BJP and AAP are in a hurry to capture power in the national capital though the Congress Party seems to be a distant third.

After being completely misfit in the national political scene for the present, the first and formost priority of Arvind Kejrival is to recapture power in Delhi in the 2020 elections of NCT of Delhi and he is in an abrupt hurry to fulfill the unfulfilled pre election promises. He wanted to give good number of sops to the Delhi electorates but the BJP led NDA at the centre through its nominee LG are creating various impediments in the execution of various pro people proposals.

Since lot of time has already been lost on his quarrel with the centre and on infrastructural front the AAP government has literally done nothing Arvind Kejrival is desperate to implement various populist schemes to earn the support of the minorities, people of the lowest ebb, the lower middle class voters and the women and youths including the government servants. Health, transport, water, power, food and civil supplies, pensions to the poor, sr citizens, widows and handicapped sections are the main sectors where he is trying to concentrate by way of giving huge reliefs before elections. But in the absence of freedom and the obstacles of the centre he was’nt able to fully execute his decisions. Hence approached the apex court for seeking full fledged powers without the intervention of the central nominee, the LG. Let’s see whatwould be his next master stroke now?

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  1. Niharika Ghia

    July 5, 2018 at 1:52 PM

    There can be differences of opinion between LG and CM in Delhi. Does that mean everytime a CM does dharna politics stooping at such a low level ? Its a matter of how you present the matter respectfully WITH respecting the views of LG. Working with cooperation does not just mean that LG should cooperate with CM. It equally means that CM should also cooperate with LG with due respect. Personally i dont think Mr Kejriwal is really interested in any serious work. Wait and watch. He will surely come out with new excuse for his unsuccessful work again transferring the onus on the Centre and LG. He should have learnt from NaMo how to have coordial relationship . Didnt the PM set an example of mutual respect between him and President Pranab Mukherjee ? Good article. Appreciate

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Delhi state Congress’s entire Uttarakhandi Cell joins AAP! A huge jolt to DPCC



In a major jolt to the Delhi State Congress Committee, the president of the Parvatiya Congress, the party’s cell of Uttarakhandies living in Delhi, Brijmohan Upreti has today joined the Aam Aadmi Party in the presence of one of it’s ministers Gopal Rai n corporator Geeta Rawat in Delhi (after resigning from yesterday) alongwith several of his followers i.e the district and block presidents thus giving an additional strength to the ruling party in Delhi who just a few days ago suffered a setback when two of its important activists n journalists, one a chairman of the Delhi dialogue commission resigned from the party citing personel reasons namely Asutosh and Khaitan.

The Aam Admi Party today seems to be a major “KHAIRKHWAH” worrying for the interests of the Uttarakhand community living in Delhi by way of funding several social outfits organise Uttarayini, a pahaadi cultural event in almost all the constituencies of Delhi last year by way of financing good number of Uttarakhandi social organisations and also establishing the Uttarakhand academy in Delhi which was their long cherished dream.

Though the Congress and BJP ruled Delhi for several years but no party has ever thought of obliging the hill people of the capital despite the hard fact that they are in good number not less than 25 lakhs who form a consolidated large chunk of vote bank in Delhi.

The Parvatiya Congress chief of Delhi Brijmohan has also resigned expressing his annoyance and frustration over the continuous disregard and isolation of the Uttrakhandi community in the party organisation and in issuance of party tickets during the state assembly and civic elections.

The enmass resignation and joining of AAP by a large chunk of Congress’s hill people in the absense of its president Ajay Maken who is out to foreign country for treatment of his ailment has sent a disturbing signal to the Congress in Delhi particularly in view of the state elections slated for 2020 in the beginning months.

The senior party leader and minister Gopal Rai welcomed the entire hostile lot of the Congressmen in Aam Aadmi Party and assured them of due recognition and adjustments in the party organisation in the near future.

Meanwhile, strongly reacting to the resignation and subsequent joining of AAP by the Delhi Pradesh Parvatiya Congress Committee Upreti, the present Vice president Virendra Negi has denied reports of other office bearers joining the AAP saying that Upreti has singularly joined with negligible number of supporters which would under no condition affect the political health of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee under the dynamic leadership of its president Ajay Maken.

Negi assured the partymen that the Delhi State Parvatiya Congress is extremely strong and cohesive as there are still more than active hundred office bearers associated with the organisation. Virendra Negi accused these hostile leaders of hobnobbing with AAP since long who’d clandestinely worked for AAP candidates defying the party norms during the last corporation elections. He termed them as Ram leela brand leaders with no political base believing in opportunism for narrow political gains. Negi revealed that good number of people of Uttarakhand holding socio political say n reputation are likely to join the Delhi Congress Parvatiya Cell to make it more vibrant and strong.

Reliable sources reveal that since AAP has become a formidable force in Delhi and Congress becoming a primitive party losing its grip on the Delhi electorates these hostile Uttarakhandies had no option but to join AAP for better political prospects in the coming future. Whats your take friends?


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Jolt to Delhi Congress ! Delhi Parvatiya Congress chief resigns



The Delhi State Congress Committee which is already in doldrums from the point of view of losing its grip on the Delhi electorates which once ruled the capital for fifteen long years prior to AAP’s coming to power is yet again in jeopardy as its Parvatiya Congress president Brijmohan Upreti has resigned from the primary membership of the party alongwith his hundreds of followers today protesting against the stepmotherly and high handed treatment meted out to the party office bearers and cadres belonging to Uttarakhand living in Delhi associated with the Delhi Parvatiya Congress, the party’s important cell for the welfare and well being of the hill people living in Delhi.

In his resignation letter Brijmohan Upreti considered to be the close hand man of the Delhi State Congress Committee President and former union minister Ajay Maken who is out of the counyry for treatment, said that he is tendering his resignation from the post of the president of Delhi Parvatiya Congress and the primary membership of the party in protest against the complete negligence of the workers belonging to Uttarakhand associated with the Congress Party by keeping them aside pre strategically from the central, district and block positions of the party in the recent revamp and not given a single Uttarakhandi a party position from the state executive to the block level thus willingly discarding them at all levels.

In a letter written to the AICC president Rahul Gandhi tendering his resignation as the president of Delhi Parvatiya Congress with copies sent to the General Secretary of All India Congress Committee Ashok Gehlot, General Secretary Incharge Dr. PC Chacko and the DPCC president Ajay Maken, Upreti said that he is resigning from the party president’s post as well as the primary membership of the party in protest against the stepmotherly treatment meted out to the Uttarakhandi origin Congress workers in the state party organisation.

Citing three reasons, Upreti said that during the 2017 Delhi Municipal Corporation elections not a single ticket was allotted to the party worker of Uttarakhandi origin despite assurances.

In the recent party revamp no Uttarakhandi Congress worker was adjusted in the state party organisation in any central, district or block level and the single district president Lakshman Rawat had also been ousted.

While making the state delegates, the Uttarakhandi Congress workers were totally sidelined. He stressed and emphasised that the Delhi Parvatiya Congress workers had always been in the forefront to participate in Delhi Congress’s rallies and Dharnas but when it came to obliging the Congress workers of Delhi Parvatiya Congress they were always sidelined knowingly.

Now enough is enough. This is the insult of the 25 lakh Uttarakhandies living in Delhi, having faith in Congress party, he added an I am tendering resignation frm the ArvatiyaCongress presidentship as well as frm the primary membership of the party.




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“Chamatkar” play authored by Lalit Mohan Thapliyal enacted in New Delhi



AN interesting play titled CHAMATKAR ( Miracle) authored by renowned writer, theatrist and director late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal was enacted in the Little Theatre Group, Mandi house by the High Hillers Group , directed by his talented Mumbai based young grandson Kaizaad Shikhar Gandhi.

The play originally enacted in Hindi by late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal in Geneva, UNO where he was posted for a long duration was titled as CHIMTE WALA BABA, lauded and acclaimed by the Hindi speaking audience which was later on translated in the Garhwali dialect played by The high Hillers Group during 1999 in New Delhi.

This was its second show in Delhi after 18 years having acknowledged a good response from the audience gathered in large numbers from different nooks and corners of the capital.

Though the play CHAMATKAR was able to keep the entire audience attracted towards the play for full two hours it did had some of the flaws like lack of the comedy part and the play becoming slow and too serious at times not able to portray the real life of hilly character. The title Chamatkar could not do full justice with the storyline of the play.

It could also not portray the CHIMTE WALA BABA character prominently as the central theme of the play. However, the characters of the LALA, his servant, the female character of the widow, professors wife, the professor, the Chimte wala Baba, the photographer tourist etc were quite interesting.

All the artists tried their best to impress the audience by their outstanding acting despite the fact that majority of them are not the full time professional actors.

Our heartiest congratulations to Khushal Singh Bisht, Brijmohan Vedwal, Girdhari Rawat, Manju Bahuguna Kusum Chouhan, Darshan Singh Rawat, Dhiraj Kothial, Kusum Bisht etc.

The performance of Kusum Chouhan, Manju Bahuguna, Brijmohan Vedwal and Khushal Rawat was indeed outstanding.

The play, though was interesting but from the point of view of late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal’s reputation and prestige it did lacked something and could not come true to the peoples’ expectation.

There were two major flaws in the play’s storyline. One, the professor’s wife Malti (Manju Bahuguna) was not able to react as a traumatised, anguished or grief striken women after her husband’s sad demise who commits suicide, as the hilly women genuinely react after such a grave tragedy.

Secondly, right after her husband’s death she was shown performing bhajans to welcome the Chimte Wala Baba in a hillarious mood not expected of a widow who’s husband has died just a day or two before, by committing suicide.

Late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal was a celebrated script writer, theatrist, director and a literary personality of Uttarakhand who is credited with staging good number of Garhwali and Hindi plays in Uttarakhand, Delhi and various parts of the country including abroad. His several plays particularly KHAADU LAAPATA and CHIMTE WALA BABA etc were quite popular having been staged good number of times inviting all round acclaim in Uttarakhand and the country. However, late Thapliyal’s Mumbai based young grandson Kaizaad Shikher Gandhi deserves to congratulated for directing the play once scripted and directed by his late grandfather.

It may be recalled that Late Thapliyal was posted in Geneva, UNO for a long spell where he wrote number of plays and CHIMTE WALA BABA was one of them.

After returning back to India and retiring from job he dedicated his entire life for promoting and preserving the Garhwali dialect through his impressive plays enacted all over India lauded by one and all.

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Delhi government hospitals need more registration and medicine delivery counters including more clinics



Though the AAM ADMI PARTY government in Delhi has done a remarkable work in terms of improving and modernising the health services in the Delhi’s various government hospitals, dispensaries, health centres and poly clinics for which the Delhi chief minister deserves Kudos, there is still a need for improvising the conditions and delivery system by way of enhancing the number of registration and medicine delivery counters, pharmacists and doctors, particularly in view of the rapidly increasing numbers of poor and lower middle class patients thronging the government hospitals on daily basis.

The hospitals despite rendering maximum possible services to cater to the good number of patients also lack good hyginic and sanitary conditions which need to be attended on a mass footing so as to keep them neat and clean and prone to better health conditions of one and all attending these health institutions. The AAP government Delhi deserves all round appreciation for targetting the health and education sector for improving the peoples’lot and also shaping the academic career of the students hailing from the poor, down trodden and the economically deprived sections of the society.

Today, the government schools of Delhi have been upgraded from the infrastructural, educational and basic civic facilities point of view and so have the condition of government hospitals, dispensaries and the polyclinics where not only are the poor and general patients are being delivered free medicines, treatments and free expensive tests and diagnosis but the Delhi government has also permitted every section of the society free of cost treatment and surgery of critical ailments in private hospitals if the same is not being executed in the Delhi govt hospitals, the cost of which will be borne by the government.

In addition the Delhi CM has authorised few Delhi government hospitals like Delhi Tegh Bahadur hospital for giving 80% treatmentto be given to the Delhites and 20% to the patients of outside states as previously the medical interest of Delhi patients were being largely affected. Today, I happened to visit the Dr. Ambedkar Hospital and Medical Institute , a hundred bedded hospital in Rohini where I saw hundreds of uncontrolled crowd of poor and hapless patients standing in unending queues anxiously waiting for registration, medicines and check ups outside the counters and doctors clinics quarrelling and creating acrimonious scenes.

The queues were so long that it takes hours to get the needful done. Since the expectation of the patients, particularly, of the poor and the lower middle class have been generated too much after the facilities generated in the govt hospitals the influx of patients have increased manifold and as such the latter doe not seem to be fully equipped to cope with the increasing rush of the patients which would ultimately result in lessening of the quality of treatment and much inconvenience to the Delhites banking on government hospitals for seeking free treatment.

The government of the NCT should therefore emphasise much on increasing the number of registration and medicine delivery counters including enhancement in number of clinics, doctors and pharmacists componded with various facilities like provision of sitting arrangements, fans, water coolers and if possible airconditioning of the inner areas of the hospital buildings. This revamp in the entire system would improve the present aweful situation and relieve the poor, hapless and suffering patients and their families to a great extent.

It may be recalled that the former Secretary General of United Nations and Senior officials of WHO had recently visited various Mohalla polyclinics established by AAM AADMI PARTY government in Delhi and have widely appreciated it as a model to be replicated by the other developing and under developed countries of the globe.

What’s your take friends?

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Ajay Maken resigns as DPCC chief , cites personal health reasons?



The Congress party organisation which do not have a single lawmaker in Delhi assembly today suffered a massive set back yet again when its energetic and organisationally capable president and former union state minister for Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation resigned from the presidentship of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee citing personal health reasons.

He sent his written communication seeking resignation to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi who appointed Maken the Delhi state president four years’ ago. It has been reliably learnt that Ajay Maken has been ill for the last few months and is currently abroad for the treatment as well.

Maken had submitted his resignation in 2015/16 as well taking the moral responsibility of the party’s defeat against AAP when it could not even win on a single seat in the Delhi Assembly election but was asked to continue by Rahul Gandhi who personally requested the former to take back the resignation. It is believed that there may be some serious reasons’ behind Maken’s resignation probably his isolation in the mainstream Congress politics or Rahul Gandhi’s negligible attention to DPCC affairs or may be his interest to join national politics in view of the fastly approaching elections in four states and the national election of 2019.

Sources reveal that despite the best efforts of Ajay Maken to strengthen and revitalise the DPCC by holding maximum protest demonstrations and other activities the Congress party was not able to win the heart of the Delhites and in view of the internal party squabbles and non cooperation of the former president J. P. Aggrawal’s lobby etc who instead of cooperating were trying to create bottlenecks in the functioning of state Congress under his leadership.

Moreover, the AAM AADMI PARTY and its Delhi VM Arvind Kejrival’s histrionics and his governments pro people achievements and performance has also not left any scope for the Congress to re prosper or flourish after the previous shameful defeat and has literally captured the majority of the Congress vote bank of the minorities andthe backward, lower middle class and dalit vote bank residing in the resettlement colonies and the JJ Clusters of Delhi which form about 60% vote chunk. Under such compelling situations of non revival of the party in Delhi, despite best efforts and no credible hope of winning maximum seats in 2020 it is believed that the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee’s current chief Ajay Maken has no option but to resign giving personal health reason.

There is one more possiblity that has arose now and i.e. the doors for the future poltical electoral patch up with the AAP party in order to jointly counter the BJP onslaught in the next state election. Ajay Maken was not in favour of any such patch up fearing his leadership dilution.

After the collosal defeat of the party at the hustings in Delhi at the hands of the Aam Admi Party  several Congress leaders including the former state president and minister Arvinder Singh Lovely, Delhi Youth Congress Chief Mullick and the former Chief of Delhi Commission for Women had resigned from the party expressing criticism of Maken’s leadership n joined BJP though later on Lovely rejoined Congress.

Meanwhile, in an interview given to TV 18, the senior AICC leader and Delhi Congress’s incharge Dr. P C Chacko has denied the news of Maken’s resignation saying that he is out of the country for treatment of an ailment with which he was suffering even four years back when he took charge as the DPCC president. He had just send me and Rahulji a letter informing about his foreign visit for treatment and has not resigned. Maken will be back on 22nd and everything will be resolved then. Ajay Maken is very much the DPCC president even today and wouldbe in future too.

What’s your take friends.

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Where is Rajiv’s and Rahul’s close family friend and advisor?



Where is Captain Satish Sharma these days, a septuagenerian now and till recently a close aide of Nehru Gandhi family, the former MP and one time the right hand man, a politician looking after the Amethi affairs of Rajiv Gandhi and thereafter Rahul Gandhi ,the then prime minisyer, his close aide and advisor. Captain Satish Sharma was the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s class mate in Doon school and as such was brought in active politics as the RS and elected MP who assisted him in all his constituency related affairs and other mattersof political significance.

Captain Satish Sharma was union minister of Petroleum and Chemicals during the Congress regime at the centre who was generous enought to oblige too many Congressmen and even his driver and ministerial staff to allot petrol pumps and gas agencies the case for which was filed in the apex court of India, now in low profile, perhaps settled. Politics is strange.

When a politician is a high up or popular close to the political hierchy he or sheis adored and valued like anything. But when in oblivion no one cares to bother for him or her. A closest family friend, an advisor and the most trusted one time MP and Congressman and a keen n trusted friend of Rajiv Gandhi today is in political oblivion in his Mehrauli farm house with his french wife. Reliable sources reveal that this important family member and Rajiv’s and his family’s close aide is today suffering from acute problem of a maligned ulcer and is under treatment of senior doctors. An septuagenerian Captain Satish Sharma has been in political oblivion for the last four years and nobody in Congress or political fraternity has ever cared to know about his well being.

As per the reliable source, an ex MP who’ do not want to be named Captain Sharma is suffering from a serious ulcer problem for the ladt several months having become serious under the regular monitering and medical care of senior doctors. Today, he is in political oblivion and recuperating in his house in total lonliness. It may be recalled that when Rahul Gandhi joined active politics as the general secretary of the All India Congress Committee and theteafter as the prime minister afterthe sad demise, assasination of his mother he brought his Doon School friends Captain Satish Sharma, Ahmed Patel, Arun Singh, Mani Shanlar Aiyyer and Suman Dubey as his trusted leuitinents in politics to assist him. While senior journalist Suman Dubey and Arun Singh, former Defence minister sought retirement from active politics Ahmed Patel, Satish Sharma and Mani Shankar Aiyyer remained active in future Congress politics even after Rajiv Gandhi’s assasination.

However, today while Ahmed Patel is still in Sonia Gandhi’s and Rahul’s good books, Mani Shanker Aiyyer is out due to a political controversy and Captain Satosh Sharma seriously ill and politically isolated. What’s yourtake friends?

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Bhoolie Bisree Yadein/ Memories of the nineties with super star turned politician Rajesh Khanna



Bhoolee Bisree Yadein/Down the memory lane
This picture is also of the nineties after the Uttarkashi earthquake of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

I remember, those days, there was a usual trend of sending the relief materials to the earthquake affected villages of Uttarkashi, not only from the various nook n corners of the country but also from abroad. This natural disaster, an earthquake claimed several lives and led to colossal loss of properties and economy . DELHI being the capital of India was also in the forefront to dispatch maximum relief material to the victims and their families of this Himalayan Zone Uttarakashi, Chama village financially n in kind.

As a sequel to this, Mr. Ramesh Dutta, the then municipal councillor(Gandhi cap) from Minto Road Delhi and Rajesh Khanna’s ardent follower and a very humorous politician as well, arranged a truck full of relief materials like food stuffs, medicines and clothes for Uttarkashi villagers n invited Rajesh Khanna, the then New Delhi MP to flagoff the vehicle from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

Since I was looking after Kaka’ s media n political affairs, I usually ocompanied him in meetings n functions and as such, was there on that day as well having accompanied him from his house.

It may be recalled that the first and original super star of India Rajesh Khanna joined active politics on the personel inviation of the prime minister Rajiv Gandhi whom Kaka respected and adored too much. It was his long cherished dream to enter parliament as an MP n then become minister but after his political mentor’s death everything failed.

Prior to joining active politics Kaka did 106 solo hero films of which 97 got released between 1967 and 2013. He acted in only 22 films with multi-star cast. 82 of the 127 films with Khanna as the lead protagonist (of them 117 released and 11 unreleased) were critically acclaimed films with ratings above 4 stars out of 5 by film reviewers of various newspapers unanimously.

Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka made his debut in 1966 with Aakhri Khat. During his career he appeared in more than 168 feature films and 12 short films. He received the Filmfare Best Actor Award three times and the BFJA Awards for Best Actor (Hindi) four times. In 1991, he was awarded the Filmfare Special Award for achieving the feat of doing the most solo hero films in Hindi Cinema and in 2005, he received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. He was the highest paid Indian actor from 1970 to 1987 whereas Amitabh Bachchan shared the same tag with Khanna from 1980 to 1987.[16]

Kaka was also a Lok Sabha member of the Indian National Congress from New Delhi (Lok Sabha constituency) from 1992 to 1996.

He married Dimple Kapadia in March 1973, eight months before her debut film Bobby was released and had two daughters from the marriage. Their elder daughter Twinkle Khanna is married to actor Akshay Kumar, while they also have a younger daughter Rinke Khanna.

Rajesh Khanna met his sad demise on 18 July 2012, after suffering from severe liver ailment. Kaka has been posthumously awarded India’s third highest civilian honour, Padma Bhushan. On 30 April 2013 he was bestowed the title First Superstar of Indian cinema at the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards. He has also been honored with a stamp and statue in his likeness, and a road being renamed after him. (WP)

Seen in the picture is Kakaji interacting with me ( in beard) n others include Ramesh Dutta, councillor, Naresh Juneja n volunteers of the social organistion Swabhimani Welfare Society.

Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum





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PM Narendra Modi participates in a cleanliness drive. Ropes’ in Amitabh and Ratan Tata in Swach Bharat Abhiyan



The prime minister of India Narendra Modi has personally sweeped the a small portion of an area with a broom in a school in Paharganj Delhi and literally participated in the Swach Bharat Abhiyan part 2 by lifting the rubbish by his hands sending a message accross that every Indian should participate in the cleanliness drive to make the country clean and hygienic, devoid of deseases and various ailments.

The prime minister also spoke to industrialist Ratan Tata and popular cine actor n former MP from Allahabad Amitabh Bachchan, calling him the super hero of the millenium, involving them in his quest to keep India neat and clean.

The government appointed Amitabh Bachchan as the Ambassador of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan 2, his flagship programme under which about 430 districts of the country have been fully equipped with toilets claims PM Modi.

Meanwhile today, the prices of petrol and diesal again witnessed an increase adding to the woes of countrymen.

It was indeed a novel initiative by the prime minister to interact with the star of a millenium as pronounced by PM Modi, Amitabh Bachchan and Ratan Tata through tele conferencing and seek their support and participation in the Swach Bharat Abhiyan 2 and seek their opinion to mobilise people of this country in the mission.

The prime minister requested Amitabh to share his views on TV screen which he did by thanking the PM and narrating various incidents regarding his contribution in the cleanliness drive on Varsova Beach of Mumbai by donating an expensive machine to dig out rubbish, plastic and garbage dumped inside the beach and a tractor to transport the accumulated plastic and rubbish in the garbage dumps to the outskirts of the city in Mumbai.

Amitabh said: individual participation in the cleanliness mission is more significant than depending on the various government agencies.

It may be recalled that the Swach Bharat Abhiyan was initiated for the first time as a clean India initiative by prime minister Narendra Modi to pay tributes to the father of the nation on his 150th birth anniversary on 2nd October 2014 in the length and bredth of the country as a national movement.The campaign aims to achieve the vision of a ‘Clean India’ by 2nd October 2019.

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is the most significant cleanliness campaign by the Government of India. Shri Narendra Modi led a cleanliness pledge at India Gate, which about thirty lakh government employees across the country joined.

He also flagged off a walkathon at Rajpath and surprised people by joining in not just for a token few steps, but marching with the participants for a long way.

However, despite so much of stress in the programme considered as a flagship mission of prime minister Modi and incurring of hundreds of crores in its publicity not much has been achieved at the national level.

Even in the capital city of India one can easily find the garbage dumps filled with filth and garbage openly lying on roads, public toilets completely uncleaned giving a foul smell, drains full of garbage dumps, govt hospital in unhyginic conditions, residential and market areas, particularly streets uncleaned and external areas of even metro stations full of rubbish and garbage dumps.

The malnourished poor children involved in segregating garbage for their livelyhood can be conveniently seen in various Dhalaos and dumps in extremely pitiable sorry state with nobody caring for their survival and avademic future.

There is literally no achievement at the decentralised level despite so much of noise and government sponsered publicity involving hundreds of crores of the tax payers money for branding political images of leaders and political establishment than actually carrying out Swach Bharat Abhiyan in practical on the ground.

However, prime minister Modi’s initiative is worth laudable and the countrymen should follow suit.

Special emphasis should be laid on the various municipal corporations of the country to enhance staff and earnestly expedite the cleanliness drive at every nook and corners ofeachn every ward at the decentralized level to make the prime minister’s flagship programme areal success but sorry to say itsmore on papers, televisions than on the gound. What’s your take friends?

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Shotgun, a big headache for the saffron party ? Wishes Ganesh Chaturthi with few salvos in his Twitter Handle



When the prime minister Narendra Modi was busy in Indore meeting and addressing a minority people conglomeration in a mosque being televised all over the country on 14th September, the most outspoken BJP leader, the former Bollywood actor, two times union minister and currently the saffron party member of parliament from Patna Sahib was busy in his tweets ridiculing the party and the government’s leadership, obviously the PM on Rafale deal, devaluation of Rupee against the dollar and skyrocketting rise in prices of petro products finally wishing him : Happy Ganesh Chathurthi n closing with Jai Hind but also unambiguously telling that all these issues which till date stand unresolved have led to great disappointment and anguish amongst the people of the country.

These four tweets in succession posted on his twitter handle about 12 hours ago from now, start with the first tweet addressed as Sir asks: Sir, What’s happening ? I don’t want to fish in troubled waters….. but whether it is the skyrocketting petrol prices or the high rupee dollar rate or the Rafale deal…. none of these, we are being able to resolve. This has led to mass dissappointment and anguish.

People only want …… results and not a tu tu, mai mai game blame. The second tweet in continuation addds: And to make things worse, the present situation hovering our heads ( refering to Rafale, price rise n devaluation of rupee) is like adding NEEM to the already Bitter KARELA.

People feel like Dhrishtrashtra of Mahabharata ( Blind) and are asking only one question ” YE SAB KYA HO RAHA HAI”.

The third tweet adds: Suppressing of this particular matter which is all over, difficult to believe that it’s without your blessings, consent and confirmation. ( obviously allegedly referring to PM).

We are endorsing the fact that people have been claiming since a while now. ( in continuation in the fourth tweet)…. that our people and you Sir, too have control over most of the media? Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Just yesterday in his usual tweet war Sinha has castigated the BJP led NDA government on the downsizing of the army and has asked for controlling the perks/ salaries of the ministers and also reducing the number of ministers in the union cabinet as an austerity measure rather than cutting or reducing the size or number of the army personnel.

Some within the party take him seriously while majority pronounce him as a big baffoon. Whatever, but he is definitely making things better and easier for Congress party n the anti BJP opposition as what they had to do Shatru is doing by being in the saffron party. What’s your take friends?

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600 Year Old historically significant coins found in Khidki Masjid by ASI




A news about unearthing of precious 254 coins of the medieval times, probably of Tuglak era of the year 1600 in an ancient mosque built in the year 1380 about 620 years ago, has become viral in the social media which has been confirmed by the team of India TV by visiting the site at Khidki Gaon in South Delhi and confabulating with the senior officers of the Archeological Survey of India today.

According the news report the Khidki Masjid was constructed by the then prime minister Ferozshah Tuglak about two hundred years before the construction of historic Juma Masjid.

All the prominent Sultans and Kings of that era and thereafter as well had offered namaz in this ancient historic mosque built in a vast area with a magnificient ancient moghul architecture with good number of tombs and pillars.

Today the huge mosque is in a dilaphidated condition with its ceiling coming down and number of strong pillars in sorry state of affairs.

There are hundreds of bats hanging against the ceilings of the tombs of this mosque with their shit making it completely ugly and unhyginic giving an unbearable foul smell.

The Archeological Survey of India had started its renovation work on the mosques’ side walls digging the base when the team found an earthen pot beneath the heavy stone steps, full of 254 coins of gold, silver or other metal holding tremendous archeological significance.

It 2003 also the ASI had unearthed about 64 coins. These medival era coins bearing scripture on Arbi and Farsi languages on its both the surface are believed to be of the Sher Shah Suri inheritence/ family (Vanshaz) of the 16th century.

According to the ASI all the coins have been sent for detailed and micro examination or deciphering to its laboratory to asses their actual value and the historic archeological significance.

It may be recalled that the news about this vital finding had become viral in social media few days ago and was later on substantiated as true/ real by the India TV team of reporters.






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