Simple steps to boost your luck during this Navratri

Simple steps to boost your luck during this Navratri


This time Navratri have extended for ten days and we are lucky that this time we will get one more day to please Goddess Durga and have her blessings by offering different Pooja items according to the day so that we can boost our name and fame, good luck, money, wishes and much more by doing simple acts which will make goddess Durga happy with you and your family. We simply have to offer food items on each day to Durga Maa accordingly so that she becomes happy and shower her blessings on us.

These days and nights are very auspicious and a chance to dedicate ourselves to various avatars of Durga Maa to get her blessings. It is a very simple task and you can have lots benefits by offering simple food items to Durga Maa.

So below are the simple tips which can be followed to get immense benefits from Durga Maa.

  • To get long life offer sugar to Goddess Durga on 2nd October and Durga Maa will definitely give you long life if you offer with true dedication.
  • If you want all your obstacles to be removed in life then offer milk to Durga Maa on 3rd and 4th October.
  • On 5th October malpua to Durga Maa as by doing yo will be blessed with good luck.
  • On 6th October offer banana and Maa Durga will bring peace and prosperity.
  • You should offer honey on 7th October if you want Goddess Laxmi to give you monetary benefits.
  • On Asthami i.e. 9th October offer coconut to Durga Maa to get prosperity in home.
  • On 8th October offer Jaggery for fulfilling your wish and Maa will surely fulfill it.
  • 10th October is Navmi and it is a perfect day to offer different kinds of grains and wheat to Durga and Maa will give you name and fame.

We wish that Maa Durga will fulfil all your wishes and help you become a better person in life!