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Do you really want to take a bath in your own sweat during hot summers? Obviously, no. Then why to wear normal T-shirts while going for cycling? No need to ride a cycle in those uncomfortable, sweaty T-shirts; get a cycling jersey this summer.

Why are these Cycling Jerseys Important?

When you go out for cycling, the whole of your sweat irritates your body. Jerseys are now made up of the Fabric material that keeps you dry and cools irrespective of the time period and efforts you put in that cycle ride.

The main aim of these jerseys is to keep you comfortable all the way round. Attire for cycling is incomplete without a cycling jersey.

How to find the best one?

The following things must be considered while buying the Best cycling jersey for summers:

1) Material and the fabrics:

It’s totally your wish to wear cotton t-shirts while riding but cotton is not so good in dealing with the sweat. Thus, the material and the fabric of the Jersey must be capable of keeping you dry and cool by wiping away the sweat from your body that you experience while cycling.

2) Protection from the sun:

The fabric of the jersey must be of the quality that protects you from the sun rays when you ride your cycle. Clothing with SPF and UPF ratings are in demand nowadays to protect your body from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. These Jerseys also protects your skin from getting tanned due to the extreme heat of the sun.

3) Facilitated with zippers and pockets:

The Jerseys should have zippers and pockets in them. Pockets are used to keep the gears safe while cycling.

Top 3 Cycling Jerseys for very hot weather:

Look at the following best cycling jerseys meant for very hot weather. You can make a choice on which one to buy this summer:

1) Spotti Basics Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey – Bike Biking Shirt

Spotti Basics Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey is a hit. It is a comfortable jersey meant for summers. It is available in black, blue, green, light-green and white. This jersey is short-sleeved and is truly excellent in moisture management. It is facilitated with zipper and is made up of fine- quality fabric. These shirts are designed for regular cycle rides.


Ÿ Long-lasting: These jerseys are durable and are meant for regular cycle-rides. They do not get torn away easily. They are strong enough.

Ÿ Light-weight: You don’t have to work really hard carrying them. These are light-weighted.

Ÿ Moisture Management: They have a feature of Moisture Management. They keep you cool and dry, irrespective of the amount of work performed by you during the whole day. They always make you feel fresh and relieved. No need of you to be in your sweat every time.

Ÿ Easily cared and easily worn: Spotti Basics Cycling Jerseys are easy to be taken care of. They are easy to wash and store. They have pockets to store gears in them as you ride the cycle.


Ÿ Noticeable: Even if you don’t want to get noticed during low light and night, the logo on its front is highly visible at night.

2) Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Short Sleeve Quest Jersey

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Short Sleeve Quest Jersey is commonly referred to as the traditional cycling attire. It is a high-tech jersey available at a pocket-friendly price for you. It is available in sky blue/black/yellow colour giving your body a perfect fit and comfort.


Ÿ Fabric: The fabric of the Jersey keeps you cool and fresh away from the dirt and sweat. You would not experience that disastrous sweat flow again if you wear this jersey.

ŸZipper: This jersey has a Zipper facility in it to adjust the jersey according to your body texture and give a sporty look. This jersey looks too unique and tough.

ŸEasy to wash: It is easy to wash with normal detergents. They are durable. But, this depends on how you take care of the jersey.

Ÿ Stretchable: It has a stretchable and flexible cloth material. It can fit major sizes by being flexible and can be stretched preferably.


Ÿ Pocket with no zipper: it has three pockets at its back, but none of them have Zipper facility. The things can fall out of them while you are riding your cycle.

3) RION 2017 Summer STEED Series Men’s Cycling Jersey Bene


RION 2017 Summer STEED Series Men’s Cycling Jersey Bene gives your body a perfect fit and are too comfortable. It is made from MITI and CARVICO and other imported fabrics. It incorporates 89% polyester and 11% spandex and is facilitated with Full-length YYK zipper that can be flipped up and pulled open with one hand for simple venting.


Ÿ Easiness in washing: It is easy to store but difficult to wash with typical cleansers. They are solid and keep going for over a year. In any case, this relies upon how you deal with this jersey.

Ÿ Light-weight: You don’t need to work truly hard carrying them. These are light-weighted.

ŸEquipped things: This Jersey is equipped with race-leading ergonomic fit with 3D clipping and luminous seams for excellent friction reduction.

Ÿ Zipper: This jersey looks too unique and tough and has a Zipper facility in it to adjust the jersey according to your body texture and give you a sporty look. These fit well to your body and looks too good.


ŸNo pockets: Although it has zipper facility but it has got no pockets in it.



The above listing clears out your doubts on which Jersey to choose this summer. Say Bye! Bye! to your local stores and nearby shops. Go ahead and shop through online websites to get the best jerseys you want. Amazon deals in these jerseys and all other required Jerseys suiting your preferences. What are you waiting for? Enjoy this summer; by cycling and wearing these extremely comfortable Jerseys that let you have a tough, sporty look.






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The nation salutes to a valiant fighter – Naik Deepak Nainwal !



The patriotic troopers of the Indian Army and para military forcers guarding our porous borders and courageously fighting the Pakistan sponsered terrorists to ensure the safety and security of our citizens deserve to be complimented by all means. During the last four years while these valiant patriotic fighters in uniform has while putting their precious lives to immense risk have killed over 275 militants in Jammu and Kashmir several of them have sacrificed their lives for the nation’s unityand integrity fighting these terrorists at the Indo Pak border and in strife torn Kashmir Valley.

Uttarakhand is one such state of such valiant soldiers who’d sacrificed their precious lives on the line of duty safeguarding our borders and bravely fighting these Pak sponsered terrorists. A bad news has arrived just yesterday when a young soldier of Rashtriya Rifles namely Deepak Nainwal succumbed to his injuries after being under treatment for 42 days since 10th April, 2018 at the Research and Rrferral Hospital of Indian Army in Delhi Cantt. New Delhi. Son of a retired honorary captain of Indian Army Shri Chakradhar Nainwal Deepak primarily hailed from Kanchuli village of Karnaprayag block under district Chamoli, Garhwal.

He left behind a traumatic wife, a six year old daughter Samridhi and a five year old son Vaibhav. Deceased brother Pradeep Nainwal is also serving in a security agency. His family is presently living in Harrawala, Dehradun. Late Deepak Nainwal got grievously injured in a counter terrorist operation in Phulwama of Jammu Kashmir in the month of April. While fighting the terrorists two bullet pierced in his chest injuring the lungs making the lower portion of the body completely paralysed. He was thereafter brought to Delhi under extremely serious condition and was addmitted in the Research and Referral hospital at Delhi cantt. where after 42 days of protracted treatment he finally breathed his last.

The nationa salutes this brave heart who’d laid his precious life at such a young age for the nation. We appeal to the union as well as the state government to adequately compensate the bereaved family with the maximum possible financial support though we know that no amount of compensation can dilute the bereavement of the traumatic family who’s suffered the most irreperable loss. Om Shanti.

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Dedicatedly carrying forward his father’s legacy ! Rakesh Bharadwaj, a mestro of rhythm music



Dedicatedly carrying forward his father's legacy ! Rakesh Bharadwaj, a mestro of rhythm music

Chandra Singh Rahi is one of the most popular singing legends of Uttarakhand adored and remembered fondly by one and all, all over Uttarakhand globally. Though, not within us, Rahiji is an institution of Uttarakhand folk and old traditional singing, having accorded it new heights during his lifetime. His peculiar songs possessing the unique blend of indepth pahari culture and language are still adored and loved by his millions n millions of fans nationally.

Having dedicated and devoted his entire life to vastly promote and preserve the Uttarakhandi culture of Garhwal and Kumaon through his melodious singing and mesmerising music, late Chandra Singh Garhwali is a name afresh in every Uttarakhandi’s mind and heart most reverentially even today n will continue to be in future as well.

Taking cue from his father, his capable son Rakesh Bharadwaj, a maestro in rythem music, has now dedicated his entire life to further promote ahead his father’s enriched legacy but in a different form.

A perfect singer and a musician of repute being well versed in playing every musical instrument with tremendousamont of dexterity , keeping in view the changing times and coping with the interests and preferences of the new generation Rakesh has tried to redevelop his late father’s legacy of popular songs in different tunes to suit the present generation though not disturbing the actual lyrics and their meanings there of.

His latest band with orchestra mixes his father’s old popular songs to give them a new interesting blend best suiting to the music intetest of the current young generation inviting tremendous applauds and appreciation. Till now Rakesh Bharadwaj has under fusion held hundreds of shows all over India including foreign countries amongst the Uttarakhandies inviting tremendous applauds n bringing laurels to the family and the music fraternity. Let’s have a look at a newpost . live post on talented Rakesh:

Year 1999. Dr. Palash Sen’s Euphoria comes out with ‘Mayari’ a song which instantly tops music charts across the country and around the same time, making his debut in the Euphoria band was a young lad from Pauri, Garhwal called Rakesh Bhardwaj.

18 years since then, Rakesh Bhardwaj a maestro in rhythm instruments including those from Garhwal and its folk songs, hasnt looked back. Initiated into the world of fusion music Rakesh was born into the family of legendary Garhwali singer Chander Singh Rahi, the first Garhwali to sing at the All India Radio Station, so it doesn’t come as surprise when Rakesh tells us, ‘Music, was my first love, I started playing musical instruments at a young age and would hear my father sing. Then at 13, I started my formal education at the Gandharwa Mahavidyalay, learning tabla from Ustad Faiyaz Khan guru and at present I am a disciple of Taal Yogi Pt. Suresh Talwarkar ji.’

In the year 2014, the famous percussionist conceptualised, ‘Pahadi soul,’ a company dedicated to revive and renew old, authentic pahari songs giving it a fresh tinge. ‘I always wanted to do something worthwhile for my hill-state, give it that recognition, it truly deserves, specially in the field of music.’

He bravely chose ‘Bedo Paako’ as his first choice of song to reinvent. The song considered as the anthem for Garhwalis all over the world became an instant hit. Since, then Rakesh has painstakingly reinvented music videos, some based on his father’s early songs such as ‘saat samundar paar,’ ‘apni thati tay‘, ‘Gado Guloband,’ and more recently followed by ‘Kukdi.‘

‘I am not in it for the money,’ he tells us. ‘It is about my passion for our culture, tradition and more so our music that keeps me going. Music is a wind that blows away years and distance within minutes. I want to revive forgotten, soulful songs from our magic mountains without loosing their authenticity.’

Rakesh states that he will not stop reinventing regional songs until he comes across a young lad or girl playing pahadi songs on his/her mobile instead of a Punjabi song.

Definitely our man, is on a mission and he is not going to miss a beat, until it is achieved.

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Today is the 45th anniversary of Chipko movement and is celebrated primarily by the environmentalists and those seriously concerned about the degrading environment of the Himalayas and the country. This was the first ever eco feminist movement against the rampant felling of trees in Garhwal Himalayas and in India. In the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand this historic day holds tremendous relevance as the chief founder of this movement called Chipko Andolan a committed woman activist Gaura Devi alongwith her fellow women activists started this movement today in 1973 by embracing the trees thus discouraging the then prevalent contractors and forest mafia from incessant cutting of trees in the jungles of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

There slogan was first axe us then the fully grown gre trees. Chipko movement thereafter gained global significance and sent acrose the country and the world a positive message against widescale deforestation. The movement was inspired and backed by eminent environmentalists and recipient of several national and international coveted awards and recognitions viz Chandi Prasad Bhatt and Sunder Lal Bahuguna. Chipko leader Gaura Devi was a great woman of commitment, dedication and devotion who protected the forests from axing of trees in the Garhwal Himalayas alongwith her several women colleagues about 40 years ago from now.

The movement gained such a widespread momentum and impacted the government that in 1980 the then prime minister of India issued directives to ban felling and cutting of trees in the Uttarakhand Himalayas for 15 long years followed by credible forest act. The movement later on spread in other parts of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, entire Vindhyachal, West Bengal and around the globe. Gaura Devi was, though after a long spell but felicitated with prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Award for environment protection by the Government of India including international honours.

Today if there is awareness around the country and the globe against felling of trees and subsequent protection and preservation of forests and environment its only because of this great legend Gaura Devi and her handful of co women activists. My salutes to this great woman achiever on CHIPKO DAY with the appeal to one and all to safeguard the forests and trees of the entire Himalayan belt and the country which are our actual lungs and oxygen givers.

According to the veteran social reformer and activist Ramesh Pahari the Chipko movement was primarily the result and outcome against the incessant felling of trees and for the protection of the rights of the local villagers to safeguard their forests. It was in the year 1973, 24th April that under the president ship of social activist Alam Singh Bisht, a huge meeting was organised for the first time in Gopeshwar in which Gaura Devi and her co women activists were also present.

The reason for convening this largely attended meeting was to unitedly and forcefully oppose the Simon Company’s contractors and workers who were sanctioned the government contract to cut large number of trees. As a sequel to this, another meeting was organised at Fata Rampur under the leadership of Kedar Singh Rawat and there came into existence the great Chipko movement.

The leader of this movement was Gaura Devi. She belonged to Rayinee village and the Simon Company was accorded the contract to axe about 2400 full grown trees situated in and around hervillage’s periphery. All the contractors of the forest department and their workers were fully armed and ready for the mission tree felling but Gaura Devi and her 27 highly dedicated co women activists hugged trees and bravely fought the contractors, finally making them run away.

They hugged the trees and asked the workers to first axe them before finally axing the trees. They hugged the tree trunks for hours together thus discouraging the contractors finally. The women risked their lives but would not allow the single tree to be cut inviting a wave of anger amongst the local populace against the forest contractors who had finally no option but to run away never to return back.

A committe was thereafter formed by the government under the chairmanship of Dr. Virendra Kumar which officially recommended stop to the tree felling exercise, permanentally. The movement thereafter gained national and international attention and media hype.

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