The Aam Admi Party seems to have tightened its belt for the national and well as the Delhi state elections slated for 2019 and 2020 and this can be substantiated by the three major cabinet decisions and approvals the Delhi government led by chief minister Arvind Kejrival and his cabinet has taken yesterday i.e. on 7th August pertaining to about one hundred and twenty percent hike in the MLA development fund from Rs 4 crores annually to Rs 10 crores, establishment of 15 new academies in Delhi and approval of the pensions for the handicapped etc. The 120% staggering increase in the MLA annual fund is going to put an additional burden of 420 crores on the states’ exchequer for which the chief minister Delhi Arvind Kejrival says there is no need to seek the central approval nor for opening 15 new academies as the apex court had already made it transparently clear that except the police, law and order and land subjects, the government of NCT Delhi is not legally or constitutionally bound to seek the centre permission or approval. The Bhartiya Janata Party which has merely three MLAs in the Delhi assembly however has badly opposed the increase saying that unless the developmental procedures pertaining to the execution of various schemes are not simplified, there is no use of such a gigantic enhancement of the MLA fund. The Delhi chief minister on the other hand has said that the government of NCT of Delhi are giving full discreation to the Delhi lawmakers to use the budget without any deterrent ot bottlenecks. It may be recalled that this enhancement in the MLA annual fund is the biggest in India as no other state has such a huge budget in terms of MLA development funds. There are number of complaints about the non use and alleged misuse of these funds in majority of the MLA constituencies in several states including Delhi hence such a huge increase is considered to be arbitrary as per the BJPs stand. The Aam Aadmi Party on the other hand is in a perpetual hurry to carry out various developmental projects in all the 66 constituencies being represented by the AAP lawmakers. Siurces reveal that though the AAP government has done remarkable work in the water, electricity, health care, education, social welfare and transport sectors by giving several concessions and free services to the Delhi electorates hailing from the lower middle class, minorities, backward and Dalit sections of the society it has badly lacked on the infrastructural and constituency wise development front at the decentralised level. Hence this rapid increase in the MLA fund from 4 crores annually to 10 crores. The enhanced fund will be officially delivered to every MLA by the end of this year or the starting of 2019. The AAP government strategically wants that the massive development activities gets started in the initial months 2019 in all the constituencies and goes on for the year so that the electorates of Delhi keep the constituency wose decentralized development fresh in their minds and vote for the party enmasse during the 2020 state elections. Moreover, by opening new academies of Garhwali- Kumaoni, Bangla, Kannada, Bengali, Kashmiri, Assamese, Telegu, Malyali, Tamil, Prakrit Pali languages etc it is trying to captire the vote bank of all these communities living in Delhi. What is surprising and shocking part of the whole episode is that the Congress party has not criticized Arvind Kejrival n AAP either on the formation of new academies and increase in the MLA fund despite it not having a single MLA in Delhi. The reason is unambiguous that Rahul Gandhi has a bigger motive of opposition unity against BJP in mind and therefore he do not want to annoy Arvind Kejrival. It may be recalled that Arvind Kejrival was present in the opposition conglomeration at Jantar Mantar with Rahul Gandhi in the protest Dharna against the mass rape of women n girls in Muzaffarpur, Bihar shelter home.What’s your take friends?


Bofors Guns, which made us win 1999 Kargil war but rattled political scenario during the 80s



Me shaking hands with Army Jawan at Parakram Parv in India gate lawns on 2ndAnniversary of Surgical strike against Pak across LOC

The most controvertial Bofors Hotwitzer 155 mm Swedish made Guns are today the favourite of all the governments n political parties which during the eighties literally shook the then government led by late Rajiv Gandhi and created a huge public outrage and furore inside as well as outside parliament.

I was therefore very keen n particular to have pictures with the one time most controvertial Swedish Bofors Gun when I visited the India gate lawns two weeks ago in a Defence exhibition organised to commemorate the second anniversary of the Surgical strikes across the border in Pakistani soil dismantling several terror launch pads in response to the deadly Uri attack in which about 19 of our valiant soldiers were martyred.

The Bofors ( Hotwitzer) Gun of Swedish make, as all of you know has a controvertial history in the Indian political context which rattled the political scenerio of the country during 1980s and also led to the change of the government of late Rajiv Gandhi including haunting the whole Gandhi family for several decades despite the fact the they were, including late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi exonerated/ acquitted of all charges but unfortunately was not alive to hear the good news.

This unambiguous acquittal of a sober and affable soft spoken leader also puts a huge question mark on all the journalistic findings as well as on the premier investigative agencies of the country who’ve allegedly spent a good amount of tax payers’ money on several foreign visits coupled with the expenses on protracted investigations.

And above all the political atmosphere of the country was vitiated on rumours, charges and counter charges including hundreds of hours of debates in parliament, public meetings, news coverages, debates and what not, finally the acquittal of the alleged accused.

Now, the same Bofors Guns which invited so much of public criticism and debate, amounting to change of governments are the best n outstanding weapons that led us to win the KARGIL WAR and is rated as one of the best defence deals.

That the same controversial Bofors howitzers will, one day, chart a new chapter by strengthening the Indian Army during the 1999 Kargil war and will lead to its victory by giving it “an edge”, nobody could have imagined it.

During India-Pakistan Kargil conflict, when the Indian army was going through a tough phase, then the Sweden-made Bofors weapons came to the rescue of the Indian soldiers.

On June 12th and June 13th, 1999 the Indian army had recaptured the Tololing hills range from the Pakistani intruders.
Pakistani intruders were targetting the Indian posts and logistics supplies, by hiding behind the Tololing range, so, winning there was a crucial moment for the Indian army.

They were trying to weaken the Indian army by targeting more and more jawans and also by attacking at the NH-1, to take control of the Tololing range.
Then the Indian army used Bofors guns to launch counter attacks at the Pakistani intruders and its troops and finally recaptured Tololing peak.

According to One India’s Richie Sharma
Bofors deployment during the Kargil war was one of the best steps taken by the Indian army.It can target the enemy upto the range of 42 kms and its barrel can move around till 70 degree angle.

Jai Hind.

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Auto Rickshaw driver stabbed to death in Cannaught Place yesterday night / Be careful while hiring pvt taxis



Pic TV9 Gujrati

Beware Delhites, particularly those who hire private taxis without booking at odd hours or at places aloof from the busy areas. The Delhi police has caught some criminals under the garb of such taxi drivers who rob the passengers on the way by snatching their ornaments, mobile phones or hard cash and even compell them at the point of the knife or pistol to give them the code of the ATM or bank credit cards thereby withdrawing the amount from their saving or current accounts.

If the passengers do not cooperate or fall in line these criminals even hurt them with knives or pistols and allegedly assault the women passengers. Their modus operandi is simple. These private taxi drivers move around the bus stops, busy market areas, in posh areas, around expensive market areas and in lonely spots looking for prospective passengers at cheaper fare.

In some taxis’ the driver is alone or with a man. When the passenger boards the taxi they give lift to one or two more persons at a distance away who also pretend themselves as passengers and thereafter rob them threatening with dire consequences.

They even procure the passengers’ credit cards n withdraw the money from ATMs after forcing them to give them the tequisite code numbers. The women, senior citizens and those seeking such taxis’ in the night hours usually fall into such traps.

Lots of passengers have allegedly become the victim of such criminal taxi drivers in Delhi n NCR. So beware to hire these private taxis roaming around , without official booking and before hiring them don’t forget to take the picture of the number plate of the taxi, its driver and immediately sending the same to your acquaintance or parents before stepping inside the cab.

Meanwhile, in an other incident an Auto driver was shockingly stabbed to death by some unknown passengers in the Cannaught place area yesterday night who later on sucumbed to the grievous injuries.

As per the latest news being some passengers hired the auto from Khan Market to Cannaught place in the night of 7th October. While on the way towards Cannaught place the quarrel ensued between the passengers and the driver leading to his repeated stabbing.

Then the unknown passengers eloped after grievously injuring the auto driver who was bleeding profusely. But the worst part of the whole incident was that the passer by instead of taking the grievously injured auto driver to hospital was busy shooting his vedio and questioning him as a TV reporter as to who killed him and if he knows the name of the killer etc.

The police or petrol party was also conspicuous by their absence. Had the injured and profusely bleeding auto driver, groaning in pain taken to the nearby hospital like LNJP or Willingdon hospital immediately, his life could have been saved.

However later on the auto driver was addmitted to Lady Harding College hospital nearly 2 kilometres away but by that time it was already too late.

It is revealed that even after being stabbed n badly injured the auto driver drove for some time but finally fell down bleeding profusely and dying on the spot.

A person named Chouhan called the police by dialling 100 and it was then that he was rushed to the Lady Irvin hospital but of no awail. Shocking and disgusting indeed. Just imagine if this is the law and order situation in the heart of the city what would be the state of law and order in the vicinities at the outskirts of the capital. Are we really safe is a moot question?

It may be recalled that security of the citizen, looting & thefts are serious law & order problems in Delhi. The common person doesn’t carry life saving equipment with him to counter these criminals. It is entirely failure of police to combat these heinous incidents, and to some extent have nexus or breed these elements for their own interests.

People have self experience, how negligently police takes up the problems of robberies & daylight snatching of valuables on crowded roads, even at traffic signals. Registration of FIR in such cases is also a big problem as the victims fear retaliation from these hardened criminals n robbers who if caught are to be recognised by the victims. Moreover in majority of the cases the police itself demoralises the complainants saying that nothing will happen even after registration of FIR. The recovery n punishment rate in such cases is also very low.

It is a mock at part of police to claim the “mitra” and counter the challenge of any terrorist attack, if these issues of basic securities are not ridden over says a responsible citizen and a reputed entrepreneur T. S. Bhadari.

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95 year old Mahashay Dharampal, the king of spices, is still alive n healthy claims his daughter



Social media sites are significant if used for constructive and healthy purposes but bad if misused. This is what has happened a day before yesterday when rumours spread n went viral on facebook about the death of the owner of globally renowned MDH spices’ owner Mahashay Dharampal living in the posh Vasant Vihar locality of New Delhi saying that the 95 year old proprietor of globally famous Mahashay Di Hatti has left for his heavenly abode creating a furore amongst his family members, close relatives, accquaintances and in the business circles of the country.

Still seen active in good number of television advertisements acting himself for his company’s brands MDH spices this old man in a red pagri with moustache was born in 1923 at Sialkot, Pakistan where his father Chunnilal Gulati had a spices shop. After partition Mahashay Dharampal came to Delhi under extreme challenging circumstance with scarce resources.

He even rode the horsecart ( Taanga) in old Delhi say sources to earn livelyhood but lateron by the dint of hard work and dedication opened a small shop of spices in Karol Bagh Delhi followed by opening a first factory in 1959 in Kirti Nagar, Delhi never to look back again.

A successful symbol of a rags to riches story, Mahashay Dharampal, a highly labourious man with a penchant and ambition for being a rich man one day his business of spices flourished and prospered multiply and demands for spices under the brand name MDH KE MASALE through a vast advertisement campaign and sale network not only increased in India multiply n manifold but also abroad.

His 50 variety of spices under the popular brand of MDH became a household name in India and abroad and the annual turnover of the company increased manifold in hundreds of crores. Today Mahashay Dharampal owns fifteen factories and a prestigious Chanan Devi Hospital in Janakpuri, Delhi.

As per the 2016 figures popularly known as MDH spices ( Mahashay Di Hatti) posted a 15% jump in revenues to Rs 924 crore with a 24% increase in net profit at Rs 213 crore.

He is rated amongst the maximum salary earning CMD of his famous company MDH spices, eighty pecent of which goes in charities. After the rumours of his death going viral in social media, the daughter and son of 95 year old Dharampal Mahashay had to issue a denial by introducing the latest vedio in the media, showing him folding hands n smiling.

According to the family members Mahashay Dharampal still at the age of 95 keeps himself busy in the business activities by participating in the meetings and showing his curiosity about its progress. He also visits the Chanan Devi Hospital named after his mother, situated in Janakpuri occassionally being its chairman.

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VHP saints hold meeting in Delhi demanding from govt to issue ordinance on Ram Temple construction



picture of Sant Samaj from FB

As the three states’ elections n the national election of 2019 are nearing the long pending complex issue of Ram temple construction is gaining momentum within and outside the saffron party despite the fact that the matter is still subjudice, the next date of hearing being fixed for October.

The saturation point of tolerance of the Sant Samaaj associated with the Ram Temple construction and the arch political rival of BJP these days, the Shiv Sena has now crossed the limits and are badly angered and furious over the government’s stand on the issue saying that now enough is enough and the court as well as the government would take thousands of years to construct the temple therefore nothing short than an ordinance or central law would fulfil their long pendingvaspiration for Ram Temole in Ayodhya.

Under the banner of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad a hard core Hindu organisation involved in the Ram Mandir movement since long the Sant Samaj’s Uchadhikar Ram Madir Nirman Samittee today held a meeting in New Delhi attended by over 45 saffron clad saints from different parts of the counyry who interacted and deliberated on this trivial n most complicated issue of faith, threadbare and at length and arrived at the conclusion that unless or until the BJP led NDA government does not bring the ordinance / legislation on the lines of Triple talaq in parliament and make it a law, construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya would still be a distant dream.

The senior saint associated with the Ram Temple movement namely Vilas Vedanti while answering to the queries of mediamen said that the Sant Samaj has lost faith in the judiciary as the issue could be resolved through it and if we will wait it will take thousands of years.

He said that now the people of the country and the entire Sant Samaaj has come to the conclusion that unless or until the union government did not bring a legislation on the construction of temple in Ayodhya or an ordinance as it has done in the matter of Triple Talaq , it will take thousands of years for which they are not prepared, anymore.

He said said the Sant Samaj will go to Ayodhya and take the cudgels of Ram Mandir contruction into their own hands. Meanwhile, the Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that despite the Ram Temple construction issue being in the menifesto of the BJP in every elections, they have never been serious on this count, except deriving political mileage during elections by befooling people and bagging their votes.

He said that the Shiv Sena Leader Udhav Thakrey will go to Ayodhya in October and start the temple construction work as its the only Shiv Sena who can fulfill this protracted demand and not the BJP.

Meanwhile the Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader and a bete noire of prime minister Narendra Modi, Pravin Togadia has in a press conference casigated the BJP and RSS for befooling the hindus of the country for the last 32 years and had even after promising to build the Ram temple at the party’s national executive meet in Himachal Pradesh has backed out from its poll promise thus hurting the sentiments of crores of Hindus. The VHP demands immediate issuance of an ordinance for construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya forthwith.

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Supreme court rules deportation of seven Rohingyas staying in India illegally



Pic of hon'ble supreme court n another pic by Arakan TV of a refugee


A bench of Supreme Court of India led by the newly sworn in Chief justice Ranjan Gogoi today dismissed the petition for granting stay of the 7 Rohingya muslim illegal immigrants who are currently detained in Silcher Assam by the state government and directed that all of them should be handed over to the Myanmar authorities which has already accepted them as their citizens.

The apex courts verdict is in tune with the union government”s stand of ousting/ deporting all the 40 thousand Rohingya Muslims who’d fled from the Rohingya Muslim dominated Rakhine province in Myanmar after the incessant riots and the stringent action of Rohingya police and military to throw them out of Myanmar due to their anti government actions.

The United Nations human rights body had termed this action of the Myanmar government as anti muslim n ethinic cleansing. About 7 lakh muslims left Myanmar few months ago after the Myanmar government physically tortured, despicably killed women, children n old aged and finally compelled them to leave the country. There had been hundreds of casualties in Myanmar ethnic riots as well as during their fleeing in the boats that overturned killing several of them including families in the sea waters on way to Bangladesh.

While India has about 40 thousand illegal Rohingya refugees, the neighbouring Bangladesh has housed about more than 5 lakhs with rest of them having cladestinely taken shelter in various other countries of the globe in extremely traumatic n pathetic conditions even more worst than animals.

This judgement of the apex court is a shot in the arm for the BJP led NDA government who considers these Rohingyas as anti national elements posing immense risk to the unity n integrity of the country and is keenly desirous to repatriate them to Myanmar come what may.

The seven Rohingyas against whom the apex court has ruled to repatriate them to Myanmar have entered Assam in 2012 allegedly cladestinely n illegally n later on secured all the residential proofs like adhar cards, voting cards etc.

Similarly, thousands of other immigrants who’ve scattered themselves in Haryana, Mewat, Jammu n Kashmir, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Delhi and even in Uttarakhand etc. under extremely pitiable conditions are hiding their identities by amalgaming themselves with the local muslims having made their identity proofs by allegedly greasing the palms of the authorities concerned say sources.

About ten thousand Rohingya muslims have been living in the muslim dominated Jammu n Kashmir state. Even two days ago the union home minister Rajnath Singh has asked the authorities of various states n individuals to personally detect the Rohingya immigrants in their states and inform the authorities concerned so as to enable their deportation to Myanmar.

It may be recalled that the present political dispensation at the centre led by BJP is initiating the process for deporting or repatriating the illegal Rogingya immigrants to Myanmar under the foreigners act of 1946 under section 3 (2). However, this seems to be more a political design than actually deporting them enmass which actually seems not only difficult but also non feasible as the UN body has its own pressures on humanitarian aspect of the problem

The then government of Burma now Myanmar had in 1982 devised a law in view of their alleged militant activities under which the citizenship of the Rohingya muslims was abolished.

After the cessation of the Anglo Burma war in 1846, the Britishers brought hundreds of muslims as slaves n labourer. In 1948 when Burma got freedom, the Rohingyas multiplied their population and since then the communal disturbances between the Buddhists and Rohingya continued resulting in clashes, ethinic disturbances,riots and subsequent killings within both the communities with Rohingyas the most oppressed and distressed.

While opposing the supreme court judgement senior advocate and Swarajya India leader Prashant Bhushan said that the court has not taken care of the humanitarian aspect of the Rohingyas and their fundamental right to live, who were being compelled to leave the country to which the honourable justice replied that the court knows its responsibilities fully well and is also well aware about the human beings fundamental right to live which it need not to learn from others.

Political analysts say that this being the election year particularly in view of the polls likely to held in three states and the general elections of 2019 both the verdicts of the apex court delivered recently on Babri Masjid n Rohingya immigrants may lead to some advantages to the ruling party whose stand seems to have been vindicated on both these vital issues. What’s your take friends?









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KISANS gather at Jantar Mantar, demand fulfillment of their 15 point charter demands



Rakesh Tikaith, leader of the kisan movement n the kisan protest at the border

The agrarian crisis has now literally come to the fore and the government of the day also exposed of its previous commitments about granting of MSP on farm products and loan waivers etc to the farmers of the country after hundreds of thousands of the ANN DAATAS, the peasents marching from Haridwar to Delhi in support of their 15 point charter demands have not only been brutally thrashed grievously injuring several of them but also snatching from them their peaceful right to protest while entering Delhi with about 5000 security personnel and riot police deployed at different corners using force and batons on them including the massively powerful plastic bullets and water canon.

The re emergence of a powerful unified farmers’ protest under the leadership of Rakesh Tikaith, the son of the former seasoned Kisan leader of Uttar Pradesh is a credible unified strength of thousands of farmers of Uttar Pradesh, particularly the Jat farmers of the Saharanpur, Meerut and Moradabad divisions after 38 years when late Mahendra Singh Tikaith had organised a massive sit in on the Delhi’s boat club for several days finally compelling the then union government during the eighties to fulfil their entire demands.

The current political dispensation at the centre and Uttar Pradesh led by the saffron party BJP had been shouting from the horses mouth about being the sole protector of the farmers interests despite increasing suicides by poor farmers at the pan India level. The government has been  boasting  of enhanced MSP on farm crops and loan waivers but in practice nothing or negligible seems to have been done till yet. Had it been the case, the annoyed and furious farmers wuld not have protested in such a massive scale say analysts.

The present energetic n enthusiastic protest of thousands of farmers who entered Delhi after several days of march on foot from Haridwar to the Indian capital fighting against all odds and massive challenges speaks of the unambiguous fact that they have actually been fooled n betrayed after winning elections at the centre and about twenty states of the country.

Some of the demands of the main 15 point charter on which the Bhartiya Kisan Union farmers lead by Rakesh Tikait, the BKU president are protesting are: Implementation of the Swaminathan committee report, MSP at 50% over and above weighed cost of production, blanket loan waivers including the 80% of the loan of the nationalised banks, implementation of the farmers pension scheme with farmers above the age of sixty acknowledging Rs 5000 per month, the entire pending payments of sugar cane be cleared n fixation of minimum sugar price to Rs. 40 per kg, free electricity n power for usage in tube wells n irrigational facilities, the next of the kin of the farmer who committed suicide should be given a government job, in case the agricultural labour is linked with MNREGA, the farmers should be duly consulted, equipments n tools used in Agriculture ( cultivation n irrigation) should be kept out of the ambit of the GST, Import of crops grown in excess/good quantity, should be banned, holding of special session of parliament to deliberate on the farmers issues threadbare, all farming lands should be acquired as per the land aquisition and the rehabilitation act of the union government and agriculture be kept out of the World Trade Organisation etc.

According to the government’s latest assesment: the farmers including those from Uttar Pradesh has the unpaid dues of Rs. 12, 988 crores. However, during the UPA tenure while Dr. Manmohan Singh was the PM, bank loans of farmers worth Rs.70000 crores were waived and the Congress staged come back in power at the centre.

Sources reveal that being the election year, particularly the elections in the three politically significant states where the BJP is already in power for two or more terms n in view of the fast approaching general elections and also due to the negative publicity the saffron party government in UP n the centre has acknowledged after the thrashing of the farmers at the Delhi UP border injuring several of them, profusely bleeding, the BJP top bosses and those at the helm of affairs particularly the prime minister Narendra Modi are in no mood to annoy and disenchant the farmers of the country on whose support and blessings it has won the largest state of Uttar Pradesh and the centre including in 19 other states of the country.

It is believed that majority of the demands would be fulfilled as there is no other wayout for the ruling party to come out of this impasse which may amount to losing of the grip in the farming sector which is considered to be the biggest vote bank.

If we believe in the analysis of some of the political analysts, the annoyance of the protesting farmers of western Uttar Pradesh accusing the Uttar Pradesh government in particular for betraying the farmers of the state in not fulfilling its pre election promises on loan waivers and other demands of farmers pension, free electricity for farming, clearing of sugarcane debts, etc,  the BJP government will suffer badly in the national election of 2019.

The recent speculation of the credible patch up between the SP, BSP n the Lok Dal backed by Congress etc particularly after the winning of the Kairana byelection badly defeating the ruling party candidate has tilted the farmers in favour of this new alliance.

The BJP has in the previous state election exploited the hindu polarisation environment after the Saharanpur riots to garner the support of the farmers, dalits n the backward communities of the Western UP when it had won all the 14 lok sabha seats and 65 assembly seats of the entire Saharanpur, Meerut and Moradabad belt but now the situation has turned topsy tervy with the Dalits and farmers having gone against the saffron party dispensationatthe centre as well as the state once banking on them fully.

Meanwhile the farmers have started gathering at Jantar Mantar in large numbers in support of their demands. According to the latest updates the leader of the farmers movement Rakesh Tripathi said that their movement is continuing, it has not been postponed.

He added: We are not satisfied  with the government’s stand but are waiting for the outcome from the government on our demands which we have discussed with them.  Till then we are protesting silently with a positive hope that someth8ng c9ncrete and satisfactory will definitely come out of it. What’s your take friends?

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Security Breach in Patiala House Court, two pistols n three live cartidges found in a bag, reveals sr. advocate Karan Singh



photo by Patiala House Court

While the capital of India Delhi is becoming highly crime prone day by day with incidents of open firing and killing spree being caught on CCTV camers’ by hardened criminals and those connected with drug peddlers as happened a day before in Taimoor Nagar in South East Delhi killing one Rupesh Kumar an anti drug activist the incidents of thefts, snatchings in parks and roads in broad day light, women assaults and rapes, now even the courts of Delhi are not safe where criminals come with lethal weapons and pistols thus posing a direct threat to the advocates, judicial officers and the common public with the law enforcing agencies and police doing literally nothing to keep tab on such dangerous criminals who are like termites to our society.

And what about the trigger free n happy policemen like Prashant Chowdhary of Uttar Pradesh police who do not think for a moment event while killing a techie of a prestigious international firm Apple namely Vivek Tiwari, allegedly considering him the hardened criminal without checking his antecedents and becoming desperate to kill him not thinking even for a moment that what he is committing is the grave unprovoked murder which will not only make the deceased’s family a pauper, Tiwari being the only earning member of the family, but also lead to his life long imprisonment thus putting his own family into financial and social jeopardy.

Sounds shocking that despite so much of awareness and awakening and the activity of the print, electronic and social media the hardened and petty criminals and certain gangs allegedy in league with the law enforcing agencies or police are uninterruptedly running their drug, IMFL liquor n illicit liquor business in various localities of the capital spoiling our youths and the society and killing those who come in their way to speak against them. The law for the safety and security of the whistle blowers, RTI activists and socio political activists is not so credible that enables the police agencies to safeguard them who are considered to be the genuine social awakeners of the society.

Rupesh who was killed in the open in the busy street of Delhi’s Taimoor Nagar by the goons closed to the local drug peddlers who mint lakhs of rupees through this illegal trade openly. As per the brother of the deceased who is apprehensive of his own security n allegedly fears death threat has disclosed that his brother Rupesh has been opposing the drugs sale in Taimoor Nagar, Delhi and had written number of letters to the senior police officers for the closure of this illegal business and subsequent arrest of the criminals but of no avail and had to finally give up his precious life at such a young age.

Had the senior officers to whom the complaint had been made acted well in time and provided the necessary security to the deceased his life could have been saved and the criminals brought tojustice, but unfortunately all in vain.

How long would the whistle blowers of the country active in various states continue to die so brutally despite a stringent law against these crimes as claimed by the authorities concerned ? How long will activists and whistle blowers like Rupesh continue to die and when actually the police authorities take these anti social elements to task? These are the vital questions being asked by the people in general. Meanwhile the formersecretary of the New Delhi Bar Association Karan Singh has shocked one and all by one of his posts highlighting how criminals are entering courts with lethal weapons with the police authorities literally doing nothing to curb this menace. Acoording to sr advocate of Delhi Karan Singh two country made Pistols & 3 live cartridges were found kept in a bag in Patiala House Court premises yesterday. FIR under Arms Act has been registered.

Karan Singh added: the executive committee(NDBA) while apprising the District Judge & Commissioner of Police, Delhi about the security breach , has urged to ensure the safety & security of the members. He demanded that the Police must investigate as to how the arms could be carried inside the premises despite the gates being manned by metal detectors & police officials being present at all the entrances.

Sounds shocking and ironical ? What’s your take friends?

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Black day observed against the obnoxious 1994 Muzaffarnagar rapes and killings at Jantar Mantar. Punishment demanded for culprits



The various socio political organisations, particularly those belonging to Uttarakhand active in Delhi and were involved in the fight for Uttarakhand as a separate state, journalists, intellectuals and grass root workers today staged a one day protest demonstration n Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi commemorating the 28th martyrdom anniversary by declaring it as a Black Day and demanding strictest of the punishment to the erring policemen and officers of the then ruling Mulayam Singh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly raping, sexually assaulting and killings several innocent women movement activists, youth and students coming in buses in large number to participate in the massive Ram Lila Ground rally in New Delhi on 2nd October, 1994 in Muzaffernagar, UP.

It was indeed a black night that day about 28 years ago, when hundreds of policemen under the instructions from Lucknow created a TAANDAV of terror and women asssault in the agricultural fields in Muzaffarnagar killing several of them who had no option but get assauted and killed.

It was the most obnoxious inhuman act against the peaceful andolankari women, youths and sr citizens in the history of the country at the behest of the then Mulayam Singh government in 1994. Since then 34 years have passed and the successive governments have taken no initiative to punish the single officer, the then DIG or the political masters for these shameful rapes n killings, instead they all got promotions and functioned as the advisors to the state chief ministers of the governments in power.

Not only this but the Congress and the BJP governments of Uttarakhand had during the last 19 years of their rule have not taken the pain to institute any inquiry commission or recommend the matter for an impartial CBI inquiry against 1994 Muzaffernagar genocide.

In may be recalled that it was primarily this most sensitive, shameful and obnoxious misadventure of the UP police at the behest of the then chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav that sparked the separate Uttarakhand movement gained momentum further leading to unprovoked deaths/ martydom of about 46 movement activists Kahima, Mussourie and in various parts of Uttarakhand.

The organisers of the Black day at Jantar Mantar today also organised a Hawan to give solace to the pious souls of the martyrs of Uttarakhand movement and presented a memorandum to the union government for institution of an impartial inquiry commission in the entire episode and punish the guilty officers most stringently.

Uttarakhand Journalists Forum conveys its richest tributes to all the martyrs of Uttarakhand movement and urges upon the prime minister Narendra Modi and Home minister Rajnath Singh to institute a powerful equiry commission in this episode under the chairmanship of the retired Supreme Court Judge and punish the guilty of the Muzaffarnagar rapes and subsequent killings at the earliest.

These protest demonstrations are being organised in the pan India level in the areas dominated by Uttarakhandies.

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Rajnath Singh’s cryptic remark ? Hints about a strong surgical strike against Pak to avenge the brutal death of the BSF jawan.



The home minister of India Rajnath Singh has made a startling disclosure that something very good and big has happened two three days ago. Believe in us.

But I don’t want to reveal. He added: something very good has happened. I can’t reveal and don’t want to. I won’t reveal. Some of the people might be knowing.

The BJP claimed that Pakistan has been taught a stringent lesson. Home minister Rajnath Singh was smiling and in a satisfactory as well a good mood while stating this in a function/ rally organised while celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Surgical strike across the LOC in Pakistan territory destroying several terrorist launch pads and killing good number Pak sponsered terrorists on its land in 2016.

The home minister Rajnath Singh’s indication raised speculation about a second surgical strike against Pakistan across the LOC to stringently avenge the grusome and barbaric assasination of the BSF Jawan just a few days ago whose badly mutilated body was found by the Indian paramilitary after the BSF jawan was gruesomely and diabolically bludgeoned across the border by the Pakistani rangers.

The non Congress opposition especially the Congress, National Conference and the NCP has assailed and condemned this bravado of the BJP led NDA government as fake and biased accusing it of misusing the sacrifice of the patriotic armymen for narrow and squeezed political interests.

The BJP led NDA government at the centre has organised the 2nd Anniversary of the Surgical strike in the capital city Delhi as well as in the BJP ruled states of the country especially in the three states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh and the entire non Congress opposition led by the Congress party has opposed this governmental move tooth and nail accusing it of playing politics with the Indian Army and the martyrs giving their precious lives across the borders and in Kashmir.

The National Conference leader Nawab Kamal asked why is the government playing politics in the name of the military. What have they achieved? What’s the need of such celebrations in the name of the military for political advantage.

In Delhi the government is celebrating the the 2nd anniversary of surgical strike with full fanfare in the lush green sprawling lawns of India gate for three days till 30th September.

The Indian Army, Airforce and the Navy has displayed their arms and ammunitions including the models of the latest planes, fighter jets, well decorated pictures of the martyrs having sacrificed their lives in action in various anti insurgency operations as well as in various wars against neighbouring Pakistan.

The most controvertial Borfors guns of Sweden, the latest hi tech rocket launchers, machine guns and the arms and ammunition captured from the Pakistan army have been displayed in the exhibition.

A running commentary with visuals about the 2016 surgical strike is also being played and exhibited on this occassion. The visitors are allowed to click pictures of all the defence equipments put on display with army personels giving full description and explanation about them.

In the evening the prominent cine personalities and popular Bollywood singers Kailash Kher and Sukhvinder Singh are performing everyday till 30th September with their patriotic melodious songs infusing a sense and feeling of patriotism in the hearts and minds of the audience attending the musical evening in large numbers and to also impress them with the laudable valour of our brave army jawans always ready to take the enemy head on against the highly challenging and odd situations across the LOC n in the strife torn Kashmir.

While the government is all set to organise such shows n events of the valour of all the three wings of our defense forces the Indian Army chief General Vipin Rawat too has recommended for such events to accquaint the people of the country about our defense services, especially the Army’s all round preparedness to counter the enemy forces and their subsequent laudable outstanding in manning our poroys borders and keeping the 125 crores Indians safe and sound from the increasing misadventures of the Pak forces as well as their well trained hard core terrorsts.

However the Indian Amy veterans, the retired officers have opposed the government’s move to politicise the army n use their valour to meet the narrow political ends.

However war veterans n retired senior Army officers like Brigadier Sandeep Thapar and Lt General Vinod Bhatia etc has opposed the move as political exercise using the military’s valour for pokitical ends. In a tweet Lt. Genl. retired Bhatia said : Overhyped commemoration of surgical strike for political mileage counter productive as it foreclosed future options for such strikes. Surgical strike a threat in bring & work in progress to raise the costs for Pakistan low cost high effect proxy war.

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Rich Tributes paid to Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht at Press Club Of India



The former colleague of late Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht, a legend of relentless struggles and a fighter for the peoples’ cause, member of parliament from Almora, Uttarakhand, Pradeep Tamta has hailed Dr. Bisht as a dedicated crusader against corruption, liquor n mining mafia, a committed separate state movement activist and a senior journalist who dedicated his entire life for the common masses and stood for socio political ethics , morality and transparacy in public life thus fighting and struggling relentlessly against all odds. Pradeep Tamta emphasised : late Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht and his thoughts, ideology and dedication for the society n the people of the lowest ebb could not be confined to limited boundaries as his liberal views and pro people actions knew no boundaries against the ruling political establishments since the last five decades or more. The Congress Member of Parliament Pradeep Tamta was addressing mediamen, intellectuals, socio political activists, writers and members of various social organisations at Press club of India premises on 28th September why expressing his richest heartfelt tributes to Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht. Pradeep Tamta, MP who had been with Dr. Bisht for several years before being elected as MLA n MP in various political movements in the hills of Uttarakhand on issues against big dams, corruption, liquor, mining and land mafia and university movements termed Dr. Bisht as a legend of Uttarakhand and the entire forces of struggles for the peoples’ cause who’d devoted n dedicated his entire life for the downtroddens, economically deprived and those at the lowest ebb of the society. The media fraternity garlended the picture of late Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht and kept silence for two minutes in honour of the great leader. Prominent amongst those who spoke and expressed their condolence were Pradeep Tamta, MP RS , Sunil Negi, president, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Senior Journalist Umakant Lakhera, Avtar Negi, Charu Tiwari, Shyam Singh Rawat, Habib Akhtar, C.M. Papnai, Dev Singh Rawat, Chandan Dangi, former state minister, Uttarakhand government Dhirendra Pratap, AAP Delhi leader Bachan Singh Dhanola, CPI( ML) Purushottam n Girija Pathak, Professor Prakash Upadhyay, Mahesh Sharma, activist n former jt DG Foreign Trade, UKD leader Pratap Shahi and S. K. Sharma etc. The meeting resolved to start a lecture series in memory of the late journalist and activist Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht once or twice in a year.
It may be recalled that a senior journalist of Jansatta n a relentless fighter Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht breathed his last at the age of 71 on 22nd September at his Almora house after ailing for long.Just few months ago he was addmitted in AIIMS, New Delhi.
Born on 4th February 1947 Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht had been a fire brand journalist and a relentless fighter throughout his life. He was the firy leader of various movement of Uttarakhand viz NASHA NAHI ROZGAAR DO, SAVE THE FOREST MOVEMENT, SEPARATE UTTARAKHAND STATE MOVEMENT, MOVEMENTS FOR FOUNDING GARHWAL N KUMAON UNIVERSITIES, AZAADI KI TEESRI LADAAI AANDOLAN ETC under the banner of Uttarakhand Jan Sangharh Vahini of which he was the founding president n activist. He fought the liquor, land and mining mafia of Uytarakhand through out his life and was also the president of Kumaon University Students Union during the seventies. He completed the historic 800 kilometre Askot to Arakot journey on foot for incessantly 45 days in 1974 with eminent environmentalist Sunder Bahuguna, professor Shekhar Pathak n other to mobilise people for preserving the Uttarakhand himalaya’s ecology n forests. In 1974 Dr. Bisht completed his Phd from JNU Delhi and served as a lecturer in the university finally coming to Uttarakhand to actively participate in various movements on burning issues of the hills. He was jailed number of times but never compromised on principles, values and ethics n the peoples’ cause. He was a teatototaller throughout his life and led a modest life style. Salutes to him. He was in close proximity of Swamy Agnivesh, Megha Patkar, Chandi Prasad Bhatt, Sunder Lal Bahuguna, professor Shekhar Pathak and participated in several national level movements on significant burning issues pertaining to environment protection n against big dams.

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