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Anti-dowry law under accusations



The Anti-dowry law of 1961 had sought to protect women from being killed or tortured in their marital homes. Section 498A of the IPC makes dowry harassment cognisable and non-bailable offence.

However, an argument was raised that Section 498A is widely misused by disgruntled women who are determined to destroy family values and drag completely innocent husbands and in-laws to jail. The Supreme Court has observed that women are using Section 498A as a weapon, rather than a shield, against their unfortunate in-laws. Court has acknowledged that most of such complaints are filed in the heat of the moment, over trivial issues.

To protect the victims of false accusations, the court:

  • In a 2014, provided a nine-point checklist before any arrests could be made under Section 498A.
  • Mandated a family welfare committee in every district to scrutinise dowry harassment cases, constituted of social workers.
  • Removed the need for the accused to make a personal appearance in court.

These orders came after Justice C.K. Prasad noted that in 2012 two lakh arrests were made under Section 498A, with only 14.4% of conviction rate. Based on this, the judges conclude that the complaints were for the most part “trivial”.

24,771 dowry deaths have occurred in India from 2012 to 2014 making Section 498A vital for the protection of genuine victims. Every law has the potential to be misused and because of such cases the pleas of genuine victims are gone unanswered. Strong regulations are to be laid down if the rights of women are to be upheld and diluting the Anti-dowry law is not one of them.





The 19 year old state of Uttarakhand has got the new governor today in place of Dr. K. K. Paul who was nominated during the tenure of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Congress led United Progressive Alliance’s government at the centre.

The new governor is Baby Rani Maurya. Number of other state governors have also been appointed today by the president of India on thecentre’s recommendation in place of the old ones’ whose tenure have already expired.

The strife torn Jammu and Kashmir also got a new governor in place of Dr. N. N. Vohra who’d been the governor for more than eight and a half years and an octogenerian as well, though a highly experienced former bureaucrat.

Dev Narayan Yadav has been made the governor of Haryana while Kaptan Singh Solanki, Ganga Prasad, Lalji Tandon, and Tathagat Roy have been appointed as governors of Tripura, Sikkim, Bihar and Meghalaya respectively.

Majority of the newly appointed governors are septuagenerian except Baby Rani Maurya of Uttarakhand.

The newly appointed governor of Uttarakhand Baby Rani Gaur is the defeated lawmaker of UP who’d contested the Assembly election from Edmatpur, Agra from BJP ticket who had also been the member of the Uttar Pradesh Women Commision.

A committed and loyal BJP leader having been with the party since long, her loyalty has ultimately paved the way for her elevation as the new governor of Uttarakhand. Eduationally, a postgraduate with BEd degree, Baby Rani Maurya was in America when she acknowledged the pleasent news of her appointment to the elevated constitutional post as governor of Uttarakhand.

She’ll be assuming the charge probably tomorrow or day after. The party workers and the people of Agra are quite in a jubilant mood of Ms Baby Maurya’s elevation and have distributed sweets amd organised victory processions in Agra.

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The most gruesome and horrendous incidents of murders of women are no are not coming to an end rather happening every day in different parts of Uttarakhand and therefore its definitely a matter to worry and express our indignation and condemnation towards such mishappenings due to the complacent, lethargic and poor law and order situation and the incessant moral courage of the criminals and murdurers on the rise.

This really shocking and anguishing and shameful as well. Just on 17th August the entire state has witnessed the most brutal, horrendous, heinous, barbaric, diabolical and abominable murder of a 14 year poor and innocent girl in Uttarkashi after a gang rape and today we are getting news of a murder of a newly wedded woman of Dharchula, Pithragarh who”s body was thrown in the Baluvakot river.

The woman was the resident of Dharchula Bazaar, Uttarakhand and had come just three months ago after having been married in Nepal. Dharchula in in Indo Nepal border in Kumaon division of Uttarakhand.

The law and order situation in Uttarakhand is really disturbing, not prone to women’s security thus compelling the people to agitate on the streets and the capital of the state.

During the last week there had been several candle light processions and protest marches in Haldwani, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rudraprayag and Uttarkashi against the state government for its failures on law and order front and being completely incapable to secure and safeguard the women, minors and incests in the state, with particular reference to the Uttarkashi rape and killings.

The Congress president Pritam Singh also led a delegation to the governor of Uttarakhand Dr. K. K. Paul today alongwith and requested him to intervene personally compounded with a demand for releasing Rs ten lakhs for the family of the rape and murder victim of Uttarkashi.

After the brutal and mysterious murder of a women in Dharchula there is tremendous sensation and terror like situation in the state with the women community in a apprehensive and insecure situation/ position. What’s your take friends?

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The Uttarakhand State Congress Committe has become extremely focussed and active on the issue of women safety in the hill state, especially after the increasing incidents of assaults on women and increasing criminalisation of the state.

The recent diabolical murder after the shamefulb and obnoxious rape of a 14 year old girl hailing from the lowest strata of the society has in reality shaken the conscience of each and every person of the Himalayan state which once used to be peaceful but has now assumed the status of a real haven for the criminals from within and outside the state.

Sounds shocking, horrible and anguishing indeed. Meanwhile, a delegation of the Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee under the leadership of its president and former minister in the previous Congress governments Pritam Singh today met he governor Dr. K. K. Paul and presented him a memorandum expressing grave concern over the increasing incidents of assaults on the minors, incests and women of the state and the subsequent faiure of the state BJP government to stringently counter this increasing menace.

The two page memorandum signed by Pritam Singh, state Congess president and eleven other Congressmen has accused the BJP government of having completely failed on the law and order and giving the state a fearless environment as promised by them in their election menifesto. Highlighting the most diabolical and horrible incident of Uttarkashi and the assault of the girls of Blind school in Dehradun etc the memorandum states that the state government of BJP has completely failed on the women security front making them more vulnerable and prone to future assaults and victimisation at the hands of the human beasts active in Uttarakhand having no terror of the law and order machinery led by a vision less government.

The memorandm demands Rs ten lakhs as compensation for the family of the deceased of Uttarkashi incident and stringent action against the culprits of Uttarkashi and Rashtria badhit drishti sansthan at the earliest. The delegation has requested the governor of Uttarakhand to intervene in both the matters personally and accord justice to the sufferers.

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The tragic and shocking incident of the most obnoxious, horrible and shameful gangrape cum abominable murder of a mere twelve year old innocent dalit girl in Uttarkashi has gained great momentum in entire Uttarakhand with candle marches, protest demonstrations and burning of the chief minister’s effiges taking place at various locations of Garhwal, Uttarakhand and outside the state.

The people of the state are badly annoyed, angered and furious over this most heinous crime never ever happened in Uttarakhand earlier. The main political party in opposition, the Congress has also come out in the open to criticize and oppose the government on this shocking issue and have organised protest demonstrations at Dehradun and Uttarkashi giving a week’s ultimatum to the BJP’s state government n the chief minister to nab the culprits/ if nabbed then bring them to justice giving no less than capital punishment, through the fast track court, failing which the party will organise a state level protest.

In the meanwhile all the political parties, social organisations and the people in general have given the call for the, “Uttarakhand Bandh”, on 22nd June. So far several protest demonstrations including burning of CM’s effigies by different social organisations have been held in Chandigarh, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Dehradun and several other areas of the state.

It is believed that the criminals involved in this gruesome act perhaps four in numbers have left the state/ some say have been caught and are beyond the reach of the investigation agencies and the police.

The entire state machinery has been geared up to trace the culprits and bring them to justice reveal sources.This is the seventh incident of women assault in Uttarkashi, this being the worst happening with serious implications.

It reminds us of the Kathua rape in which a minor girl was gangraped raped and brutally killed raising national outrage, the issue having been raised in both the houses of parliament as well.

Similarly, the most shameful gangrape that occured on December 2012 in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi in a moving bus and the heinous rape cum killing of the Nirbhaya of Nazafgarh hailing from Uttarakhand have raised the nationwide outrage and subsequent capital punishment to the human beasts involved in both these doabolical rape cum killings.

It finally resulted in the change of governments’ creating cumulative public disenchantment. If we look at the barbaric killing of the Uttarkashi girl , the ongoing protests and the increasing anger of the cross sections of the people in and outside the state , one should not hesitate to say that if such incidents of barbaric nature are allowed to continue and the state government proves futile to maintain the law n order and safeguard the womens’ lives it will be the waterloo for the incumbent government at the hustings.

What’s more worrisome is the fact hat now, in order to divert the peoples’ attention from the real issue some interested political leaders, communal outfits and reactionery forces are trying to give the entire episode a communal colour which is not in the harmonial health of the state. The fact of the matter is criminals do not have any religion, caste or ideological affinity.

They represent evil forces and destructive bent of mind. The government should look it from the law and order angle minutely and extremely seriously and ensure the complete security, safety and protection of the women community of the state especially the minors and incests instead of allowing the episode to be laced with communal colour of Hindu Muslim devide.

However some of the news reports suggest that the culprits of this shameful incident have been caught who happened to be a local and a pony owner. It is requested to one and all to kindly not get swayed away or influenced by the communal provocation by some disgruntled elements in the social media and exercise due restraint.



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State of ‘Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016’





Real Estate refers to property consisting of houses and land. It is considered to be a major asset in India. This sector has been suffering from malicious practices, asymmetric information, and feudalistic supremacy. What made the condition worse was the lack of regulatory framework. It has been observed that, various developers have failed to complete their projects on time or they have been found unable to deliver on to their commitments, seriously denting the confidence of potential buyers. Cases used to stretch for years which made the buyers suffer both mentally and economically.

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 paved way for Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) which established framework to hold the real estate developers accountable for any breach of contract with the buyers. It will regulate the real estate sector and will also function as an adjudicating body for speedy redressal of any disputes that may arise. Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 will:

  • Safeguard the interests of home-buyers,
  • Increase the transparency in the sector,
  • Increase investments in the real sector by boosting investors’ confidence.

Provisions under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016

Under its provisions, the states will have to establish RERA as a special body to regulate the real estate sector. The other provisions include:

  • Compulsory registration of new and on-going projects
    • Developers also have to get all sanction plans approved before sale and regulatory clearances in place.
    • Once the project is registered, the developer has to publish all the relevant details like the date of launch, permission secured, delivery date, facilities, etc. online on the website of RERA. Once the time limit declared by the developer is over, the registration of the project will be revoked.
    • Failure to register of projects is a serious offence. In case of any non-compliance, RERA has the power to order up to three years imprisonment for the developers. However, the developer doesn’t have to register if the area of land under the development is less than 500 m2 or the no. of apartments is less than 8.
  • Protection of Buyers
    • The buyers or investors have the right to withdraw from the project, if it is not delivered on time.
    • The developer is supposed to compensate the buyers with interest, when they withdraw from the project at this time. This does not require filing of a complaint.
    • The developers will be held accountable for structural defects for a period of 5 years.
  • Functions of RERA
    • If the developer neglects to compensate the buyers then they have the right to file a complaint with the regulating authority. The authority will appoint an officer who will conduct an enquiry into the case and then will pass judgement.
    • If the buyer feels that the officer has given an unsatisfactory judgement then he can file a complaint with the appellate tribunal.

Under the Act, every state and UT is supposed to have setup a regulatory authority and an appellate tribunal for resolving complaints. Apart from the 3 years sentence in prison for developers; the agents and buyers can be imprisoned up to 1 year for violation of orders of Appellate Tribunals and Regulatory Authorities.

Special Provisions:

  • Under the Act, the developer is required to deposit 70% of the funds gathered from the buyers into a monitor able account. This account will only be used to cover expenses for the development of the project.
  • During the development of the project, the developer cannot alter the specification without the consent of more than 2/3rds of the buyers.
  • The developer is prohibited from accepting an amount more than 10% of the fees, without a formal written agreement.
  • The projects which are already registered with RERA are authorised to be bought or sold.

 Evaluation of the Act

Main feature of this Act is the redressal mechanism, which was solely missing from the Indian Real Estate Framework. The buyers will receive complete information about the project, this will reduce the asymmetric information and they will be less prone to cheating. And in case of any issue, the buyers will be appropriately compensated. The only disadvantage this may have is the probability of the developing costs rising up.

Another issue which is raised by the developers is that the Act is not clear about the force majeure, like an earthquake. What happens if an earthquake or flood destroys the project?

This Act is not supposed to discourage the developers. They are an important factor in the growth in the country. They provide jobs on a large scale and the real estate sector contributes approximately 6% in the country’s GDP. Keeping this in mind, the Act seeks to assist the developers by providing the regulatory authority (RERA) with powers to make recommendations to State governments, which will create a single window clearance for a timely approval.

Since land is a State subject under the Constitution of India, state governments are required to ratify the Act. It gives a lot of discretion to the states and this makes the Act somewhat weaker.

Issue with States

The centre should take a firm hand in dealing with those states who have not implemented RERA as yet. These include Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Delhi, Orissa, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. These states (or the National Capital) might be guided by vested interests or may be hesitating to establish due to logistical reasons. Centre should assist them if they need assistance in any way, because streamlined and smooth implementation of the Act all over India is required for effective implementation.

Some states have deliberately diluted the RERA rules led prominently by Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Later this attitude was seen in RERA establishment in Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Telangana, etc.

West Bengal rather than properly implementing RERA has enacted its own state legislation by the name of West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act, 2017 (WBHIRA). This legislation is just a mockery of RERA and terribly dilutes the provisions of RERA.

Impact of RERA 

Real estate sector is undergoing changes at a slow but steady pace and these changes are definitely for the better. Developers have become increasingly more transparent and are also found to be more considerate towards dispute resolution at the very initial stages of a confrontation with the buyers for fear of being taken to RERA. Time for the delivery of justice has been reduced very significantly. Even the appeals made to RERA tribunal are resolved within 12 months period.


However, even the critics of the Act agree that, it is a milestone in the Real Estate Sector. Single window clearance will go a long way in helping the developers for approval of projects. Most importantly, RERA will ease the burden on home buyers who put their hard earned money into a real estate investment.

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The most disgusting, horrendous, shameful, shocking, anguishing and gruesome act of an obnoxious rape of a 13 year old innocent girl and her subsequent diabolical murder by four human beasts in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi has literally shaken the inner conscience of the people of Uttarakhand and the nation thus reminding us of the most diabolical killing after the gangrape of a girl in Kathua, J&K last year that also shook the nation’s conscience across spectrum.

Sources reveal that this is the worst of the six other cases happened in Uttarkashi in the past. While Uttarkashi’s happening has instilled a sense of complete insecurity in the minds and hearts of the women community of the Himalayan state the people at large are allegedly (internally) gearing up for a mass action against the outsiders in the state as the interested political parties instead of taking the moral responsibility for their failures are trying to give the issue a political colour in order to convert in into the majority verses minority or insiders verses outsider issue so that maximum political advantage could be derived out of this sorry development.

This is most unfortunate and uncalled for. The maintenance of the law and order and ensuring the safety and security of the subjects of the state, especially of the vulnerable sections of the sciety like the women and girls including the incests is the basic n primary fundamental constitutional responsibilty of the incumbent government and those at the helm of power can’t escape themselves of these pivotal responsibilities.

Instead of accepting the moral responsibility for being fully incapable of safeguarding the life of innocent adoloscent girl and not speaking a single word of assurance in the public, the head of the ruling political dispensation cannot go unnoticed for this severe lapse that has shaken the confidence of the people at large, especially the woman community of the state.

Just a few months back an incident of an outsider having assaulted a minor girl in a hotel in Rudraprayag had led to a near communal flare up and sorry incidents of the simlar nature were witnessed in the past at Satpuli, Jehrikhal, Kotdwar and several other areas in the Uttarakhand hills as well, which has vitiated the communal atmosphere of this otherwise peaceful town.

Now, some disgruntled elements or people with communal feelings and pre judices are unfortunately trying to give these incidents a communal colour through social media andrumour mongerng campaign with an intent to further vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the state.
This is ridiculous and uncalled for.

We should in all earnestness not fall prey to the communal designs of such vested.amd squeezed political ideologies who instead of pressurising the incumbent govt to improve the law and order situation of the state and safeguarding our innocent girls, women and inhabitants from criminals try to escape from their basic responsibilities and give it a different perspective of communal aspect/ colour, which is not correct andcompletely unconstitutional in a diverse cultural and linguistic society of ours.

One should not forget that Crimnals have no caste, community or moral basis. They are completely immoral, bias, anti social with criminal bent of mind who simply believe in creating disturbances, commit burglaries, rapes, murders, loot , assaults on women, snatchngs and decoities.

The government of the day should view it from the purely law and order angle and ensure that the state of Uttarakhand is bereft of them and its law enforment agencies and the administrative machinery keeps a constant vigilant tab a on them and their suspicious activities.

The government of Uttarakhand should immediately issue fresh directives for the over all verification of all the outsiders who’ve entered in Uttarakhand during the ladt eighteen years in a gradual manner through biometric means and identify them thread bare at the decentralized level at interior blocks, districts, towns and also check their complete antecedents.

The fact of the matter is Uttarakhand has become a safe haven for hard core as well as petty criminals who after committing crimes outside the state and thereafter enter this God fearing Himalayan state and further commit crimes here making our lives hell.

The spate in crimes in the interiors of Uttarakhand during the last few years have compelled everyone to come to the sole conclusion that while the actual inhabitants are leaving Uttarakhand other communities and people with suspicious back grounds are coming to Uttarakhand in large numbers under the guise of construction workers, domestic helps, petty shopkeepers and businessmen and as activists.

Its not that all are bad, wrong , criminals or with suspiciius antecedents but among them several anti social n criminal elements with dubious backgrounds do infilterate here becoming a huge problem for this eaceful state in the coming years.

Meanwhile angry and furious social activists and the general masses are organising protest demonstrations in various parts of Uttarakhand and outside as well, against the gangrape and brutal murder of the innocent Uttarkashi girl demanding death to the culprits. Yesterday hundreds of peple in Dehradun and Chandigarh organised candle marches registering their angry protest against this shameful act.

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While the Southern state of Kerala is almost submerged in heavy deluge with more than 230 dead and lakhs abandoned and thousands still hoping to get out of the inundated villages having taken shelter on roof tops, various state governments including the centre has offered tremendous support in terms of finances, medicines, food, clothings, safety equipments and other forms of support that could lead to the maximum safety and well being of those still entangled in dangerous zones of the state which had been the victim of over excessive rains and subsequent floods.

While the governments, non governmental organisations, doctors, corporate houses ( if any) under CSR, social activists and philanthrophic organisations are doing their best to come to the rescue of our brothers, sisters and children in this deluge affected state about 26 brave, dedicated and duty bound river rafting trainers and adventure sports operators from Rishikesh Uttarakhand are on the ground Zero and extremely busy with zeal and enthusiasm in rescue operations in Kerala.

Hats off to them all. According to Dr. Anoop Nautiyal, the former DG of 108 in Uttarakhand and a known socio political activist : As the rains continue to batter God’s Own Country and relief pours in from all quarters, there is one group of experts that deserves to be singled out for encouragement and applause. And they are none other but the courageous young lads from Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand.

These 26 trained river rafters of Rishikesh Uttarakhand operating in ground zero, now in Cochin, Kerala are carrying out the rescue work under the able and dashing leadership of Praveen Ranger under the direct initiative of ADVENTURE TOUR OPERATORS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA ( ATOAI).

The latest report from ground zero indicates as per the information of VAIBHAV KALA of Atali Ganga that about more than one hundred people in distress were rescued safely till the afternoon of 19th August.

Till 5.00 PM about 350 people had been rescued and evacuated to safer places. The rescuers were twenty kilometres away from Cochin on one of the worst affected areas.

These enthiusiastic rafters extremely serious in their mission not even caring for their own lives are primarily giving preference to the pregnent women, children and senior citizens held up at various locations not able to make out safely.

According to Dr. Anoop Nautiyal – when he spoke to Praveen Rangar, the team leader of the rescue mission at 4.33 PM today he was informed that the boys were 20 kilometres away from Kochi in one of the most affected areas.

Out of 17 rafts that the group is carrying, two have been punctured. They are putting priority for pregnant women, old people and children. This is truly inspiring. Just imagine going to the southern state on your own with personel expenses with so much of life saving equipments by air and saving hundreds of people in distress having stuck in the deluge for days, is something beyond ones’ expectation in these days when nobody cares for anybody.

These adventure sports’ industry had always been of great support during the natural calamities in Uttarakhand and elsewhere, whether it was the massive ecological disaster of 2013, in Kedar Valley, Uttarakhand or now in the southern state of Kerala.

Salutes to you Praveen Rangar and your entire dedicated team of 27 braveheart rafters. God bless you all.

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The final rituals of the Bharat Ratna and former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajayee were completed today after the fostered daughter of late Atalji Namita , his grand daughter Niharika n son in law Ranjan Bhattacharya finally immersed the late leader’s last mortal remains, the “Asthiyan” in pious mother Ganges in the afternoon amidst the chanting of matras at the religious township Haridwar.

As per the hindu rights the mortal remains of a person are immersed in the running or floating water usually in the Ganges or Yamuna or any river near ones’ place as per the convenience of the near and dear ones’ of the dead. This last ritual is religiously/ spiritually considered mandatory according to Hindu traditions.

Prior to the immersion of the former prime minister ‘s last mortal remains, a Hawan was also organised at the banks of the pious Ganges and lots of last spiritual rituals done finally immersing the mortal remains ( Asthiyan) in the floating Ganges.

Those present on the ocassion were the union home minister Rajnath Singh, the Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Adityanath, the BJP Supremo Amit Shah, the Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, Ranjan Bhattacharya, Vajpayeeji’s son in law, Mrs Bhatta charya, Vajpayee’s sister and the fostered grand daughter including the members of Uttarakhand cabinet, MLAs and other party leaders and workers. The last journey of this great legend finally ended leaving his mllions of followers in the state of grief. Om Shanti.

Thousands and thousands of people from all over the country bid their tearful adieu to this statesman in New Delhi a day ago and its for the first time in the political history of the country that the prime minister, several chief minister, the party chief, various leaders of the opposition including 78 year old Mulayam Singh Yadav and veterans walked on foot for more than two hours under scorching sun covering an eight kilometre distance till the Samadhi sthal from his Krishna Menon Road residence, New Delhi.

Such was the widespread aura of the former prime minister and Bharat Ratna who was adored, revered, loved and held in highest esteem by billions of people in India as well as abroad.






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Better late than never, but shockingly it took eighteen long years and a very expensive cost of a most gruesome murder after rape of an innocent fourteen year girl in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand for the Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat to take a decision which I suppose the previous chief ministers should have taken quite before in order to avoid such most tragic mishappenings which are a blot on our society.

The chief minister tweeted today twice one pertaining to the issuance of an order regarding the verification of all the labourers coming to the state for various works or construction activities and second giving assurance to the inhabitants of Uttarakhand about his unwavering commitment to ensure that the culprits of the most obnoxious gangrape and the diabolical murder would not be spared at any cost n would be accorded the gravest of the punishment.

The tweets of 17th August in Hindi read as: tweet number (1) UTTARKASHI MEIN BACCHI SE DUSHKARM KE BAAD HATYA KI GHATNA NE MERE KO JHAKJHOR KAR RAKH DIYA HAI. HAMAARI DEVBHOOMI MEIN AISE DAANVIYA KRITYON KE LIYE KOI JAGAH NAHI HAI AUR MEIN VISHVAAS DILAATA HUN IS GHATNA KE SABHI DOSHIYON KO KAANOON KE ANTARGAT KATHOR SE KATHOR SAJAA DILAAYI JAYEGI. ( The incident of the murder of the child after rape in Uttarkashi has shaken me from inside. There is no place for such evil practices in our land of abode of Gods and I assure you that the culprits of this incident would get the most stringent punishment).

In the second tweet the chief minister said: SABHI THEKEDAARON AUR KAAM KARNEWAALON KO SUNISHCHIT KARNA HOGA KI VE BAHAR SE AANE VAALE KAAMGAARON LA VERIFICATION KERVA KAR HI KAAM PAR LAAYEIN. SABHI JILADHIKAARIYON KO IS BAABAT SPASHT NIRDESH DIYE JAATE HAIN KI JIN LOGON KA VERIFICATION NAHI HUVA HAI UNKI PEHCHAAN KAR UCHIT KARYAVAHI KAREN. ( All the contractors and those involved in construction work in the state should ensure that all the labourers/ workers should have their proper verification before entering the state. All the district magistrates are hereby informed and directed that all those labourers/ construction workers etc who’s verification has not been done till now should be verified forthwith.

The moot point is after all why does the system expects something bad, inhuman, criminal or uncalled to happen before implementing any order of such nature as is the case now. Has these orders or directives been issued earlier the disastrous situation or incident like the one happened in Uttarkashi could have been avoided or averted.

The government of the day should convene a high level all party meeting in the state an expedite the work of identifying anti social, criminal and suspicious elements active in the state at the decentralised level and also tune up its police department before its too late.

After the formation of Uttarakhand during the last 18 years a good number of such suspicious criminal elements have infilterated in Uttarakhand irrespective of communities and castes, finding it a safe haven for their protection from all ills. What’s your take friends?





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What’s happening in Uttarakhand? Where is the law and order machinery? What’s happened to the law inforcing agencies? Where are those sitting at the helm of administration and political power?

The most shamful and obnoxious rape and thereafter a gruesome and diabolical bludgeoning of a mere 14 year old adoloscent in Uttarkashi makes us all hang our heads in shame.

Once called the land of abode of Gods, the land of four globally famous ancient CHAR DHAMS : KEDARNATH, BADRINATH, GANGOTRI N YAMNOTRI where throng hundreds of thousands of pilgims from all around the world is today a safe haven for criminals from outside Uttarakhand carrying out their highly suspicious obnoxious criminal activities like sexual assaults on women, girls, children, murders, kidnappings and mass scale thefts and decoities as well.

Never had Uttarakhand ever witnessed such shameful incidents of women insecurity and terror of criminals in the otherwise peaceful valleys of this himalayan state.

What makes things even more worrisome is the fact that political parties in the name of developing and enhancing their vote bank pockets are allowing illegal people from outside the state who possess highly suspicious backgrounds and also in some cases non Indian identities to settle in various parts of the himalayan state.

On the top of that while the present political dispensation have been accusing the previous Congress government for this mischief they themselves are now not able to either eradicate / evict them from the state or identify them transparently to nail them when such diabolical and obnoxious crimes are committed.

These criminal elements having no definite identity or living proof etc dissappear cladestinely after committing crimes in the hill areas and the local police, the intelligence department which is already ignorant and complacent has no idea as to where these criminals dissappear or elope after the commissioning of such serious crimes.

The recent most sensitive incident of the obnoxious rape and subsequent diabolical murder reminds us of the abominable incident of Kathua where in similar situation a liltle girl was raped and killed most horrendously raising a nationwide outrage for the arrest and giving the culprits or human beasts stringent punishment under the relevant sections of the law.

Why are the intellectuals, journalists, right thinking people, NGOs, women activists groups, political leaders and workers and media silent now. What’s making them shy to come out and raise their voice against this most shameful diabolical murder after rape of a hapless n innocent 14 year old girl.

This is not the first incident that has happened in Uttarakhand in the recent time but the shameful incidents of Kirtinagar, Satpuli, Jehrikhal and incidents of alleged missing of several girls in Kumaon division of Uttarakhand last year compounded with several other cases of clandestine Kidney sales and transplants etc have literally made the land of Uttarakhand a hell which once used to be called a literal heaven on earth. Now enough is enough.

Those at the helm of power in Uttarakhand should tighten their belts to evict the criminals taking shelter here most expeditiously and the government of the day should commence identifying the outsiders in the state possesing the shabby, suspicious and criminal backgrounds, particularly at the decentralised level in the interior towns and districts of Uttarakhand before its too late.

Meanwhile the state government should the get the case of the rape and the diabolical murder of the 14 year old Uttarkashi girl tried under the fast track court at the earliest to enable early punishment to the accused.

Uttarakhand Journalists Forum condemns this most henious crime on strongest possible terms and demands that the state government fights the case with full might to ensure expeditious capital punishment to the culprits.

According to the latest news all the four culprits have been arrested who were from outside the state probably from Bihar as being reported in a section of the media.










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