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The shameful defeat of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party in 3 of the four parliamentary and several legislative by polls in the country has confirmed to the core that the Modi and Yogi charisma is expeditiously fading out and the electorates of the country are slowly and steadily losing confidence in the saffron party, always believing in polarising votes on majoritarianism than actually bringing results on the ground. It seems that the anti BJP opposition parties’ accusations and charge against the Modi government and the prime minister that it’s a party of rhetorics than fulfilling the pre poll promises has actually started showing results at the hustings.

The logic put forth by the senior BJP leaders that since the prime minister Narendra Modi and the BJP chief Amit Shah usually don’t take much interest in the by polls’ campaigning and therefore the responsibilty of the BJPs’ loss can’t be attributed to the fading image of prime minister Narendra Modi (as claimed by the anti BJP opposition) is not a logic that satisfies the political analysts of the country. It’s just like the hindi proverb or muhavra ” Khisiyani Billi Khamba Noche or ” Angoor Khatte Hain” for the BJP leaders after these shameful blow.

The fact of the matter is that the credibility of the prime minister Narendra Modi and the over confident and fiesty Amit Shah is on a fast downward slide as both these leaders and the entire ruling party government has been banking on mere rhetorics and false promises than satisfying the electorates of the country by delievering them.

The government seems to have completely failed on several important fronts like controlling inflation, increasing petro products prices, complete lack of employment, decreasing growth rate, increasing farmers suicides, distressed agrarian sector, increasing sufferings of the small and medium entrepreneurs, lack of opportunities for women in terms of their socio economic empowerment, failure of the government on the women safety front, deteriorating health, educational and economic sectors and enhanced fiscal controls on the middle class as well as the entire business community of the country. Not only thus but the obnoxious incidents of shameful rapes and brutal murders of the minors and the women are also on the rise with no hope of any relief.

The farmers of the country are badly annoyed and furious for want of farm loan wavers and non fixation of adequate procurement prices for their produce as promised during the 2014 national elections and thereafter in various assembly elections. And above all the prime minister’s umpteen foreign tours have irked the countrymen as the government seems to have failed in the domestic front on various pivotal issues. In addition to these shortcomings, the youths of the country foresee their bleak future.

The gap between the haves and have not has widened immensely with the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer. There had been no progress on bringing black money stashed in fireign banks and depositing lacks of rupees in the bank acciunts of the countrymen.

The antagonism on the part of the countrymen, particularly the minorities due to the widespread communal hatred environment and the dalits of the country compounded with the disenchantment of the people of the forward castes has finally exhibited their collective annoyance in the by elections of Phoolpur and Sitapur in UP and prior to these in the by elections of two parliamentary seats in Rajasthan finally, followed by the ruling party BJP’s shameful defeat in Kairana and three other parliamentary constituencies of the country out of total four including (in) several other legislative seats.

The defeat in Kairana parliamentary constituency and Noorpur at the hands of the SP and RLD supported by the combined anti BJP opposition parties like the BSP, Congress and the Samajwadi party including the left has made one thing absolutely and transparently clear that the days of the BJP and its NDA allies are gone and 2019 would not be easy for Narendra Modi, his saffron party and the NDA.

The incessant defeat of the saffron party in the bypolls in UP and other parts of the country are definitely a warning signal for prime minister Narendra Modi in particular on whose shoulder the entire saffron party, its leaders and the NDA is banking for the 2019 election’s outstanding success.

The possibility of the combined anti BJP credible opposition unity has made it absolutely clear that if they really unite honestly and with transparency forgetting their squeezed and vested political interest and make calculated amicable seat adjustments at all the state level set ups on various parliamentary seats formidably and comprehensively against the mighty BJP and its invincible leader Narendra Modi they would be for sure a very powerful and formidable force in the 2019 general elections, come what may. What’s your take friends?


Several organisations unite to discuss on clean environment. Ecological dialogue of GFI was a grand success.



Several organisations of Uttarakhand and enlightened individuals gathered together enthusiastically and discussed about the increasing pollution and subsequent danger to the human lives at Chandigarh on 17th afternoon for three hours incessantly and came to a conclusion that such significant interactive sessions should be continued in future as well to consistently awaken the people at large about out deteriorating ecology and ways and means to get out of the increasing environmental pollution that has made our lives literally hell in almost every, city, town and the metropolices of our country now extending its ugly influence in villages and rural areas of the contry too, which once used to be our lungs giving us fresh Oxygen in abundance and making our lives healthy, strong and sturdy.

But today, we have been surrounded by polluted environment having several hundred percent increase in SPM in the air and rivers slowly and steadily converting into drains full of pollutants, plastics, chemicals and poision of factories and tanneries. Polluted Ganges and its entire tributaries like Yamuna and several other rivers are the best examples exhibiting these disturbing trends, where, despite the government and World bank’s wasting hundreds of thousands of crores since several years the situation is still to square one.

The mountains are burning. Our flora and fauna are on the extinction and huge hydropower projects still displacing people and taking their tolls compounded with destroying and disturbing the ecology of the Himalayan regions and the rural villages compelling the wild life to attack the human beings and making them, their regular preys.

The increasing use of plastics, globally, has vitiated the environment badly and if the use of plastic is continued unabatedly the time is not far when our oceans wull assume the shape of plastic mountains. A single plastic bottle and its lid takes 300 and 500 years respectively, to perish. Such is the ugly ill affect of the use of plastics which should be given up using other alternatives that are soluble in water and easily perishable like paper bags etc.

The climate change have also changed the pattern and cycle of monsoon, summer, springs and winter seasons thus throwing hazardous influence on the peoples’ health and the flora and fauna of the country.

Under the guise of revolutionery development our metropolises, cities and towns are converting into the jungles of concretes with millions n millions of cemented hi tech flats coming up but completely devoid of trees and greeneries.

The emissions of gases from the billions of air conditioners, fuels, cars, trucks and dust pollution from the construction activites have added to the already deepening environmental crisis in the offing.

The himalayan glaciers are melting with a rapid speed and have already shifted 48 klms backwards due to increasing global warming as a result of rampant green house emisions worldwide with the developed countries imposing their muscular and money oriented dominance on the developing countries, not to speak against them.

The discussion titled ” ECOLOGICAL DIALOGUE ” was quite successful as journalists, social activists, Retired Army Officers, academicians and theatre activists expressed their views and opinions in details and urged for more such healthy interactive debates on environment. Prominent amongst those who spoke on the ocassion were sr Journalists Suresh Nautiyal, Sunil Negi, Ishwar Chand Dhyani and Mr. Gulati of The Tribune, Chr, Dr. Vinod Nautiyal, Intl green activist, Colonel Parmar, Major Onkar Uttarakhandi, Bhagwan Chand, Mr. Aswal, Sundliji and others.

Prior to the event 5 Neem saplings were planted at the Tribune park in Chandigarh. The host was Green Forum India.
Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum

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Open gang rivalry at Burari in broad daylight take three tolls in a shootout



Delhi has become a hub for hardened criminals and the incidents of gang wars, chain snatchings and assault of women are on the rise with people of the capital city having no option but to be at the mercy of these anti social elements.

Not a single days goes when the newspapers are not full of news of gang wars or incidents of chain snatching, killings, women assaults, rapes and physical violence.

If one goes by the statistics of the Crime records bureau it is beyond his or her expectation to find the statistics of gangwars, chain snatchings and physical assaults and incidents of rapes and women assaults increasing day by day and beyond the capacity of the law enforcing agencies to bring them under control.

Just today at Burari Chowk two gangs fought each other in broad day light killing two gangsters of the rival group and an innocent women.

In all about five rounds were fired in this violent gangwar with three on the spot casualties with severely injured two gangsters.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera displaying the gangsters flashing pistols openly and firing at each other now being shown on television news.

The public around went helter and skelter to seek refuge while the Delhi police petrol party or policemen from the nearest police stations were conspicuous by their absense.

The warring gangsters were so undeterred or least worried by the police that they conveniently fired, roaming around, as if they have no fear of the police.

The residents of Burari are badly shocked and shaken by this broad day light gang war that killed three lives including an innocent woman with no fault of hers.

The police arrived after everybody fled the scene. However, the CCTV footage has captured the scenes of the crime showing each n every gangster waving their pistols, and killing three with injuries to two gangsters.

The majority of the unauthorised colonies situated in Delhi’s outskirsts have become the major hub for the perpetuation of the criminal activities and gangsterism and the police is doing very little to control the situation. The Mitraon village, Najafgarh’s protracted gang war that started with a disputed piece of land has so far claimed several lives of the families in dispute and is still on.

Today’s Burari shootout in North Delhi which claimed three lives with grievous injuries to two has shaken peoples’ confidence on police uthorities as their saviour or custodian.

The Crime Branch of Delhi police have already taken the crime scene in its possession and its collecting the finger print, the bullet covers and
every possible clue with precision to solve the case and arrest the culprits. The police is extremely confident to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.They have also taken the CCTV footage in their possesion.


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Army kills four hardcore terrorists in Baandipura within hrs of ending the ceasefire



The prime minister Narendra Modi has vowed to teach a stringent lesson to the terrorists who killed the army troopers including Aurangzeb and a senior journalist Shujaat Bhukhari during Ramzan ceasefire in Kashmir a few days ago.

These terrorists would not be spared at any cost and should be killed within 72 hours to avenge the death of our patriotic brave heart soldiers said the rime minister.

Meanwhile, four hardcore terrorists have been killed by the Army in Baandipura sector on the first day of the government’s ceasefire.

The union government has also lifted the one month old cease fire deadline today . The home minister Rajnath Singh said that after the lifting of ceasefire the Army has resumed its counter terrorists operations as before but with more vigour and vitality.

Sources reveal that the Army operation has been intensified further and every effort is being made to kill maximum number of terrorists cladestinely operating from Bandipura forests and other areas being aided and abetted by ISI.

The Indian Army chief Vipin Rawat today visited the house of slained soldier Aurangzeb and expressed his heartfelt condolenses to the bereaved family. Genl. Rawat assured the bereaved family of all possible help including the adequate financial compensation. He said that the brutal killing and sacrifice of Aurangzeb would not go waste and the Army would not spare a single terrorist involved in the murder.

The Army has enhanced the combing operation and there are unambiguous indications that not a single militant will be spared in the near future.

It may be recalled that despite the union government announcing the ceasefire during the holy Ramazan the terrorists never relented and continued their attacks on a journalist and four army troopers who succumbed to the militants’ bullets including the incidents of massive stone throwing on the Armymen and security forces in Anantnag.

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