Days in Kaka’s association : Gem (s) of remembrences



A few memorable moments with Rajesh Khanna?

I consider it my good fortune that just after a day or two when he joined Congress party officially in 1990/91 , I got an opportunity to meet him in his suite Hotel Ashok. The meeting lasted for more than an hour from 11.00 PM to 12 PM in which the senior journalist and former minister Rajiv Shukla was also present. I consider this meeting as a very significant one with Kaka as just after this , I joined him as his Media Advisor.

When Kaka became Member of Parliament he was staying in Vasant Kunj’s druplex HIG Flat . The govt. accommodation was not allotted to him by then. I was then staying in sector 7 , Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi. During the parliament sessions Kaka used to come to my house every day at 11.00 am along with his convoy and lift me to parliament alongwith him. Initially the neighbours and the people living around didn’t noticed but after a day or two a whispering campaign started that Rajesh khanna used to come in a particular house in our sector i.e. sector 7 ,RKP, New Delhi everyday at a particular time. Actually somebody notice Kakaji coming to my house downstairs everyday and the news spread fast. From next day people started gathering and when kakaji came they used to garland him and the local paanvallas’s used to prepare special paan (beetle) for him with a request to have it. Kaka generously obliged. Since people started gathering near my house at that particular time to greet the super star turned MP daily and sometimes people with cameras to have pictures with him , I had to request Kaka to avoid coming as this may create problems for him. Thereafter, I used to come out in the main road and Kakaji used to fetch me from near Sangam Cinema on the main road to avoid any inconvenience.

I remember one incident of Minto Road. While the campaigning of Kaka’s election was in full swing in the New Delhi parliamentary constituency in the month of August, 1991, a death occurred in one of the Jhuggi clusters’ of Minto road and the old man who died was a washer man. There was mourning in the family and the corpse of the dead was lying outside the house to be finally taken for crematorium. In the meanwhile the local area councillor Ramesh Dutta came rushing to Rajesh Khanna’s house requesting him to come to Minto Road and attend the funeral of a poor washer man in order to condole the poor and grieved family. Since it was the election time and Kaka was the Congress candidate his visit was inevitable to express his grief. Kaka agreed to Ramesh Dutta’s request and accompanied him to the house of the expired washer man. When Kaka reached there to express his grief , I was surprised and shocked to see his sons, daughter in law and other relatives instead of acknowledging his grief smilingly welcomed Rajesh Khanna and one by one started posing for photographs with him alongside the father’s corpse. Rajesh insisted not to do so, but they refused to listen him and instead called a photographer and got pictures clicked in various poses. They forgot about the father’s sad demise and the total family members one by one felt more delighted to have their pictures with Kaka. Though Kaka was not at ease , he had to oblige them unwillingly. Such was the aura of this superstar. When the opposition came to know about Kaka’s visit the BJP candidate also visited them and the next photo session started with another leader. I was awestruck. The family forgot about the grief but was more interested to have photo clicks with Kaka, the super star.

During the elections, I took Kaka in good number of Uttrakhandi cultural programmes in New Delhi as well as in other constituencies of Delhi. I remember in one of the programmes of Narendra Singh Negi, in Moti Nagar, I made Kaka the chief guest. I had to accompany him to this cultural programme of Narendra Singh Negi. On knowing that Kaka is coming in this programme there was a huge rush, hundreds of thousands of people had gathered around to have the glimpse of the heart throb of the millions. Due to some lack of coordination I could not accompany Kaka but since it was my programme Kaka went along with some people on his own to Moti Nagar, thinking that I must have already reached here on my own. When Kaka reached the venue after great difficulty he was escorted to the stage. Since I was not there my name was being announced again and again by the organisers. When Kaka got the opportunity to address it as chief guest , he clearly said that he would not have come in this programme without Sunil Negi who he don’t know has gone, where. But since I was specifically asked by Sunil negi to come here I came here to seek your blessings. He said he loves me and have come in this programme to maintain/ honour the commitment given to me ( SunilNegi) . The public clapped and I was told about all this the next day by the people who had been to this programme. Such was Kaka’s affection for me.

Not only this but whenever I used to meet Kaka after the elections when he was MP or even after he lost, he used to introduce me to his friends with tremendous respect and would praise me and my work like anything. He even used to say that the amount of media management and other support done or given to me by Sunil Negi during and after the elections, I can’t forget. This huge compliment was no less than a coveted award for me from Kaka, the glorious super star and a Bollywood legend.

I fondly remember, there was a programme organised by Kaka’s fans and supporters in Aiwane Ghalib during his tenure as MP on a special occasion. Kaka was invited as Chief Guest. It was a musical evening. The programme had number of magnificient dance numbers. Though Kaka never performed on filmy songs in such programmes but here when the song of AAP KI KASAM, ( Jai Jai Shiv Shankar) was sung Kaka all of a sudden came on the stage and performed as if he was performing in a film. It was a class dance by Kaka in traditional Kurta Pyjama, in his unique and outstanding style. Everybody stood up and gave him a standing ovation amidst clapping for continuously more than five minutes.

When Kaka was living in Som Vihar Appartment, RK Puram for a short duration my younger brother’s marriage was taking place . Kaka was invited by me to attend this marriage. It was the same day when Rajiv Gandhi visited Sriperumbudur after casting his vote in the New Delhi Parliamentary election with Rajesh Khanna. Kaka came to the marriage function at 9.30 , the venue being at Sector 2, RK Puram, New Delhi. When Kaka arrived there, pre informed, there was huge rush inside the marriage Pandal as everybody wanted to see him, shake hand with him and take pictures. Kaka stayed there for hardly 15 minutes when he got the sad news that his mentor, his guru, his friend and his fan Rajiv Gandhi has been brutally assassinated. I remember after hearing this sad news inside the marriage pandal of my brother at sector 2, R.K. Puram Kaka had literally wept and left for 10 Janpath to express his grief . Kaka was at teen Murti the whole night and the other day as well and mourned Rajiv’s death considering it as a huge personal loss. His words were: he lost his God father, amid tears rolling down his eyes.

While I helped Rajesh Khanna in his media management in his first election when he got defeated by just 1500 votes against BJP’s stalwart lal Krishna Advani, I could’nt join him for the second time due to some difficulties as I was engaged in some other important work. In the second election Kaka was contesting against the BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha when Advani preferred Gandhi Nagar to New Delhi from where the latter had won by a huge margin. Since I was not there Kaka send me umpteen messages through his well wishers but I was not interested at all. Kaka called me number of times as well. Finally my wife said , now it’s enough if Kakaji is requesting you so much , why don’t you go and extend him a helping hand. In the absence of media management he wasn’t getting that much of positive coverage which he used to get earlier in the previous election. I finally made up my mind to meet and help him. I remember it was about 1.00 in the afternoon. There were people all around inside the 81, Lodhi Estate. I opened the main entrance and while entering saw Kaka standing at the middle of the road all alone. On seeing me coming from a distance, I think, he may be annoyed badly for not responding to his repeated calls, but to my utter surprise he came to me and hugged me in affection for more than three minutes and welcomed me again. People standing around were looking with surprise Kaka hugging me in full public glare. I worked for him then and Kaka won that election against Shatru with a very good marjin.

One day I was sitting with Kakaji in his Vasant Kunj House. I thought why not to request him to get me a government accommodation allotted in my cousin brothers’ name who worked in Govt. job so that I can live there comfortably since Kaka had very friendly relations with the then minister for Urban Development. I talked to Rajesh Khanna and he readily agreed to help me. He immediately got himself connected to the minister and talked to him the very day. Since the case was genuine and my cousin was officially entitled for the same but was not getting it, the minister agreed to help. Kaka called me to parliament with the request after completing the necessary official formalities and asked the concerned minister to do the needful which he did in all earnestness. Kaka was too satisfied that at least he has done something for me. I stayed in that house for few years alongwith my allotee brother’s family. There are umpteen such memories with the super star of the millenium which I would be sharing with you in the near future. Please express your comments whether you liked them or not.


“Chamatkar” play authored by Lalit Mohan Thapliyal enacted in New Delhi



AN interesting play titled CHAMATKAR ( Miracle) authored by renowned writer, theatrist and director late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal was enacted in the Little Theatre Group, Mandi house by the High Hillers Group , directed by his talented Mumbai based young grandson Kaizaad Shikhar Gandhi.

The play originally enacted in Hindi by late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal in Geneva, UNO where he was posted for a long duration was titled as CHIMTE WALA BABA, lauded and acclaimed by the Hindi speaking audience which was later on translated in the Garhwali dialect played by The high Hillers Group during 1999 in New Delhi.

This was its second show in Delhi after 18 years having acknowledged a good response from the audience gathered in large numbers from different nooks and corners of the capital.

Though the play CHAMATKAR was able to keep the entire audience attracted towards the play for full two hours it did had some of the flaws like lack of the comedy part and the play becoming slow and too serious at times not able to portray the real life of hilly character. The title Chamatkar could not do full justice with the storyline of the play.

It could also not portray the CHIMTE WALA BABA character prominently as the central theme of the play. However, the characters of the LALA, his servant, the female character of the widow, professors wife, the professor, the Chimte wala Baba, the photographer tourist etc were quite interesting.

All the artists tried their best to impress the audience by their outstanding acting despite the fact that majority of them are not the full time professional actors.

Our heartiest congratulations to Khushal Singh Bisht, Brijmohan Vedwal, Girdhari Rawat, Manju Bahuguna Kusum Chouhan, Darshan Singh Rawat, Dhiraj Kothial, Kusum Bisht etc.

The performance of Kusum Chouhan, Manju Bahuguna, Brijmohan Vedwal and Khushal Rawat was indeed outstanding.

The play, though was interesting but from the point of view of late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal’s reputation and prestige it did lacked something and could not come true to the peoples’ expectation.

There were two major flaws in the play’s storyline. One, the professor’s wife Malti (Manju Bahuguna) was not able to react as a traumatised, anguished or grief striken women after her husband’s sad demise who commits suicide, as the hilly women genuinely react after such a grave tragedy.

Secondly, right after her husband’s death she was shown performing bhajans to welcome the Chimte Wala Baba in a hillarious mood not expected of a widow who’s husband has died just a day or two before, by committing suicide.

Late Lalit Mohan Thapliyal was a celebrated script writer, theatrist, director and a literary personality of Uttarakhand who is credited with staging good number of Garhwali and Hindi plays in Uttarakhand, Delhi and various parts of the country including abroad. His several plays particularly KHAADU LAAPATA and CHIMTE WALA BABA etc were quite popular having been staged good number of times inviting all round acclaim in Uttarakhand and the country. However, late Thapliyal’s Mumbai based young grandson Kaizaad Shikher Gandhi deserves to congratulated for directing the play once scripted and directed by his late grandfather.

It may be recalled that Late Thapliyal was posted in Geneva, UNO for a long spell where he wrote number of plays and CHIMTE WALA BABA was one of them.

After returning back to India and retiring from job he dedicated his entire life for promoting and preserving the Garhwali dialect through his impressive plays enacted all over India lauded by one and all.

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Bhoolie Bisree Yadein/ Memories of the nineties with super star turned politician Rajesh Khanna



Bhoolee Bisree Yadein/Down the memory lane
This picture is also of the nineties after the Uttarkashi earthquake of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

I remember, those days, there was a usual trend of sending the relief materials to the earthquake affected villages of Uttarkashi, not only from the various nook n corners of the country but also from abroad. This natural disaster, an earthquake claimed several lives and led to colossal loss of properties and economy . DELHI being the capital of India was also in the forefront to dispatch maximum relief material to the victims and their families of this Himalayan Zone Uttarakashi, Chama village financially n in kind.

As a sequel to this, Mr. Ramesh Dutta, the then municipal councillor(Gandhi cap) from Minto Road Delhi and Rajesh Khanna’s ardent follower and a very humorous politician as well, arranged a truck full of relief materials like food stuffs, medicines and clothes for Uttarkashi villagers n invited Rajesh Khanna, the then New Delhi MP to flagoff the vehicle from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

Since I was looking after Kaka’ s media n political affairs, I usually ocompanied him in meetings n functions and as such, was there on that day as well having accompanied him from his house.

It may be recalled that the first and original super star of India Rajesh Khanna joined active politics on the personel inviation of the prime minister Rajiv Gandhi whom Kaka respected and adored too much. It was his long cherished dream to enter parliament as an MP n then become minister but after his political mentor’s death everything failed.

Prior to joining active politics Kaka did 106 solo hero films of which 97 got released between 1967 and 2013. He acted in only 22 films with multi-star cast. 82 of the 127 films with Khanna as the lead protagonist (of them 117 released and 11 unreleased) were critically acclaimed films with ratings above 4 stars out of 5 by film reviewers of various newspapers unanimously.

Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka made his debut in 1966 with Aakhri Khat. During his career he appeared in more than 168 feature films and 12 short films. He received the Filmfare Best Actor Award three times and the BFJA Awards for Best Actor (Hindi) four times. In 1991, he was awarded the Filmfare Special Award for achieving the feat of doing the most solo hero films in Hindi Cinema and in 2005, he received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. He was the highest paid Indian actor from 1970 to 1987 whereas Amitabh Bachchan shared the same tag with Khanna from 1980 to 1987.[16]

Kaka was also a Lok Sabha member of the Indian National Congress from New Delhi (Lok Sabha constituency) from 1992 to 1996.

He married Dimple Kapadia in March 1973, eight months before her debut film Bobby was released and had two daughters from the marriage. Their elder daughter Twinkle Khanna is married to actor Akshay Kumar, while they also have a younger daughter Rinke Khanna.

Rajesh Khanna met his sad demise on 18 July 2012, after suffering from severe liver ailment. Kaka has been posthumously awarded India’s third highest civilian honour, Padma Bhushan. On 30 April 2013 he was bestowed the title First Superstar of Indian cinema at the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards. He has also been honored with a stamp and statue in his likeness, and a road being renamed after him. (WP)

Seen in the picture is Kakaji interacting with me ( in beard) n others include Ramesh Dutta, councillor, Naresh Juneja n volunteers of the social organistion Swabhimani Welfare Society.

Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum





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‘Badhaai Ho’ Trailer: Check out the quirky trailer of Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra starrer



Badhaai Ho

 The much awaited trailer of Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra starrer Badhaai Ho is out.  

The maker of the film who created lot of buzz before have now unveiled a new posters and the trailer of their upcoming film on Tuesday morning.

The trailer was shared by Ayushmann on Twitter, The caption of the image read, “Trailer dekha ki nahi ab tak? Dekho bhi mat! http://bit.ly/BadhaaiHo_Trailer …
@sanyamalhotra07 @raogajraj @Neenagupta001 @BadhaaiHoFilm @CinemaPuraDesi @JungleePictures @ChromePictures #BadhaaiHoTrailer.”

In the trailer, featured Ayushmann, who is embarrassed and annoyed by his parents’ sex life as his mother gets pregnant in old age.

Amit Sharma directorial Badhaai Ho is produced by Junglee Pictures also starrer Surekha Sikri, Gajraj Rao, Neena Gupta and Sheeba Chaddha. The film is slated to release on October 19.

On the work front, Ayushmann is looking forward towards his upcoming Sriram Raghavan’s directorial ‘AndhaDhun’, while Sanya is awaiting his upcoming release of Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Pataakha’.

We are super excited to watch this amazing towards  tale starring Ayushmann and Sanya. What about you?

Watch Here:

NewsViewsNetwork Bureau

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After the tremendous success of the Snowy Mountain production the regional feature film in Garhwali dialect with mesmerising songs of the living legend of Uttarakhand, Narendra Singh Negi, Anuradha Nirala, the outstanding cinematography of Mr. Biswas, the veteran cameraman of Rajesh Khanna’s block bustre movie Aradhana, serene beauty of the Himalayas, fantastic acting of Urmi Negi, the producer of the movie and the grand social message against the prevalence of spurious liquor damaging the socio cultural fabric of the hill state of Uttarakhand, Urmi Negi, the proprietor of Snowy mountain is all set to start the second part titled as SUBHERU GHAM 2 ” BATHAAUN. ( MORNING SUN 2, THUNDER STORM) in the near future.

Speaking to the newsportal newsviewsnetwork.com revealing her future plans while in Delhi’s Taj Palace Hotel last week, popular Uttarakhandi actress Urmi Negi said that the script of the Garhwali movie has been completed after research work in a years’time and the songs have been almost scripted by the singing legend of Uttarakhand Narendra Singh Negi likely to be recorded in Delhi in the coming months in the voice of Negi, himself and other melodious female singers.

The beautiful n fascinating locations have been found in Uttarakhand visited by her in the first week of September. The film would be shot in various serene locations of Uttarakhand, Mumbai, Delhi and even abroad said Urmi Negi, the movies director, producer.

The high budgeted movie will have a good star cast with thirty percent of the cast of her previous film SUBHERU GHAM ( EARLY MORNING SUN) added Urmi.

Urmi Negi said that she would not compromise with the quality of the movie, come what may, fighting against all odds and will ensure that it’s completed at the earliest possible .

It may be recalled that her first movie SUBHERU GHAM has been a block bustre in Uttarakhand as well as in selected theatres in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, Jaipur etc dominated by the Uttarakhand’s population and is being acclaimed everywhere in the regional circles.

The film for the very first time got the outstanding recognition in the Canada Regional International Film Festival and won an award too.

MUMBAI based, though originally hailing from Pauri Garhwal’s Pauri Village Urmi made her forte in film making after acting in several Bollywood movies like Swamy Dada with Deva Nand and Sautan with super star Rajesh Khanna etc including in several Bhoj puri and Garhwali films like Ghar Jawain, Kauthig, Fyonli, Kabhi Sukh Kabhi dukh etc. Fyonli in Garhwali was her first home production followed by the block bustre SUBHERU GHAM.






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The lake of Mansarovar is so gentle, tranquil n calm that there is no hatred: Rahul Gandhi



The Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s picture on social media are going viral showing himself posing for photographs singularly as well as with the co travellers of historic Mansarovar Yatra.

Seen smiling in a dark brown jacket with little grown beard Rahul Gandhi has also posted interesting pictures of snow clad Kailash mountain and the mesmerising Mansarovar lakes in his twitter handle tweeting that it is so humbling to be walking on the shawdow of this giant and the lake is so gentle and calm that there is no hatred here.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday paid glowing tributes to Kailash Mansarovar, saying there was no hatred at the holy place.

Currently on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, Rahul again tweeted, “The waters of lake Mansarovar are so gentle, tranquil and calm. They give everything and lose nothing. Anyone can drink from them. There is no hatred here. This is why we worship these waters in India.” Rahul.Gandhi also annexed pictures of the historic lake and the Kailash mountain the abode of Lord Shiva.

It is learnt that Rahul Gandhi walked over 34 kilometres on the mountaineous route at Kailash Mansarovar on Thursday for incessantly 13 hours before reaching his tent.

He posed for photographs with his co pilgrims who acknowleged an awesome opportunity to be in the close proximity of a Nehru Gandhi scion and a prime minister in waiting irrespective of prediction of a definite year or time in the years to come.

It may be recalled that the ruling BJP has raised tremendous controversy on Rahul Mansarovar visit holding a special press conference in New Delhi party headquarter where its spokes person Sambit Patra questioned the Congress president’s meetings with Chinese leaders prior to his Mansarovar sojourn.

Patra had asked the Congress Party leader to reveal the names of the Chinese leaders he’s going to confabulate with during his secret meeting. Rahul was branded as the Chinese mouth piece by Patra, who preferred to clandestinely meet the Chinese Ambasssador at New Delhi during the Doklam crisis to accquaint himself of the impasse than to meet the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj or the Indian NSA.

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When the chief minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari ruled Uttarakhand years ago, the singing legend of the Himalayan state had devised n composed a song titled NAUCHAMI NARENA in Garhwali dialect against the former chief minister exposing the various negative facets of his rule like excessive allocation of Red beacon posts of various corporations to political non entities and alleged corruption in the state’s political and administrative appratus.

This song became extremely popular and got outstanding media hype and coverage in print as well as the electronic channels of the state then, thus selling lakhs of CDs globally amongst the Uttarakhandies.

Even the presitious magazine India Today gave it an extensive coverage. Narayan Dutt Tiwari had to pay a price for it by losing his party Congress at the hustings. But the song never mentioned the former CM by his name or planting his picture on the CD.

It was rather an indirect attack on him and his government thus maintaining the basic ethics of the constitutional freedom granted to every Indian citizen.

These days a similar type of a song with different lyrics directly targetting the Uttarakhand state CM by illegally and arbitrarily printing his picture on visuals shown in the songs are becoming viral.

It has literally created a lot of controversy in the political corridors of the ruling and the opposition parties viz the BJP and the Congress. On 4th September, an FIR has been lodged in the Dehradun, Nehru Colony police station on the highly objectionable content of the song that directly targets the chief minister unethically pronouncing him as ,”Jhaampu,” and making mockery of his image by holding him responsible for Uttarakashi rape, insecurity of women, liquor prevalence in hills and various other drawbacks and demerits og his government and governance while leading the state as its chief minister.

What is most objectionable and illegall part of this song going viral is, the producer have put the picture of CM in the visuals of the songs directly targetting him for all the inefficiencies that are taking place in Uttarakhand during his ongoing tenure.

As per the news published in various newspapers of Uttarakhand the inspector Rajesh Shah who is investigating the case, the complaint has been registered by the Haridwar By pass road resident Anil Kumar Pandey who’d accused the producer, director, scriptwriter and singer of this song of intentionally and pre strategically defaming the chief minister on fabricated, baseless and concoted charges with the sole aim to spread an environment of hatred against him.

Not only this but through this song they have also tried to downgrade the reputation of the chief ministers’ family members and accquaintances amongst people of different catagories and classes.

The investigating officer has started the detailed investigation on the orders of the seniors. Those against whom the FIR had been registered are the producer of the Video Deepak Negi, Roshan Ratiri, promotr, singer Deepak Semwal, Shiv Prasad Semwal, Rahul Ratiri, Trilok Chandra, Saviya Joshi Bhatt, Deepak Rawat, Nitesh Bhatt, Arun Semwal Awal Bisht and Uday Rawat. So far no leader of Congress Party has issued any statement in this regard.







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Today, I am again feeling like writing on Kakaji, Rajesh Khanna the super star of millenium.

An actor par excellence, unparalleled, real first super star with outstandingly mesmerising personality, a unique and stylish legend of Bollywood who carried behind him an era and still fresh in everybody’s mind blossoming like a fresh rose never ever to be erased from the minds and hearts of his billions of Indian fans globally.

Kaka was Kaka, a true phenomena of Bollywood, a legend forever. I was lucky enough to have been in close proximity with him for at least a decade and thereafter as well, till he left for his eternal home.

Kaka was kind, warm hearted, humane, generous, as fragile emotionally as a child and as strong as a determined soldier on our borders fighting the enemy under odd situations and circumstances.

Kaka did about 225 films and gave several super duper hits, silver, golden and diamond jubiliees.

A heart throb of billions KAKAS’ never die. They are always immortal. I have had several ocassions to dine and drink with him, to share his Dunhill cigarettes and accompany him in hundreds of events and meetings.

It was quite obvious being his media advisor while he was the Congress party’s contestent and thereafter while he was an elected MP.

He had tremendous love and respect for those whom he loved from the core of his heart and I feel myself to be one of the luckiest.

There are number of personel experiences I had, while being in his close company.

Though he was a superstar till the end with his priorities and protocol fixed but would often compromise his flamboyance n personal protocols for friends like me.

Kakaji considered me as his brother than anything else and he would often give the proof of this relationship while introducing me to his colleagues say: ye mere chote bhai ki tarah hai. Jitna Negi ne mere liye kiya main kabhi bhoon nahi sakta. WOW.

I remember, in 1992 when Kaka filed the nomination papers against Shatrughan Sinha from New Delhi he came back tired to his Vasant Kunj residence and was closeted with his family Dimple, Twinkle and Rinki who had arrived the very evening from.Mumbai.

It was the midnight time. The leaders and supporters of Congress party who followed him till Vasant Kunj were slowly leaving the place and by then it was 1.00 am or even more.

I came down his house after bidding good night to Kakaji. Meanwhile, a young handsome reporter of Statesman who had been following all along namely Sanjay Kaw, now the bureau chief of The Asian Age met me who was desperate enough to interview Kaka.

He repeatedly requested me to arrange an interview. I was shocked. It was 2. 00 AM by that time and Kaka was all tired having booz and involved with his family upstairs.

Kaka’s security would not allow anyone to go upstairs and meet him as he had already asked not to allow anyone in.

I was in tizzy, what to do and what not. Being his media advisor, I do not want to annoy the reporter friend as well. I said wait.

I’ll try, thinking it’s neigh to impossible. I anyhow managed to talk to Kakaji who arrogantly sad Negi what r u talking? It’s 2 am now. I insisted and said that it will appear in the front page of statesman and would be useful from.the publicity angle. Kaka asked : How is it possible?

I said the newspaper has been stooped for print only for your interview. Kaka though angry and not in a mood could’nt annoy me and gave a green signal. I informed Sanjay Kaw. Happily and thrilled Sanjay went upstairs and interviwed Kaka in the mid of the night in the presence of Dimple Khanna and also introduced him to his star wife and children Twinkle n Rinki.

Sanjay Kaw was really a high spirited journalist who never lost hope and was credited to be the first young journalist to interview him after filing of the nomination papers at 2.00 AM and got it published on the front page of statesman to the surprise of KAKA, the next morning.

Sanjay had especially requested his editor to keep the print of the first page delayed. He went to office at 5 30 AM, filed the interview and the story and surprised everyone.

I appreciate KAKA’s kind gesture and generosity to acede to my request and give the interview at 2.00 AM despite his booz consuming time and being busy with his family who’d come from Mumbai the very dayn badly tired as well.

So generous and affectionate was KAKA for his friends or media who could spare time for an interview at the mid of the night despite his being badly tired.
Kaka was a very good human being despite his towering personality.

Once I was with Kaka all alone in his Vasany Kunj Druplex flat. Again a midnight. We drank. Kaka served me food. We sat together on the carpetted floor. Kaka served the food with his own hands. Compelled me to eat enough and would not let me do anything. That night I slept in his flat being too late.

He was truly a generous and a man with hospitability. Can you imagine Kaka taking out mutton and other stuff from he fridge. Heating them in the oven. Then immaculately bringing them on tray and serving me most affectionately. Amazing moments indeed.

I’ll be sharing with you many more personal experiences with him in the future.

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Popular Bollywood star to be Uttarakhand’s Drug De Addiction ambassador says CM Rawat



Sounds very strange and ironical.? A state where its ruling party dispensation never hesitates to open outlets on large scale despite protest from its electorates to sell liquor down to the townships in the interiors, including to villages through mobile vans and provision stores having an annual turnover of 50 lakhs is worried about controlling the menace of drug addiction in the state. Well we still welcome it ?

The Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has recently appointed or agreed to appoint the prominent Bollywood hero and the son of the former actor, minister and MP late Sunil Dutt, Sanjay Dutt as the brand ambassador of Uttarakhand in its de drug addiction campaign from now onwards.

There is a general saying or a proverb commonly popular in Uttarakhand : SURYA ASTH UTTARAKHAND MAST ( SUN SETS AND THE STATE IS IN AN ENJOYFUL MODE). There have been several movements in Uttarakhand like the one launched by the TINCHRI MAAI and SHAMSHER SINGH BIST , social activist alongwith his dedicated team of social activists years ago known as : NASHA NAHI ROZGAAR DO, but the prevalence of liquor particularly the illicit and spurious liquor and those sold through official liquor vends have literally make the lives of the people of Uttarakhand a hell.

The women and the families are on the brink of financial disaster and the liquor addicts are dying of liver related severe ailments in large numbers. Just a few months ago the women and youths of the interior villages and townships in the hill state have opposed the opening of liquor vends on wide scale in various parts of Uttarakhand but the mighty government has curbed down the movement through force and pressure including allegedly allotting large number of liquor vends to the women.

The worst part of the whole development is that the authorities have even started mobile vans for selling liquor in the interior villages and towns against the wishes of the protesting women n youths. Today, Uttarakhand’s social fabric has been badly vitiated in view of the increasing influence of liquor consumption leading to the enhancement in crime rate and degradation in morality.

The government sources say, selling of liquor is necessary and mandatory in view of the states’ increasing fiscal deficit but the majority of the people say there should be prohibition on the lines of Bihar model.

The state generates 1500 to 2000 crores from the liquor sale in the state which is facing a whopping 44000 crores fiscal deficit.

Now just imagine, dose’nt it sounds ironical that a state where farming of poppy is being talked about to make it official and selling of liquor that too allegedly of substandard quality is being encouraged on mass scale, it’s political CEO and the minister concerned talk about drug de addiction and appoints Sanjay Dutt as the state’s de drug addiction ambassador.

Well, we do appreciate his efforts on this front and would definitely want that the state of Uttarakhand gets rid of this menace permanentally. But would it not be appropriate and in wider public interest that public awareness against liquor consumption should also be created on a mass scale and the government takes the initiative in this regard by way of lessening the number of liquor outlets and vends in Uttarakhand particularly in the interior hills and villages where families are becoming economically, socially and culturally scattered and in shambles and people losing their precious lives with children’s studies and education career being adversely affected.

It may be recalled that Sanjay Dutt had been the drug addict during his initial phase as an actor and his father Sunil Dutt had been the biggest crusader against drug addiction who had organised a walk from Mumbai to Punjab alongwith his supporters in his capacity as the chairman of the Anti drug addiction cell of the All India Congress Committee.

The chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat had been in Mumbai last week where he met number of film personalities and stars and telephonically talked to Sanjay Dutt to agree to his proposal to be the brand de addiction ambassador of Uttarakhand to which he happily agreed say the news reports.

It’s indeed a welcome intiative on the part of the Uttarakhand CM to mobilise the youths and the people against this dreaded menace but it would be more welcome if he also pays his extra attention on the liquor de addiction in the state called the land of abode of Gods.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt visited Tehri Garhwal and Dehradun about four years ago during the former Congress chief minister Vijay Bahuguna’s tenure on his personal request when the latter called him to Uttarakhand for his son Saket Bahuguna’s campaigning when he was contesting as the Congress party’s candidate from Tehri Garhwal parliamentary contest which he lost to his BJP rival.

What’s your take friends?

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The most hated Celebrities in bollywood



In India, Bollywood actors are being loved like no one else. The people are damn crazy for their favourite stars. People even try to follow their style and take inspiration from them.
But there are few celebrities who have a successful career but are still hated by some of their colleagues and people of the country. Here is a list of the most hated Celebrities in Bollywood
Vivek Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi made a debut in Bollywood with the movie “Company” and appreciated by the critics as well as the audience for his performance in Saathiya.
But due to his relationship with Aishwarya Rai, he formed a rivalry with the Most loved actor of Bollywood, Salman Khan. After the incident, his career drowned and he went on to become the most hated celebrity of Bollywood.
Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat made her impression in Bollywood and was considered as one of the hottest Celebrities in Bollywood because of her bold scenes in movies. But Everybody started hated her after seeing her desperation for Hollywood. She is now one of the most hated Bollywood celebrities and has not a good image in public or Bollywood.
Preity Zinta
People mostly hated Preity for the reason that she is overtly bubbly. Her colleagues have mentioned many times that she should talk less. She was once at the top of her career but fans slowly lost love for her.
Ram Gopal Verma
Ram Gopal Verma had given some hits in Bollywood but many of his movies failed miserably at the box office. He is hated by the public and industry for his arrogant and rude nature and of course for his movies.
Shirish Kunder
Despite of the fact that his wife Farah Khan is very much loved by the industry and public, Shirish Kunder couldn’t make a place in people’s heart and in the industry due to his arrogant nature.
Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor is considered as television queen who is ruling the television from last 20 years. But she is also rumoured to have serious issues regarding relinquishing creative control. Most of the people who have worked with her have sworn to not work with her in the future.

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OLD MEMORIES DIE HARD… Kaka the great!



These two pictures are of 1992 and 1994. One is of the meeting held outside the NDMC building near Jantar Mantar and another of his visit to the Bara Hindu Rao hospital to meet people addmitted there after consuming spurious liquor.

It was around nine O clock evening and his visit was hurriedly arranged. Kaka met every patient and talked to doctors as well as the deputy commissioner of police to bring the illicit bootleggers to justice.

He also demanded adequate compensation for the bereaved poor families whose only earning member of the family died after consuming the illicit liquor.

During those days black and white pictures were prominent because the newspapers were’nt in colour. The colour pictures came a year after.

I fondly remember the hectic days of campaigning when Kaka was contesting as the Congress candidate from the New Delhi parliamentary constituency against the BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha.

It was quite an interesting political fight as both of them were  Bollywood fame actors, one famous as a superstar of yester years and another a popular villain of the silver screen.

This was Kaka’s second election from New Delhi as he lost the first election against the BJP stalwart Lal Krishna Advani by merely 1500 votes but the latter preferred to opt ( for) the Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat seat from where also he had won simultaneously.

Actually, Advaniji had contested from New Delhi as well as the Gandhi Nagar seats as he was apprehensive to lose New Delhi as Kaka’s aura as a Super star and a heart throb of millions compelled the BJP stalwart not to take any risk.

Though Advaniji had won but a margin of merely 1500 votes was nothing as compared to his image and popularity, particularly in view of the New Delhi constituency being the BJP’s traditional strong hold earlier represented by him as well as the former PM AB Vajpayee.  Therefore it was a huge setback for the BJP then.

Kaka was asked by Rajiv Gandhi the then PM to contest from New Delhi despite the fact that the super star was not so keen to take the risk, this being his first contest.

But insiders say that the former Spl. Assistent of Indira Gandhi R. K. Dhawan and the then President and former minister HKL Bhagat assured Rajiv Gandhi of his victory by all means.

Hence Rajiv Gandhi called Rajesh Khanna to Delhi and personally convinced Kaka to contest which he could not deny, he being Rajivji’s fan and the latter being his.

The day Kaka met Rajiv Gandhi and got the green signal to contest from New Delhi he was staying in a suite in Hotel Ashok where I got an opportunity to meet him for the first time at 10.00 PM in the night and discuss on issues related to his election for two hours.

Sr journalist and former minister Rajiv Shukla too was with him at that point of time who, closely associated people say was also instrumental in encouraging KAKA for the contest and fixing his meeting with Rajiv Gandhi. Kaka’s trusted friend and leutinent from Mumbai Stevan Fernadiz was also there at that point of time.

It was in this meeting when Kaka asked me help him in his elections and my association continued there after as his media advisor.

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