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Ahmed Patel castigates PM Modi on BJP’s Sankalp Patra. Says it’s a pack of lies to deciet countrymen.



Ahmed Patel, Farooq Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti

The senior Congress leader and secretary to the United Progressive Front chairman Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel strongly reacted to the BJP menisfesto released today by prime minister Narendra Modi castigating him for befooling n misleading the people of the country by adopting various gimmicks and unfair means. Ahmed Patel said that the Bhartiya Janta Party leaders, especially the prime minister Narendra Modi has instead of giving the acount of his government’s achivements during the last five years, the saffron Modi have been befooling n influencing people in the name of tea seller, Kamdaar, monk and a watchman. Patel said while he do not intend to go into the details of the demerits of the BJP govt, he would not hesitate to say that the BJP leadership always keeps the election menifesto aside after winning the election thus betraying and befooling the countrymen. Terming the BJP menifesto as the document of deciet n traps Ahmed Patel said that the entire tenure of the last five years of Modi government has been of gimmicks, betrayal, rhetorics and deciets.

The people of the country are well aware of their ill conceived notions and designs and would never fall into their traps. The vociferous spokesman of AICC Randeep Singh Surjewala too was too critical of the BJP’s Sankalp Patra ” Vision Document” terming it as a document of deciet to befool the countrymen.

Strongly deploring the BJP leadership of making false promises in its election menifesto Surjewala said that the prime minister Narendra Modi shockingly did not uttered a sigle word on demonetisation, bringing black money worth 81 lakh crores stashed in foreign banks as used to be their main election plank during the 2014 election campaign, GST and granting 2 crore jobs to the unemployed youths of the country.

Both the leaders castigated prime minister Modi n his saffron party government of telling lies after lies and openly misguiding the people of the country. They also charged the ruling party dispensation for allegedly misusing the laws of the land and official machinery and being selectively vindictive against their political rivals during the election time, especially when the election code of conduct has been implemented.

Meanwhile the leaders of National Conference Dr. Farooq Abdullah and the former chief minister of J and K n PDP leader Dr. Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed are badly annoyed, angered and disenchanted by the BJP’s move to abrogate article 370 and Section 35 in Jammu Kashmir’s context and have expressed the apprehension that it may lead to freedom of Kashmir.

Addressing a rally in Srinagar, the former Jammu n Kashmir CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah said: They (BJP) talk of abrogating article 370 n Section 35 A. If they do the accession will also not stand. I swear by Allah, I think this is the will of Almighty, we will get freedom from them. Dr. Farooq Abdullah is contesting from Srinagar on NC ticket, his own party with Congress’s support.

The PDP chief Dr. Mehmooba Mufti too echoed the same views saying that Article 370 n section 35A connect Jammu n Kashmir to India and incase they are abrogated all hell will broke signalling serious implications in the near future. The government will have to go for the constitution amendment and it still seems to be no less than a dream say political analysts.

One should’nt forget that the BJP has been assuring the country’s electorates of implementing uniform civil code in the country and abrogation of article 370 from Jammu n Kashmir including construction of Ram Temple.

Since then the BJP has formed governments at the centre several times but of no avail.

Sunil Negi is a veteran journalist and President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum. He majorly writes on politics, current affairs and social issues.


What would be the fate of thousands of Jet employees ?



A Jet Airways air hostess in tears after losing her job

The general election of 2019 is primarily being fought on the issues of unemployment n agrarian crisis with other issues also being discussed n propagated threadbare by opposition political parties in order to downgrade the ruling party at the centre led by Narendra Modi .

When in 2014 prime minister Narendra Modi accupied the power at the centre his twin issues were (1) two crore jobs every year to the unemployed youths of the country and (2) bringing back black money stashed foreign banks compounded with deposition of several lakhs in the bank account of an average poor Indian.

There were several other issues like anti Pak bogey, national security n inflation, the main being the rates of the petro products to be controlled including the LPG rates n ofcourse the agrarian crisis etc.

The pro Modi wave on these two issues was so rampant n myriad that the BJP got a historic majority in the Lok Sabha.

This accorded prime minister Narendra Modi an unstinted power to act unilaterally and he brought demonetisation leading to several people being succumbed to heat waves while standing on endless queues n several million serving people in the unorganised sector going unemployed with small n medium businemen constrained to close their trades.

There have been media reports especially in print media that fifty lakh to more than a crore people have gone without jobs and except four to five lakh jobs in the private sector, no one got employment during the last five years.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi and the entire opposition had been quite vocal and forthright in criticizing the Modi government on the unemployment and black money fronts, inside and outside parliament, where the government of the day seems to have miserably failed.

Yes, issues of Ram Temple construction, abrogation of article 370 n 35 A in Kashmir, execution of uniform civil code that had been the basics of the saffron party since 1977 but had not been fulfilled till date, have definitely been renewed/ raked up and brought to the fore to polarise the votes.

While not going in details n anti thesis of several other core issues on which the saffron government has failed during the last five years with Mallaya, Neerav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, Lalit Modi n 36 others having left the country duping thousands of our tax payers money n allegedly remitting about 3.5 lakh crore bad loans of the capitalists , I would not be reluctant to mention that the 16000 odd employees of Jet airways, due to its sudden closure have gone jobless, unambiguously putting a huge question mark on the credibility of the ruling party at the centre, which otherwise boasts so much of generating employment opportunities in the country under its 5 year regime.

Hundreds of thousands of the families of the jet Airway employees who’d not been given salaries for the last four months are confronted with immense financial insecurities, no able to pay their children’s tution fees, health n medical bills n arranging rations in the family.

Those working in this company for the last 29 years have all of a sudden met with a bleak future after they have been ousted from jobs.

Is this the employment generation, the nation is witmessing under the present regime?

What is the fault of this company’s employees who’d put in their sweat n blood in the company for three decades and they are finally given the termination orders.

Where are the leaders n the ministers concerned who shout from the horse’s mouth about the nation progressing manifold n people getting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

This is the time when the present political dispensation which came to power in 2014 on employment plank has to show its worth n seriousness by coming out of mere rhetorics and resolving the Jet airways issues by coming to the rescue of about twenty thousand employees who are on the roads today desperately praying for their jobs to be retained for the survival and sustenance of their respective families.

Will reverred Prime minister Narendra Modiji come forward n help Jet airways get revived thus saving 20000 people likely to go heywire in the near future with their families literally coming on the bank of disaster? The whole nation will bless you, Sir.

Meanwhile, according to a latest survey of EPFO payroll Data, job creation has trebled to a two year high at 8.61 lakhs in February.

It may be recalled that at least one lakh people depend in Jet Airways to run their house holds. The Jet Airways management all of a sudden of Wednesday told its emoloyees about its compulsion to close down all its operations as it could’nt receive Rs 883 crores from its lenders to continue its operations which included the salaries of its entire staff worth Rs. 230 crores. All efforts to knock at the doors of PMO has not brought any result.

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Two Elephants crushed to death by Nanda Devi express in Haridwar, Uttarakhand



Bodies of two elephants after being crushed by speeding train in Haridwar vicinity

Two elephants were today morning crushed to death near Jamalpur Sitapur Railway gate at Haridwar Laksar railway line creating quite a sensation in the nearby localities.

These two elephants were crushed by the train when they were trying to cross the Railway lines.

The train Nanda Devi express was in full speed and the driver was’nt able to stop the train.

On acknowledging the information about two elephabts having been crushed to death by the speedy train, the forest department officials sprung into action.

According to the Jagran news flash the case under relevant sections have been filed against the railways n the train driver.

The group of hungry wild elephants usually cross the Jamalpur Sitapur’s populated areas in Haridwar in order to go to the nearby sugarcane n wheat fields to eat them in order to fulfil their hunger.

These elephants come out during the night to invade the sugarcane and wheat fields.

On 19th Friday morning these elephants were coming back after filling their bellies n were crossing the railway lines as usual at Jamalpur Sitapur area when all of a sudden a speeding Nanda Devi Express train crushed two elephants to death to the utter shock n dismay of the people of the area.

According to the ranger Dinesh Prasad Naudiyal the dead bodies of the elephants who were 15 years old have been sent for post mortem n necessary case of accidental death have been registered against the train driver.

This is not the first time that elephants have died in train accidents. It’s almost a regular feature. The forest department should do something concrete and credible to safeguard the lives of these endangered spieces.

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Rohit Shekhar was murdered say the post mortem report ?



The sad n till date, natural demise of the son of former Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand CM Rohit Shekhar Tiwari has taken a new twist with the police allegedly converting the natural death case into a premeditated murder case. As per the news coming from various media platforms, the post mortem report has indicated that Rohit’s throat had several cut marks as well n that he must have been stragulated/ smothered through a pillow leading to excessive bleeding from the nose.

It may be recalled that the bilogical son of the former UP n UK CM late ND Tiwari, Rohit Shekher who’d won the paternity suit against the the former claming himself to be the biological son several years ago, was brought dead to the MAX Saket hospital two days ago after excessive nose bleeding. His mother Ujjwala sharma, second wife of late ND Tiwari who was in the hospital for her treatment had said that though the death of her son seems tobe natural but she will reveal certain facts n circumstances that must have led to her sons death. Since the death of young Rohit was controvertial, an inquest was carried out of his death body which revealed the possible unnatural death theory.

The police is now investigating the matter from a different angle in order to reach to a definite conclusion of the death. All the phone numbers, incoming n outgoung callsare being scanned, especially of the past three days before the sad n untimely demise of Rohit Shekhar.

He was living with her mother n wife in his Defence colony flat with no children. The case has been transferred to Crime Branch Delhi who’ve registered a murder case n are busy in cracking the murder mystery.

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Whistle blower from Kanpur hurls shoe at BJP spokesperson Narsimha Rao



A man claiming himself as the RTI activist namely Shakti Bhargava from Kanpur today created a sensation in the BJP headquarter in New Delhi when he all of a sudden got up in the middle of the press conference being addressed by PVL Narsinha Rao, BJP spokesperson and surreptitiously hurled his shoe towards Rao purpotedly hitting him on the face.

Immediately, thereafter two persons sitting there caught hold of this healthy man and pushed him forcibly towards the exit door with lot of BJP workers collected in the vicinity. Shakti Bhargava was thereafter handed over to IP police station personel. He is presently in captivity at the police station. Shakti Bhargava seems to be a whistle blower as claimed by him in various posts of his facebook account.

He seems to be annoyed with the present political dispensation at the centre. Going through his certain posts on FB one can easily make out as to how furious he is against the ruling party and its government.

In one of the posts on his fb time line titled : My Efforts as a whistle blower (part 1) with a Sub Title : Namo in 2014 : Na Khaaoonga aur Na Khaane Doonga with anothersub title: Namo 2019 : No voice against corruption within the Government Shakti Bhargav writes: I have been pursuing the irregularities in the sale of immovable properties done by government of India Company – The British India Corporation Ltd and the Lal Imli Mills.

He writes against the CVC, CBI, PMO andministry of textiles and accuses them of allegedly allowing the arbitrary sale of Surplus properties of the above companies through profane irregularities n corruption instead of selling them in a transparent manner and collecting vast amount of money in orderto revive the company or pay the salaries of the employees who’d not been paid salaries for the last two years. He adds that about 14 employees of the company had been constrained to commit suicides in the last three years.

It may be recalled that during the tenure of Dr. Man Mohan Singh one journalist Jarnail Singh too had throw shoe on the then union minister P V Chidamran and the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival was also the victim of ink and shoe throwing in a public meeting in Delhi. Jarnail Singh was thereafter accorded the AAP ticket from Tilak Nagar legislative constituency and had won followed by his contest for parliament from Punjab. Kejrival has pardoned the accused n had instead visited their house to hear the woes n resolve them. Indeed a rare gesture towards an erring person.

It is learnt that Bhargava is a man with dubious background. According to India today news while Shakti Bhargava claims himself to be whistle blower, he is the owner of Bhargava Hospital n his parents have filed a harrassment cse against him of using fraudulent means to tranfer the three bungalows in the name of his wife, children and relatives.

His parents said that they were the one who’d purchased these properties for 11 crores. Later Shakti Bhargava bought them for 11.5 crores using fraudulent means. There were also income tax raids on his premises in the past. His advocate Attrey has said that Bhargava is mentally unstable n therefore needs tobe pardoned for his undesirable act. He is said to be anti Modi n BJP.

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BJP to bring fresh candidates in majority of seats if Congress AAP pact fructifies in Delhi ?



Delhi State Bhartiya Janata Party has starting shortlisting the candidates for the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in view of the last date of filing nominations being 23rd April.

The party high command has decided to retain all the seven sitting MPs in case the electoral alliance does not fructify between the AAP n Congress party. In case the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress establish the electoral understanding and fight the Delhi elections together, the BJP would be changing its sitying MPs with the new entrants in majority of the seats reveal the sources.

The Delhi BJP committee to select candidates in the capital is being headed by the union defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman with the Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari, national organising secretary Ram Lal, Shyam Jaaju, the Delhi BJP incharge n Powayya being its members. It may be recalled that in the previous general election n the MCD polls also the party high command has changed majority of the sitting MPs n corporators thus accompanying historic results.

The BJP is in majority in the municipal cirporation of Delhi and its vote bank is still intact despite having been badly defeated in the 2015 state assembly elections at the hands of Arvind Kejrival led Aam Aadmi Party. The saffron party in Delhi is of the opinion that there is tremendous amount of anti incumbency in majority of the seats held by BJP MPs’ in Delhi and the party is in no mood to take any risk in case the patch up between the AAP n Congress fructifies in a day or two.

According to some news analysts the BJP explicitly knows that in case the votes of both AAP n Congress unites, the saffron party will have to struggle hard to win all seats as this alliance is bound to have its formidable say in the parliamentary elections on all the seven seats. Meanwhile, last leg efforts by Congress leaders led by Rahul Gandhi are on to ensure that the pact is formalised with AAP at every cost if the BJP is to be defeated in Delhi.

The Congress party’s Delhi incharge Dr. PC Chacko is the greatest supporter of pact with AAP followed by the former Delhi Congress chief Ajay Makan. The AAM AADMI PARTY has specifically deputed its Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh to formulate the electoral patch up between both the anti BJP parties, but so far despite best efforts of Congress the pact has not been formalised and AAP has already finalised its candidates for all the seven seats.

However the Congress has conceded to give AAP 4 seats n itself agreed to contest on three seats. But Arvind Kejrival and Sanjay Singh still seemed to be adamant as they want one seat in Haryana n three seats to be given to Jannayak Janata Party with whom it has formed alliance there.

According to the latest developments the Congress has agreed to give one seat to AAP n two seats to JPP in Haryana, though nothing has been formally finalised till date. The fact of the matter is if the anti BJP forces in Delhi really wanted to counter the saffron party decisively at the hustings, AAP n Congress will have to unite as their combined vote share crosses fifty percent than the BJP 35% plus 10% enhanced vote due to Modi factor.

Kindly recall that the former Delhi CM n present octogenarian chief Shiela Dikshit is outrightly opposed to any pre poll understanding with AAP whereas Dr. PC Chacko n former Delhi chief Ajay Makan are openly in favor of alliance. Rahul Gandhi too favor’s the same especially, after the NCP chief Sharad Oawar has pressurised Rahul to dothe needful. Sources say that the pact would fructify in a day or two for sure.

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Please help trace the family members of late Narendra Singh Bisht, a victim of criminals while travelling from Bareilly to Delhi



Body of deceased Narendra Singh Bisht lying in the mortuary of Ghaziabad district government hospital

There is an extremely sad n shocking news learned from a facebook post of Bharat Rawat, a social activist fromUttarakhand n Delhi that a person named Narendra Singh Bisht hailing from Uttarakhand either Garhwal or Kumaon, not exactly known, who was travelling from Barrielly to Delhi had been the victim of a an unknown gang who serve things with poision in order to loot passengers on the way by first befriending them and then serving the toxic eatables in order to loot them.

The body of deceased Narendra Singh Bisht is lying in the mortuary of Ghaziabad district government hospital and the police is trying to find out/trace his family members.

According to the local councillor Anil Rana, anyone knowing about the where abouts of the family of the dceased may either contact him or the Ghaziabad police for claiming the body of late Narendra Singh Bisht.

The Ghaziabad police should immediately expedite the efforts to trace the culprits as well , to penalise them under the relevant n strictest sections of the law.

It may be recalled that the crime rate in Uttar Pradesh is on the increase with several gangs operating in the buses as well as at railway stations n main bus terminuses looking for passengers especially women n innocentpeople with valuable ornaments and expensive luggage.

These highly trained gangs sometime operate as clandestine passengers and elope with bags n suitcases when passengers go to local dhabaasor teastalls for lunch or tea on the way.

These days the poison laded food gangs are more active who first befriend the unknown passengers and then serve them some eatable mixed with toxic substance.

When the passenger becomes unconscious, they run away with cash n valuable ornaments.

The local police is either allegedly hand in glove with them or are negligent towards their duties.

It seems that the deceased Narendra Singh Bisht who was travelling from Bareilly to Delhi must have been the victim of such a gang. It is now for the police n the crime branch to investigate the matter thoroughly with due dilligence n vigilance n trace the culprits at the earliest to bring them to due justice.

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Former CM late Tiwari’s son Rohit Shekhar is no more. Dies after nose bleed.



Late Rohit Shekher hugging his father Late NDT, former UP n UK CM

The son of former Uttara Pradesh and Uttarakhand chief minister Late Narayan Dutt Tiwari is no more. As per the news pouring in, young Rohit Shekhar Tiwari who must have developed some severe health complications bleeded profusely and died at his home or on the way.

He was brought dead to the Max Hospital Saket where his father too died after prolonged illness on 18th October 2018.

Rohit Shekhar’s sudden death at such a young age raises several questions ? However, as per the version of the police Rohit released blood from his nostrils, may be in excess and thereafter brought hurriedly to Max Saket hospital in an ambulance in dead condition. He was living in Delhi’s Defence Colny vicinity.

The former Uttarakhand chief minister and general secretary of All India Congress Committee Harish Rawat has expressed his condolences on the sad and untimely demise of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari.

It is indeed a second tragedy in the family in just a year’s time as several months ago his father, a veteran Congress leader and former CM of UP n UK Narain Dutt Tiwari had expired after being in Coma for several months. Now late Rohit’s traumatic mother Ujjwal Tiwari is the loner in the family of three.

It may be recalled that late Rahit Shekhar Tiwari and his mother Ujjwala Tiwari had from 2006 to 2007 had been requesting his late biological father to accept him as his son. But Narain Dutt Tiwari had never heeded to their request.

The mother n son duo had also held press conferences in Dehradun pressuring late ND Tiwari to accept them as wife and son but Tiwari was’nt moved.

There was lot of media hype in the matter. Finally Rohit Sjekhar was left with no alternative but to file the paternity suit in the court requesting for DNA or paternity test in which Rohit finally won n Tiwari had no option but to succumb to the pressure.

Thereafter both the father and son joined the BJP. It was after the finalisation of the case that Tiwari n Ujjawala married publicly amidst media glare. Shekhar’s father ND Tiwari was the three time chief minister of UP and one time CM of Uttarakhand from 2002 to 2007 and had also been the union minister of Finance, Industry and planning during the regimes of Indira Gandhi n Rajiv Gandhi.

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BJP’s “Sankalp Patr” promises, withdrawal of article 370, section 35A and construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya



PM Narendra Modi n Amit Shah at BJP's Delhi Headquarter

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi alongwith BJP Supremo Amit Shah, home minister Rajnath Singh, finance minister Arun Jaitley, External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and BJP’s national organising secretary today released the party’s menifesto at BJP headquarter in New Delhi which consists of 75 points.

The menifesto widely dwells on providing releif to farmers, small n medium traders, people of the lowest ebb n middle class of the country by declaring pensions to senior citizens, the small traders n workers of unorganised sectors n the peasonts of the country after sixty years.

The menifesto promises Rs. one lakh loan without interest for five years to the lower income classes of the country.

It promises to establish a full fledged Metro rail network in about fifty states of the country, electrification of the remaining villages n converting of rail tracks to broadgaze all over the country compounded with depositing Rs. 6000 annually in the bank accounts all the farmers of the country.

The saffron party strongly dwells on ultra nationalism and polarising the hindu vote bank by promising, construction of Ram Mandir in the near future and waiving off article 370 n section 35 A in the context of Kashmir.

It also pledges to implement uniform civil code and enhancing the country’s economy to three trillion by 2024 as promised earlier.

The BJP’s Sankalp Patra however speaks nothing about bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks as was promised by the BJP during the election of 2014 when Narendra Modi acknowleged historic majority in Indian parliament.

People have’nt gorgotten the repeated assurances of prime minister Narendra Modi of bringing back black money from foreign banks n depositing 15 lakhs in every Indian’s bank account n giving 2 crore jobs every year.

The menifesto also promises of weeding out terrorism from the roots and electrifying each n every village of the country.

However, on the employment front nothing has been promised as was done in 2014 assuring the youths of the country that 2 crores jobs will be provided to them.

The basic theme of the menifesto is good n transparent governance and allocation of a separate budget of Rs. 25 lakh crores for the development, welfare and well being of the farmers of the country.

The BJP government also promises: stopping illegal infilteration in the country and ensures that a law will soon be made on triple talaq as well to give due relief to the victimised muslim women of the country.

While on the one hand the BJP is trying to win the hearts of the countrymen by declaring number of sops and promising withdrawal of article 370 n 35 A in Kashmir, the income tax raids are still on, on the premises of the OSD of the Madhya Pradesh chief Minister, Pravin Kakkar, advisor Miglani and others, so far confiscating about 10 crores of unaccounted cash n documents pertaining to number of arbitrary n illegal transactions .

This has brought bad name for the Congress party especially when election campaigning in various states is undergoing.

The prime minister Narendra Modi, union Home minister Rajnath Singh, finance minister Arun Jaitley and external affairs minister Sushma swaraj addressed the media on the various facets of the menifesto before its formal release.

The prime minister Modi said that good governance, transparent governance, honest governance and responsible governance are the basic theme for the successful implementation for this SANKALP PATRA to be implemented from 2019 to 2024.

Almost all the news channels of the country did the live telecast influencing the electorates of the country.

Meanwhile, the senior Congress leader spokesman and MP Ahmed Patel termed the BJP menifesto as the pack of lies to befool the people of the country. He added that the baloon of lies of BJP will not last long n will soon burst.

The people of the country are well aware of their lies, gimmicks and rhetorics and would not be misled at any cost he added.

Congress spokesmen Randeep Singh Surjewala said that Modi’s mool matra is JAANSO MEIN PHAANSO. This is not a Sankalp Patra but a “Jhaanso Patr.”

The country is finding it difficult to trust on Modi’s assurances. During the last five years the people of the country have been misled and befooled says Surjewala.

He castigated prime minister Narendra Modi for not uttering a single word on blackmoney, demonetisation, GST n unemployment. These are the issues on which the Modi government has completely failed.

He added that the prime minister has not allowed any mediamen to ask him a single question. He questioned Modiji : What about giving 2 crore employment and bringing back BLACK MONEY worth Rs. 80 lakh crores stashed in the foreign banks ?

In a separate press conference badly angered n furious, former chief minister of Jammu n Kashmir and veteran leader of National Conference Dr. Farooq Abdullah strongly condemned the BJP’s move to withdraw article 370 n section 35 A and said that his party and the people of the state will strongly resist the saffron party’s illegal move and would be fully prepared to face any consequence.





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BJP’s Major Genl B C Khanduri n MLA daughter Ritu not campaigning for BJP in Pauri, Garhwal constituency



Congress candidate Manish Khanduri campaigning in Pauri Garhwal. constituency

From Ground Zero, Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Though the undercurrent running in a particular parliamentary seat can’t be the barometer of victory for any party on all the seats in a state but the fact of the matter is that the Pauri Garhwal No: 2 parliamentary seat of Manish Khanduri, the US returned journalist n engineer son of the former union minister n sitting veteran MP definitely seems to be in jeopardy due to prime minister Narendra Modi’s one sided wave.

There are rumours that veteran leader n former union minister major general Khanduri may join Congress to come out in support of his son openly. Such stories are taking the rounds in the social media extensively.

The impact of the saffron party n Modi Charisma seems to have a wider impact in rest of the four constituencies of Tehri Garhwal, Haridwar, Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar and Almora say the political analysts. However, in Nainital seat Congress candidate n former CM Harish Rawat is doing his best to score victory against BJP’s state heavy weight Ajay Bhatt.

People are unquestionably floating over Modi wave and if any Congress candidate wins in this massive saffron undercurrent led by the PM, he would definitely be rated as a true mass leader with outstanding socio political credibility n gumption.
But will it really happen, seems to be the remotest possibility.

I am however talking here about the Pauri Garhwal consituency which had been the stronghold of Congress party till 1989, except losing in 1984 at the hands of late political stalwart H. N. Bahuguna n in 2009 when Satpal Maharaj won defeating the BJP’s Lt Genl.T P S Rawat.

The badly disenchanted anti BJP son of BC Khanduri is contesting from here on Congress ticket exploiting the issue of his father’s unceremonious exit from the chairmanship of the parliamentary committee on defence against the BJP’s not so popular leader Tirath Singh Rawat.

There is a direct fight between Khanduri n Rawat with the latter having a clear cut upper hand riding on Modi under current.

However, Manish Khanduri’s election tempo is gradually gaining momentum too with Congress workers in local market areas gathering in support with zeal n enthusiasm but not campaigning inside villages.

Congress’s Manish whose candidature has been declared quite late is struggling hard to win the losing race but the existing factionalism with the district Congress party and complete non cooperation from the camps of former MLAs from Srinagar, Garhwal and Kotdwar legislative constituencies viz Ganesh Godiyal n Surendra Negi has further eroded his position compounded with Khanduri’s inexperience, being a political novice n not able to recognise the important local leaders n workers n failure to extend financial n other kind of support systems to them.

The Congress’s block pramukhs and the former defeated party candidates though working hard are not being given due consideration n recognition in the election campaigning reveal sources.

The common workers and the local leaders find themselves in disarray and majority of them have either disappeared from the scene or marking their presence just for extending formalities whereas in the BJP camp their is no dearth of potential n enthusiastic grass root workers who are being fed with enough money and complete support system.

The Congress party’s flags, banners, hoardings and pamplets are not to be seen anywhere in the entire constituency with BJP flags donning on the roof tops of houses, shops n the market areas.

While Manish Khanduri is doing his best to reach in as much of areas of his Pauri constituency on roadsides with much fanfare, the crowd in BJP’s rallies and public meetings on the other hand is soaring tremendously.

The support of the common masses seems spontaneous with the local contractors, buildung, liquor n mininig mafias allegedly contributing financially n otherwise with the expectation to acknowledge favours in the near future.

Major general B C Khanduri n Ritu Khanduri father n sister of Congress candidate Manish Khanduri respectively, are conspicuous by their absence in support of the BJP parliamentary candidate from Pauri, Garhwal despite the former’s assurance that he will extensively campaign against his son, being the dedicated soldier of the saffron party, if asked for.

According to reliable sources the various block pramukhs n Congress leaders as well as workers are extremely demoralised in the Pauri Garhwal constituency as they are not being brought into confidence, nor given any preference, neither monetary support.

There is also dearth of the national Congress leaders coming in support of the party’s candidates in Pauri n elsewhere as compared to the BJPs’ extensive campaigning by prime minister Modi, BJP Supremo Amit Shah, Union Home minister Rajnath Singh, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and several other Central leaders in support of the saffron party candidates.

Meanwhile there are reports that the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is likely to address a public meeting in Srinagar on 6th of April. Let’s see what comes out of it to enhance the Congress party workers’ sagging morale in Uttarakhand.






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Shatru to join Congress on 6th April. Meets Rahul Gandhi on Thursday



Shatrughan Sinha meets Rahul Gandhi at his house in New Delhi

The arch rival of prime minister Narendra Modi and the actor turned veteran politician, the former union health minister in Vajpayee’s government and BJP MP from Patna Sahib has met the Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi at his Delhi resident and e pressed is hearty desire to join the Congress party for the good of the people n the country. Extremely jubilant and satisfied Shatrughan Sinha expressed his desire to formally join the Congress on 6th of April, the auspicious day of first Navratra.

There are reports that the Rashtriya Janata Dal president Tejesvi Yadav, the Congress’s alliance partner in Bihar and at the pan India level will also be present on this ocassion. According to reliable sources the popular former Bollywood star and sitting BJP MP would contest on Congress party’s ticket from Patna Sahib against the BJP candidate and union law minister Ravi Shanker Prasad, who gotthe BJP ticket in liue of Sinha’s candidature.

Prominent amingst those present during Shatrughan Sinha’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi were the Bihar Congress incharge Shakti Sinh Gohil, President of the Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee Madan Mohan Jha, state’s working President Madan Jha and the leader of the Congress party in the Bihar assembly namely Sadanand Singh etc. It may be recalled that the former BJP leader n MP from Patna Sahib considered former deputy prime minister and BJP stalwart Lal Krishna Advani as his leader and political mentor.

He was badly annoyed, disenchanted n furious against PM Modi n the party leaders at the top for not including him in the union cabinet n thereafter insulting the tall leaders like Advani n Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi by keeping them out politically and thus reducing them to the stature of a non political entity.

Shatrughan Sinha has been openly criticizing the PM, senior party leaders n BJP government in the open and had vociferously criticized Modi from various opposition forums of AAP n the Mahagathbandhan platform of the non BJP opposition conglomerate including siding with the BJP detractors like Yashwant Sinha, Arvind Kejrival, Mamata Benerjee, Mayavati, Tejasvi Yadav n Akhikesh Yadav openly appreciating them n down grading the BJP n its leadership. However, he never disclosed his unambiguous intentions about joining any party.

Finally on Thursday i.e.on 28th March he met Congress chief Rahul Gandhi n accepted his request to join the135 year old party on 6th April and also declared his firm wish to contest from Patna Sahib on Congress party’s ticket, come what may ?

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