Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army declares ceasefire



After the increasing attacks on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar since August 25 when the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacked several Myanmar police posts on the Bangladesh Myanmar border killing twenty Myanmar guards and subsequent lynching of 90 Rohingyas’ the ARSA has finally declared a ceasefire urging Myanmar police to lay down their arms and urging humanitarian organisations to resume relief work in the Rakhine province.

The Rohingya Muslim and Buddhist crisis have assumed gigantic proportion with about three lakh Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar since August 25th with 40 thousand migrating to India, (UN figures). Bangladesh is today the worst affected country with more than two lakhs Rohingya Muslim refugees having migrated here, the nation already reeling under an acute financial crisis.

During the last week’s visit of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, India has extended tremendous financial package and signed number of other agreements for construction of roads, hospitals and institutions in Rakhine province and Myanmar with the aim to improve the socio economic lot of the affected people. Over 11 lakh Rohingya Muslims are living in Rakhine province of Myanmar in extremely shabby conditions primarily in the coastal areas bereft of civic facilities in ghettos.

The conflict between the Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslims dates back to 1982 since when the Muslims have been barred/ devoid of the Myanmar citizenship and subsequent eruption of ethnic conflict. They are considered as the most persecuted community in the world and the UN has also declared them as a friendless community not being trusted upon an in isolation.

Prime minister Narendra Modi who just returned from his three-day visit to Myanmar had urged for  a solution of the current Rohingya Muslim and Myanmar Buddhist impasse based on mutual respect for peace, communal harmony, justice, dignity and democratic values. Bangladesh which is the worst sufferer in terms of receiving more than two lakh Rohingya Muslim refugees in just fifteen days on its land after the latter’s’ having been flushed out from Myanmar due the on going blood bath in Rakhine and other parts of Myanmar has said that the Bangladesh government was providing shelter to these refugees out of humanitarian considerations but was putting lot of pressure on the government and its already overburdened fiscal deficit economy.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Myanmar border police has laid landmines in the border areas to resist the refugees coming back to Myanmar after they are being pushed back at the Bangladesh border. Sources say that thousands of terror stricken refugees are still thronging Bangladesh border to seek refuge in this country. Reports about the burning of the villages of the Rohingya Muslims by local Buddhists in Rakhine province are still pouring in while the Buddhists are denying the allegations saying that they are not the Buddhists who are burning the Muslim villages but the Rohingyas’ themselves are doing so to defame them.



Saint Gopal Dass writes to PM with blood, demands right to protest by being on hunger strike without consuming water or euthanasia ?/ forcibly addmitted in hospital



Sant Gopal Dass being forcibly taken to AIIMS, RISHIKESH

Swamy Gopal Dass who’d been on fast unto death and has also stopped consuming water has written to the prime minister Narendra Modi in his own blood to allow him to under take fast without consuming water as its his fundamental right or give him wish death or euthanasia. He was complaining about the harrasment being meted out to him by the local authorities and the management of the AIIMS Rishikesh who are allegedly trying to break his fast fearing his possible death as his hunger strike has crossed 115 days n now is without water consumption as well. Hence, he asked for the wish death/ euthanasia.

The ashram situated in Kankhal, Haridwar known as Matri Sadan is in news these days not only in India but abroad as well as as two environmental saints highly committed and dedicated for making the Ganges pollution free and demanding immediate stoppage to mining in Ganga and its tributeries have given up their precious lives while being on fast unto death for 112 n 115 days respectively in this ashram namely Swamy Nigmanand n Swamy Swaroopa Sanand in 2011 and 2018 just a few days ago.

As a sequel to the hunger strike of Swamy Sanand, one more saint Gopal Dass who was already on fast unto death for the last 125 days at various places has continued his fast in the Matri Sadan and have now given up water intake as well.

The entire administration of Haridwar under instructions from the top had been behind him, since then, fearing his possible death as was the case with two other saints earlier. Swamy Gopal Dass was today forcibly taken to AIIMS Rishikesh n is under treatment.

The swamy tried his best to evade his arrest but in vain. He locked himself in his room but when the police tried to break open the door to physically lift him, he himself dodged the police and ran away but was later on caught by three policemen who ferried him to AIIMS for immediate treatment.

While being locked in the room prior to his being shifted, the frail and thin appearing saint Gopal Dass in a huff punctured his thumb and wrote a letter to the president and prime minister with his blood demanding his fundamental right to fast without the intake of water and demanded either to give him wish death/ euthanasia or send him to some other country which can grant him asylum to pursue his fast unto death.

Saint Gopal Dass was just two days ago was addmitted and treated in AIIMS and was thereafter left at Matri Sadan but after he was left at the Ashram he gave up the water intake till his death. Therefore the AIIMS doctors alongwith the police n the SDM approached the Matri Sadan Ashram and forcibly took him to AIIMS.

He is being currently put on treatment. The saint was too adamant and was not ready to give up his fast n now gave up the water consumption as well. He is protesting peacefully on the lines of Swamy Swarup Sanand for making the Ganges pollution free, immediate stoppage to mining and ensuring free and smooth natutal flow of the pious/ holy river.

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Veteran journalist n state foreign minister Akbar resigns ? Says he’ll fight the false and malicious allegations against him !



Finally, a visibly moved, veteran journalist, author and the union minister of state for external affairs M. J Akbar has resigned from the union cabinet on the tenth day after having been accused of sexual harrasment by Priya Ramani and 16 other women journalists in a ,”Mee Too campaign,” raising outrage and uproar in the political corridors and the society at large. Former union minister M. J. Akbar was in an African nation tour when the controversy allegedly involving him in the incidents of moral turpitude erupted compeliing the social media players making the shameful news viral.

In his statement issued to the media n posted in twitter by ANI, the veteran journalist, author and minister M. J. Akbar has stated that since I have decided to seek justice in the court of law in my personal capacity , I deem it appropriate to step down from office and challenge false accusations levied against me, also in a personal capacity.

I have therefore tendered my resignation from the office of the minister of state for external affairs. I am deeply grateful to the prime minister Shri Narendra and the external affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj for the opportunity they gave me to serve my company.

It may be recalled that the former minister M.J. Akbar had to resign in view of the alleged a sexual harrasment accusations of over 17 women journalists against him through the Me Too campaign while he was the chief editor in the Asian Age publication from where he had resigned in 2008 after a fued with the owner.

Just after returning back from abroad Akbar faced volley of questions from the mediamen at the Airport about these allegations which he refuted altogether as a calculated attempt to denigrate his image n that of the saffron party during the elections.

He arranged a senior and reputed lawyer Karajawala n several others who filed the criminal defamation suit against the first women journalist Priya Ramani who raised her voice through the Mee too campaign by accusing the former minister of sexually harrasing her in the past, followed by roughly 16 other women journalists.

After filing the criminal defamation suit there were mixed reactions in the social media n the press with majority of the people criticizing him for psychologically and with his money power demoralising the victim women journalist Priya Ramani n others.

But this had an adverse affect n instead of getting bogged down all the other women journalists too came forward courageously to depose in the court of law in favour of Ramani.

The BJP high command and the government had to finally relent and it is being alleged that Mr. Akbar must have been asked to resign as the matter has blown out of proportion thus bringing bad name to the party n the government, especially during the election atmosphere of the five states.

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Fasting saint Gopal Dass forcibly shifted from Matri Sadan to hospital in Haridwar. UK govt vigilant after two deaths of saint environmentalists ?



Pic from the FB TL of Anil Bisht, Bisht

After the two deaths of the environmental saints in Uttarakhand associated to Haridwar’s Matri Sadan Ashram namely swamy Nigmanand and Swamy Gyanswaroopa Sananda who’d undergone 115 n 112 days hunger strike respectively demanding cleaning of the polluted Ganges as well as immediate stoppage to its mining , Ganga’s tributaries Alaknanda and Bhagirathi including clousure of its policy to built big dams in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, the government of Uttarakhand and the centre do not want to take any further chance of such tragic deaths which has cause uproar and outrage at the national as well as the global scenerio bringing bad name to both the state as well the union government for being anti environment n anti people. And as such the Uttarakhand police and the hospital authorities under the instructions from the higer ups have arrested the new saint Gopal Dass of Matra Sadan who is also on incessant hunger strike fro the last more than three months and now given up the intake of water as well. Swamy Gopal Das has continued his fast at Matri Sadan since the day eminent environmentalist Dr. GD Aggrawal aka Swamy Swaroopa Sananda gave up his life after 112 days of hunger strike. Just today the local police under the instruction from the Haridwar administration has forcibly lifted Sant Gopal Dass from Matra Sadan Ashram and ferried him to the AIIMS for treatment as his physical condition is reported to have deteriorated. It has been given to understand that saint Gopal Dass who had been in hunger strike for several days on the same demands of late saints Nigmanand and late Swaroop Sanand was forcibly addmitted in AIIMS few days ago sent back to Matri Sadan after force feeding etc but the former had again given up water creating complications in the health condition. It has been revealed that the local police and the SDM n the SHO of Kankhal police station alongwith a battery of doctors had arrived at Matri Sadan where the saint was on hunger strike n a day after took him back to the hospital. The local administration has clamped 144 around the Kankhal area to avoid any untoward incident. There have been immense resentment in the Sant Samaj as well as in the society for forcibly harrassing the peaceful saint who had himself expressed his annoyance and protest for not allowing him to fast which is his fundamental right. The SDM Manish Singh says that in view of the deteriorating health condition of Saint Gopal Dass it is their bounden duty to ensure his well being as he has now also given up the water intake. It may be recalled that soon after the sad demise of Swamy Swaroop Sanand aka professor GD Aggrawal after his 112 days fast several union ministers especially the former environment minister and a veteran journalist Jairam Ramesh has expressed his immense shock n anguish over Aggrawal’s sad demise saying that had the government been interested to fulfil his genuine demands or look into them the life of this environmental saint could have been saved. Similarly the former UK CM Harish Rawat and the entire state Congress have deplored the sorry death of this environmental saint and blamed the BJP government for being deliberately careless on this count as both the saints fighting for the noble cause of Ganga’s purification died during theor rule one in 2011 n another in 2018. This incident had allegedly brought bad name n disrepute to the ruling political dispensations of the state as well as the centre. Now the government is too serious and sensitive on this front and would not like to repeat the past mistakes again. Hence the boldness on the part of the government to ensure that Saint Gopaldass’s fast is broken n remains hale and hearty.

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Two die on the spot while the ambulance hits the biker n smashing against a tree near Haldwani



picture Jagran

According to the latest news pouring in from Haldwani Dehradun, an ambulance carrying a serious patient met with a severe head on collision accident with a bike coming from the opposite direction killing the biker as well as the patient on the spot.

According to the sources the tyre of an ambulance got burst while ferrying a patient to the nearby hospital at the Chourgaliya vicinity near Haldwani today hitting the biker coming from the opposite direction and thereafter smashing against the tree and overturning on the road thus killing the biker and the patient on the spot.

According to the news flashed by Jagran, this afternoon an ambulance carrying a patient from the Prayag Hospital, Sitarganj, bearing the number 85 AT, 9714 got overturned about 200 metres away from Chourgaliya, Kumaon coming towards Haldwani after its tyre got punctured finally hitting the biker and overturned after smashing against the tree .

Both the biker and the patient died on the spot while the driver and the pharmacist were grievously injured. The accident was so severe that the ambulance was badly smashed leaving no scope for the patient to survive.

The names of those killed in this severe accident were biker, Deshraj, 38 years resident of Sunderpur, Gauapaar, Sati farm, Udham Singh Nagar and the patient Jaleel Ahmed son of Mahmud Hassan resident of Puranpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The driver of the completely damaged ambulance and a pharmacist accompanying the patient namely Mausuddin have been grievously injured n addmitted in Sushila Devi Hospital in Haldwani.

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Old memories die hard. An interesting episode of the nineties when Kaka was defeated by Advani.



Sunil Negi, Kaka's media advisor standing behind him at the Congress headquarter Akbar Road in New Delhi in a press conference jointly addressed by Rajesh Khanna, Dr. Pranav Mukerjee, Margret Alva etc in the first week of July 1991

It was probably, the first week of July 1991. After the declaration of the historic election results of the New Delhi parliamentary constituency, the super star cum Congress candidate Rajesh Khanna was bit demoralised about his political career ahead which he had just started fighting from New Delhi against the BJP stalwart and a towering leader Lal Krishna Advani at the insistence of the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi who was also Kaka’s fan and the super star was his.

Kaka had lost this election to Lal Krishna Advani by just a small margin of 1500 votes and had cried foul. I was then his media advisor and was looking after his press n political cordination. I advised Rajesh Khanna, not to lose heart but to file a petition in the court for recounting as it was alleged that then the counting being mannual, some irregularities had been committed in the process.

Now, the strategy was to psychologically demoralise the BJP and its winning candidate L. K. Advani so as to pressurise him to either go for the recounting or prefer his Gandhi Nagar seat leaving the New Delhi for re election.

Since it was a high profile election, the media was also active, highlighting the demand of the super star for recounting/ re election to the best. The victory news of Advani was dominated by the news of Kaka for recounting and his accusations about alleged DHANDHLI/ malpractices in counting.

Finally it was decided that the Congress party will go to the court against Advani’s victory on the ground of irregularities and the newspapers were full of banner news, compelling the BJP stalwart Advani to opt for the Gandhi Nagar seat which he had won alongwith the New Delhi, but with a heavy margin.

It was quite obvious that a sensible leader like Advani would have never committed a blunder to retain New Delhi than Gandhi Nagar as the former (seat) was full of controversies and court hearing mess etc which could have kept his victory in jeopardy n abeyance.

The trick of Kaka as advised by us worked and the New Delhi seat fell vacant after his opponent Advani retained Gandhi Nagar, resigning from New Delhi.

Kaka was indeed a happy man as he acknowleged lot of sympathies from the New Delhi electorates. Kaka won the next time with a heavy margin defeating Shatrughan Sinha, the BJP candidate as the election took the shape of a contest between a super star legend Rajesh Khanna and a bollywood villain Shatrughan Sinha. It was a Hero verses Villain contest and the Hero was finally triumphant.

In the picture are Rajesh Khanna, Margret Alva and Dr. Pranav Mukerjee addressing a press conference at AICC headquarter announcing the idea of going to the court against the alleged malpractices committed in the election demading a repoll. Me standing just behind Rajesh Khanna.

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Should Union minister M.J. Akbar be asked to resign on moral grounds after alleged accusations from women journalists ?



After the hype of the news of alleged women harrasment and sexual assault disclosures via Me Too campaign which include several women journalists and Bollywood celebrities the social media is full of antagonism and condemnation demanding action against all those celebrity actors and politicians who ‘ve been allegedly targetted and held responsible for these shameless acts of moral turpitude.

While a section of the media, especially the progressive media as well as the right thinking people of the country are shocked to learn that a veteran journalist, formerly the editor in chief of Asian Age and now the union minister in the BJP led NDA government, M. J. Akbar has been allegedly accused by about 14 women journalists in addition to several other celebrities of outraging their modesty while serving under him in Asian age years ago, they are equally surprised n anguished that instead of expressing his regrets or being in low profile, the latter had preferred to hire about 79 lawyers including the high profile and highly influential expensive lawyer Karanjawala to file the defamation case against a victim journalist Ms Ramani who was the first one to have exhibited her exceptional courage to come forward to highlight her plight of alleged sexual harrasment at the behest of the senior most journalist n union minister in the present government.

There is lot of disenchantment amongst the journalistic fraternity of the country especially those women journalists of Asian Age who had complained of alleged sexual harrasment by Akbar while serving in the newspaper owned and edited by him.

About 14 former harrased women journalists of Asian Age have now come forward in favour of Ms Ramani requesting the concerned judge to call them in the court during the first hearing of the defamation suit filed by M J Akbar, enabling them to testify before the judge in support of Ramani amd their complaints against the later.

Several news analysts say that filing of the defamation suit hiring such influential n high profile advocates is nothing but an effort to psychologically demoralise or silence the women journalists so that they do not pursue the case further and get bogged down morally.

But the courage of several women journalists ready to depose before the judge in favour of Ms Ramani n themselves have definitely raised the courage of Ramani.

While this is one aspect of the case, political analysts say that the party high command or the government not pressurising union minister Akbar to tender his resignation despite so much of controversy is also sending wrong signals across the country against the BJP n the NDA government which boasts so much of protecting the dignity of the women and broadly propagates its flagship programme “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” .

Remember, when the senior Congress leader and veteran journalist Mani Shankar Aiyyer used derogatory language against the prime minister Narendra Modi it was Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief who shunted him out from the party without wasting a single minute but after so much of media hype and insult to the party not a single party leader and even prime minister has uttered a single word to condemn the episode or express their regrets.

There had been several instances in the past that several ministers have resigned on moral grounds on such ocassions or were asked to resign particularly on the matters of moral turpitude as is the case of union minister M. J. Akbar. No civilised society would ever tolerate such shamless acts of any minister especially when several women journalists have complained of their sexual harrasment in the public. What’s your take friends?

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Is Mayawati the greatest bottleneck in the formation of the anti BJP grand alliance ?



While the elections to the five states are due for next month and the general elections of 2019 are just 9 months ahead the non BJP oppositions’ Mahagathbandhan, the grand alliance seems to be in disarray, even before taking a final consolidated shape in order to challenge the mighty BJP led NDA at the national level as the only and a strong Dalit leader of the country and BSP’s supremo Bahan Mayawati has started showing her political colours to disintegrate the unity efforts which generated enough hopes and aspirations in the anti BJP opposition camp just few months ago.

After the incessant energetic moves of Congress president Rahul Gandhi trying to move his anti Rafale juggunaut with quite a strong force compelling to put the ruling saffron party in an offensive mode right from his effective posture inside parliament on the no confidence motion to his attacking mode of hectic campaigning in the states going to polls next month, it was felt that the non BJP opposition onslaught will give a new lease of life, energy and ammunition to the parties like SP, BSP, TMC, CPM, CPI, NCP and the like minded regional parties to come forward unitedly to back the Congress chief in his concerted anti government attempt and expedite the unity efforts of a grand alliance for the 2019 elections, cohesively.

But unfortunately the BSP chief Mayawati and to some extent TMC chief n the West Bengal chief minister Mamta Bannerjee who are themselves nurturing the ambition to be the prime ministerial candidates of the mahagathbandhan did not want it to fructify, earnestly as they think that it will be the Nehru Gandhi scion ultimately who will make the mark in the near future.

While Mamta Bannerjee has slowed down her unity efforts these days, the BSP supremo Mayawati has openly and unambiguously sidelined itself from the Congress party in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh openly announcing that while in Chattisgarh its fighting the election in league with the Janata Congress of Ajit Jogi, having declared him the prospective chief minister candidate and in Rajasthan n MP, would fight the elections on her own.

She especially held a press conference to not only badly insult n degrade the senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh accusing him as the BJP henchman but had also blamed him of being the greatest bottleneck in the way of the Congress BSP seat adjustment characterising him as a most selfish n self centred leader, which the Congress says is not true. Similarly in Maharashtra the BSP is likely to join hands with the Republican Party of India , ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Sources reveal that this move could be a huge blow to the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party’s plan of forming a grand alliance against the BJP for the forthcoming general election.

As per the latest reports the two parties met on Saturday and agreed to “explore possibilities for forging an alliance” obviously meaning minussing Congress and the NCP considered to be the largest and strongest partis in the state of Maharashtra.

It ma6 be recalled that just a feww weeks’ ago , BSP supremo Mayawati had launched a scathing attack on the Congress party declaring that she will not form any alliance with Rahul Gandhi under any circumstances given an unambiguos hint of threatening the Congress chief politically and thus helping the BJP and also giving indications of keeping the options open for alliance with the saffron party in the future as being a shrewd politician she very well knows that BJP and prime minister Modi still has better chances of winning in 2019 despite losing few states this time.

Sources reveal that Mayawati is presently keeping her options open on two fronts as her tactical move : one, she is trying hard to hobnob with regional and influential parties in various states to establish a tacit understanding keeping Congress at a distance and to bag maximum seats in 2019 to emerge as the strongest leader to claim the post of prime ministership and two, if the circumstances don’t allow her to prove successful on this count she may even think of going for an alliance with the saffron party at the pan India level accepting the post of the deputy prime minister and sufficient say in UP. The BJP which is also rapidly losing its grip over the SC, ST votes also desperately need pact with a powerful Dalit leader like Mayawati to ensure its sure sort one sided victory in 2019. One should also not forget that Mayavati has in the past too formed an alliance in UP n sought power and why can’t she endeavour to hobnob with BJP in 2019 when she finds better chances of reaching to the top at the centre under Modi’s influence which is still intact as far as his comparison with Rahul Gandhi is concerned.

Mayavati very well knows that thou her party can do extremely outstanding in UP with an alliance with RLD n SP as the results of the byelections of Sitapur, Phoolpur and Kairana have generated enough confidence and hope in her but keeping both the options open till 2019 suits her tremendously.

She is just watching her party’s performance in the states going tp polls next month and the developments thereafter and will finally decide thereafter. However as for now her only effort would be to sideline the Congress in the grand alliance formation ensuring that she becomes the nucleus n nor Rahul. What’s your take friends?

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Disgruntled BJP MP Shatru asks opposition to unite against Rafael deal. Attends Kisan Panchayat with AAP leaders n Yashwant Sinha



Shatrughan Sinha in Kisan Panchayat with Sanjay Singh, AAP MP, pic twitter n TV 18, twitter handle

The one time popular villain of Bollywood, former union minister and the BJP MP from Patna Sahib, Bihar, now in the catagory of a disgruntled leader within the ruling party, Shatrughan Sinha who is still being tolerated in the saffron party despite his being an arch n ardent Modi antagonist always speaking publicly n vociferously against the PM, his own government and siding with the arch rivals of the party, government and the PM has now clubbed together with another betenoire of Narendra Modi, Yashwant Sinha, losing no opportunity and ocassion to down size and critisize the ruling political dispensation and its CEO.

The Bollywood actor turned MP has now become a big headache for the prime minister Narendra Modi and his government. Not a day is left when this eloquent MP do not tweet twice or thrice letting the government down and insulting the PM of his own government speaking the language of the anti BJP leaders n parties. Shatrughan Sinha is intelligent enough not to leave saffron party in a huff on his own as he fears losing the membership of the parliament under the anti defection law and is waiting for being expelled by the BJP high command, as expulsion does not amount to losing the membership of Lok Sabha. Shatru’s every move is quite an intelligent one as he’s trying his level best to degrade, down size and annoy the PM and the party high command to ensure that he is expelled thus opening the way to join the political party of his choice.

What is most interesting about his anti BJP campaign is that as the elections to the 5 states are coming nearer including the general elections of 2019 Shatru’s tirade against the BJP led NDA government and the prime minister in particular has sharpened alongwith former union minister Yashwant Sinha whom he has pronounced as the Statesman, a term usually used for leaders of eminence and of the stature of late prime ministers n presidents like Nehru n APJ Abdul Kalam etc.

And above all the media of the country, print and electronics is also giving him extensive coverage particularly the television channels like NDTV. If one gives a look of the concerted anti government and anti saffron party campaign of Shatrughan Sinha since the last six months in particular one would be surprised to learn that this actor turned MP has openly sided with those political forces and leaders who had been the BJP’s and the prime ministers arch rival always insulting and criticizing him day in and day out.

Both Shatru and Yashwant Sinha had just a month ago attended the Jan Adhikaar Rally of AAP in Ghaziabad and shared the dias and mike with PM Modi’s bitter critic Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and his cohorts and lauded them n their policies criticizing the PM. Similarly two days ago both of them shared the stage with the former UP CM and Samajwadi leader Akhilesh Yadav criticizing the BJP lead NDA government.

As if this was not enough today both Shatru and Yashwant Sinha attended the opposition sponsered Kisan Rally in western Uttar Pradesh alongwith the the deputy chief minister of AAP’s Delhi government, the AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh and various other anti BJP opposition leader.

In his firey speech during this Kisan Rally the disgruntled leaders of BJP Shatrughan Sinha and Yashwant Sinha strongly criticized the NDA government and the PM for their involvement in the dubious Rafale deal and appealed the opposition leaders of the country to unite in order to evict the BJP led NDA out of power in the 2019 general elections.

It’s infact a direct and open challenge to the ruling party and the prime minister which straight away amounts to an anti party activity. But despite all this, as usual, there is not a word of dissent or warning from any senior leader of the BJP and the national president Amit Shah.

Sounds surprising and shocking that a saffron party MP openly breaches the party decorum n principles not once, twice but umpteen times by publicly insulting the govt n its PM and the entire party hierarchy is mum.

Political analysts say that the BJP high command is not in a hurry to take action against Shatru as this being an election year the star turned MP’s expulsion will make headlines at the pan India level which may in turn give acceleration or extra energy to the anti BJP opposition to enhance their tirade against the ruling party and badly annoyed Shatru is in no mood tp relent. Under these circumstances the party chief n the PM are tolerating him and not giving him much weightage thus trying to give an impression that his is a non issue and an issue of no relevance. What’s your take friends?

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Rahul visits famous Pitaambara Shrine in MP and pays obiesance to Lord Shiva for the well being of the countrymen



Congress chief at famous Peetambara Shrine in MP

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today visited the famous religious temple Pitaambara Peeth alongwith the former union ministers and Senior Congress leaders Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia in a traditional white Kurta and saffron Dhoti wearing long garlends of white and orange mogra flowers and prayed there for few minutes.

After paying his obeisance to the Supreme Lord Shiva by pouring milk on the SHIVLINGA in the temple for the welfare and well being of the countrymen as claimed by the Congress leaders, Rahul addressed two well attended public meetings at Datiya and Dabra in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s regular visits to the various temples of the country, particlarly his earlier visits to several temples in Gujarat including the historic Somnath temple Darshans have been termed by Hindu chauvinists and some political analysts as the shift in party line amounting to apeasement towards the Hindu community.

There was lot of hue and cry in the media particularly the electronic channels deviated towards the saffron party. This led to Rahul Gandhi and the senior Congress leaders denying/ refuting the charge of the Congress’s slight shift towards majoritarianism to the counter the BJP believing majorly on the Hindu ideology.

Rahul had then retorted saying that he had visited every religious shrine may it be the Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara and Church but if the media and electronic channels are only exhibiting or telecasting his visits to the temples that what can he do ?

It may be recalled that majority of the leaders of various political parties visit mosques, temples, Gurudwaras n Churches of eminence as it’s a matter of one’s faith but there are definitely some meanings behind every spiritual visits particularly the political interests.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited several important temples n even mosques of the country since his becoming the prime minister like prominent Somnath temple, historic Badrinath, Kedarnath Shrines n held number of Arties at the famous Varanasi temple n the ghats.

He even accompanied the foreign dignitaries , prime ministers with him to Banaras Ghats twice to acquaint them of the rich Indian culture and various colours of spiritualism. PM Narendra Modi’s next visit to Kedarnath Dham is due in the next few days where developmental projects are near completion pertaining to roads and accomodation facilities etc.

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had also been to the Kedarnath Shrine when Harish Rawat was the chief minister. Both the former and the incumbent president of India Dr. Pranav Mukherjee and Ram Nath Kovind had been to Kedarnath Dham in the past.

Deriving political meanings out of the visits of politicians to the religious shrines have become too common these days because it’s true that these Dharmik Sthals also influence the political tides of the country to a great extent.

When the prime minister Narendra Modi visited a mosque of a state recently and addressed the Bohra muslim community where he was welcomed most heartily, the newspapers and electronics channels derived lot of political meanings out of that visit, terming it as shift in the saffron party’s attitude towards the minorties of the country for pure political reasons.

Since the eruption of the Ram Mandir Babri Masjid imbroglio the face of Indian politics has completely changed with religion n spiritualism playing a pivotal role in Indian politics apart from caste, creed, community and gender considerations. What’s your take friends?

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Congress govt waived off loans of farmers while NDA waived loans of big business houses: Rahul Gandhi



Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addressing public meeting at Datiya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

As a sequel to his election campaign in the states likely to go to polls next month, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi today addressed a public meeting in Datiya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh assuring the electorates that if his party Congress comes to power in the state ruled by the BJP for the last fifteen years, the first and foremost thing it would do within 10 days would be to waive off the entire bank loans of the farmers and its total focus thereafter would be on providing employment to the youth of the state.

Appearing in an offensive mode the Nehru Gandhi scion missed no time to accuse the prime minister Narendra Modi for encouraging crony capitalism saying that while during Congress’s rule of Dr. Manmohan Singh, about 70000 crores worth of farmers loan were waived off while during Modiji’s tenure, loans of big capitalists and business houses worth Rs 2 lakh fifty thousand crores were waived off which unambiguously speak of the fact that the present government is anti farmer and pro rich. He added : its not me butthe government’s statistics reveal.

Castigating the BJP led NDA government and the prime minister of betraying the people of the country especially the youths by not fulfilling the pre election promises of two crore jobs to the country men every year, especially the youths, Rahul Gandhi said that the government is also anti farmer as when he ( Rahul) went to meet the prime minister Narendra Modi alongwith a delegation to his office for the first n last time, to demand waiving off, of the farmers bank loans, the PM did’nt uttered a single word fulfilling our demand giving financial relief to the peasents of the country and we were constrained to come empty handed.

Accusing the prime minister Modi, as usual, of favoring Anil Ambani and his company Defence Reliance to bag the contract of the Rafale offset including the finance minister Arun Jaitley for allegedly allowing the fraudster Vijay Mallya leave the country who met him a day earlier in parliament informing about his departure to London, Rahul Gandhi said that the interests of the big business houses are being taken care of, whereas the government has not time to for the poor and the farmers of the country.

Taking a dig on Rafale Jet Fighter issue n the large scale banking frauds, Rahul Gandhi catagorically emphasised that favours were allegedly given to Anil Ambani , Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, Lalit Modi and even Mallya who were known to them personally thus costing the public exchequer heavily of thousands of crores. Rahul said : the entire country budget of MNREGA is 35 thousand crores and Nirav Modi, Mehul Couksi n Mallya have siphoned of more than the budget of MNREGA meant for feeding n providing employment to the poor n hapless, thus costing the public exchequer tremendously.

He questioned as to why the old contract of UPA in the Rafale deal was all of a sudden cancelled and Ambani’s company favored arbitrarily at the cost of experienced HAL, as revealed by the former French President Francois Hollande and prices of the aircrafts’ too enhanced three times from Rs. 560 crores per jet fighter to 1600 crores ?

He openly accused the prime minister’s alleged involvement in the deal to favor Reliance defence and said that the country wants to know the truth behind the entire deal. Appealing to the Congress workers to ensure the victories of the party candidates in the election Rahul Gandhi assured that the doors of the Congress government would be opened for the party workers and any minister or even CM not attending to their woes and grievances would be immediately changed.

Prominent amongst those present in the meeting were Former union ministers Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia n other state leaders. Rahul Gandhi thereafter addressed party workers at Dabra in Madhya Pradesh.

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